Redline Review: 2015 Audi A3 TDI

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Audi’s compact A3 has long been the vehicle of choice for buyers looking for the least expensive way to get into the German luxury brand. Now in its second g…


Cm22c says:

Do not speak for all car enthusiasts. I don’t know when diesel adoration
became a must for car enthusiasts, Jesus Christ! Just because you’re a car
enthusiasts, it doesn’t mean you have to relish diesels. There are many,
many reasons to not like diesel.

And before somebody starts, I’ve OWNED many diesels in the past.

David C Schlesinger says:

The diesel power plant was quite impressive, although I will say this: I
don’t think diesels will replace hybrids. The reason to that has to do with
the fuel economy on the city and the highway. I have heard of many hybrids
that get higher mileage on the city than on the highway. Diesels, on the
other hand, don’t really get any better city mileage than on the gasoline
engines. On my bottom line, customers who drive on the highway a lot should
consider the diesel power train while the city drivers would probably
really save money with the hybrid instead.

Johnson L says:

I love the torque of diesel engine, but the problem is the price of diesel.
It’s almost a dollar more than regular unleaded gas. I think because of
that reason people don’t really buy them.

Brian Vtec says:

I would take the Acura ILX over this since I’m actually getting more for my
money plus the resale value will be better as well… 

RetroGamerVX says:

Are you kidding? quiet engine? it sounds noisy on the video, are you being
payed by Vag group? ;o)

vader11111 says:

It’s weird that this Audi does not come with push button start and rear
view camera on the base model ($30k), while many cheaper cars
($20k) already have those features.

Miguel Medina says:

What about emissions? Hybrids put out low emissions, and diesels aren’t
known for low emissions. Quite the opposite actually. 

Jonathan Washington says:

I love diesel’s for their nature of torque richness only thing though is I
like to here a engine scream and rev to high RPM and I can’t stand clatter
my loaner BMW 2.0t sounds like a tractor at idle.

Henry Pacheco says:

The interior is plain and boring, and the screen is ugly the way it pops
up. Mercedes does the same crap. No “luxury” car should be with no push
button anymore!!!!!!

Carlos Rëngifo says:

Wonderful video, I follow you since many months ago, I would love if you
could put the price on the video like the beginning engine price and price
as tested 

n777ua says:

The only question is whether to go for the Golf 7 TDI or the A3 TDI. The
CLA and ILX Aren’t even worth considering – they focus on the entry part of
entry level luxury. 

RetroGamerVX says:

I could never buy an Audi, their designs are as dull as dishwater, and
having had 2 in the past, I can confirm that realiability is not as good as
Audi would have you think :o(

AlternativeUses says:

Great review as usual! I’m not sure if this applies to the a3, but in my
a5, if you press in the drivers temperature knob, the passenger temp syncs
up with it. I found it though a list of “easter eggs”. 

Redline Reviews says:
Light of Judgment says:

No, that screen popping up is not beautiful at all.

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

I actually don’t like diesel cars much lol. I prefer turbocharged gasoline

Inderjit Singh says:

i like diesels but i dont want to get stranded in winters…… Cold
starting a diesel is bit of a task

Tony Yayo says:

I need a review of the Jeep Grand Cherokee; not sure why Chrysler hasn’t
released that to you

Anthony Cuda says:

As an FYI, if you press and hold the auto button on the climate knob, it
will sync the two temperatures! :)

dave houston says:

North Americans are plain out stupid for not using more diesels

Luke Hoisington says:

Will the hatchback only offer the hybrid power train 

Matty says:

This is the aim for my first proper car. I just have a vaxuhall corsa at
the moment. A car which probably no american has heard of. 

alqumaro says:

Would you choose Audi A3 over the Acura ILX (newest model) with similar
specs? Thanks. 

Vulgora says:

there is nothing ever cheap about any audi

Angelo Merte says:

150HP for such a small car on the low side? Easily enough to cruise on the
autobahn lol

Arthur E. Michalak says:

Doesn’t owning a diesel save lots of money on fuel economy and cost
depreciation? Glanced over two comments that savings are negligible yet I
am staring at a peer-reviewed study at the University of Michigan
Transportation Research Institute based on 36 months of data. Are they way

kiaoptima2001 says:

Sounds like a gasoline engine. Volkswagen and audi do a nice job on their

Anthony Cuda says:

Strange you can’t get Quattro with the diesel. Other wise the A3 is a
beautiful car and totally worth the money! 

Charley Hawkins says:

Please get a hold of a 16 Q7 and do a review for us. 

rkky says:

Really wanted to see a review of the 2.0 engine with AWD 

michaeljacksonator says:

How many miles will that diesel run for?

boovoo66 says:

S are you ever going to review the new gti? Good lord it’s been out for a
year? Lol 

ahastar1141 says:

So just out of curiosity, I read something that you would have to drive a
diesel vehicle for at least 80-100 thousand miles from new to offset the
upcharge of the Diesel engine vs an unleaded as well as the more expensive
fuel price in North America and make it financially a better choice. Anyone
know if this true?

assassin72 says:

Diesels aren’t enthusiast cars.Diesels are cars for people who know that
Hybrids are a gimmick and actually know something about cars.Stop saying
it’s an enthusiast car.

Aidan D says:

I was beginning not to like your reviews you’ve been putting out because of
the indoor filming but to be honest this review was excellent. Good job my
friend! Or soyfan bae as many call you lol

Grant l says:

I agree i love diesels. 

Harrison Waters says:

You can sync the climate control, just hold the ‘auto’ button down for
about 3 seconds :)

Auto Dude02 says:

Nice review sofyan keep up the great work and what a nice vehicle this is
I’m very impressed with it.

Stephen White says:

In the later model last gen ones you could get quarto all wheel drive and
the Diesel engine as well (not at the same time the deisel was fwd)

Xavier Monarrez says:

I just got this car you could sync temp by hold the temp button for 3
second. Other than that great vid

Jaime Heredia says:

This a buick verano or a acura ilx?

Totally Awesome says:

What do you think about the haldex quattro on the gas models vs. the torsen
quattro on the bigger Audis?

Imhotep Hook says:

He should review the infinity q-50.

Vlad Saghin says:

VW Golf TDi is still better imo if you compare the price with the A3…
Can’t say the golf isn’t premium feeling either 

jaiizwaii89 says:

Lord my volume was up & this high pitched voice

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