Regular Car Reviews: 1998 BMW 740il

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BMW 740il: The official car of “making a few phone calls to sort this out.” In 1998, BMW’s luxury cars were not trying to be “sporty” as so many big German c…


Tanor Faux says:

I lost it at the afterbirth part X3

M070RG0A7 says:

Ahhh! those bills! what were those bills for?

Cristian Winkler says:

lalalalalalaalla still going straigt

AP says:

This makes me miss my first car; an old ’94 740iL, same generation as this
’98. I recognize that tan interior, that black wheel and walnut trim…
Mine was Calypso Red though, it was quite a striking color.

sacrisesma says:

To me it doesn’t look any better than an old Volvo.

Homestar1998 says:

You guys need to do the 2007 VW passat.

Brennonicolini says:

Those little doors under the hood closes the inside air ventilation when
you open the hood. It sucks air from the outside of the vehicle when they
hood is closed through air vents. I have a 96 750i. And its not that
expensive to get it fix it, just don’t take it to the dealership. Just find
a good old reliable mechanic, that’s what I do. 

the modfather says:

Lmao. The ’98 version of comfort steering. It just doesn’t do anything.

Kionte Battle says:

not sure if i like this video lol but im gonna give it a thums up 

MrDreamcastx says:

I’d still rather have a 95-97 top-of-the-line town car

george deLion says:

@RegularCars Mercedes 560 sel

taunusv4power says:

let’s not talk about squeaky doors and a loose steering wheel, because your
brand new American Cadillacs do the same and I’m talking about a brand new
0.0KM car. you will loose if you try to contradict me.

Antwon Jenkins says:

My 98 A4 has dial controlled heated seats, but they only go up to ’6′ , not
infinity =(

ShastyMcNastey says:

So if I can give you all the footage you want of an H1…would you make a

Marko Kalic says:

the creepy voice sounds like patton oswalt’s stand-up

FreakShowpb says:

my 90 jetta has heated seats with a dial … it doesnt work but it did in

george deLion says:

+regularcars Mercedes 560sel

euheide says:

Ahahahah “look at the way this car approaches you”

mattorama says:

What’s a “BM dubayoo?”

Marine475 says:

1000$ in labour? I’m sorry did they rebuild the car?

incyphe says:

The best looking BMW ever made.

Marko Kalic says:

cancel top gear USA and finance this

Robbie Khan says:

Whatever happened to the seat heater adjustment dials, why get rid of that
I mean seriously, just why? Why deny people of choice!

Josh Miller says:

its funny listening to you talk about all these places like; sheets, park
city, wawa and such. i live in lancaster so i find it really funny and

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