Regular Car Reviews: 2005 Audi A4 Quattro

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The A4 is a gym teacher power-trip on wheels. You buy an A4 because you want a Subaru Outback but you don’t want to look like you support organic sustainability.


SpaceManDawn says:

No one who drives one of these is interesting. You buy this car, instead of
an Impreza hatch, because you feel it’s the more responsible choice.

And years later when you’re at work, that twenty-five year old loser who
lives down the street in his mom’s garage and lifts weights in the
driveway, gorilla fucks your wife.

Because you’re boring.

Bed time. Goodnight everyone!

Mathieu Levac says:

The 1.8t has 170 in the b6 model not 148. lol

benanderson89 says:

It still bothers me that Audi sell CVT transmissions in the USA. I thought
it was a joke when someone told me but nope, they actually do sell CVTs in
the USA! Meanwhile, the only options I can get for in the EU (and
rightfully so) are a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed Dual Clutch (6-speed is
standard). Step up your game, Audi North America.

Vulgora says:

maybe the auto sucks but the 5 speed is fast as fuck

Stingray says:

Please review my mom.

justsumguy2u says:

Those cars are for people that would really be happy with a Buick, but they
want to appear more upscale to massage their fractured self-image. “Look at
you, over there with your crappy Impala……I’M driving a finely crafted,
German-engineered masterpiece”.

18iser says:

Wow that VW looks expensive, nice job VAG group.

Whyamibzsdmhalt1 says:

Where have I heard that melody at 4:56 before? Is it Alejandro by Lady

Rocky LaRouge says:


1:10 God dammit, Mr. Regular
Y u do dis

thentantt says:

Come to Minnesota and review my 2002 ML500! haha

spraynpray says:

See, this is the kind of review that I really, really want to hear from an
unbiased source. I want to know what it’s like to drive a German 4
cylinder FWD/AWD luxocar that costs more than the sportscars I’m interested
in. Are they good? I don’t know anything about them.

dvddecrypter says:

It’s like a minivan.. but smaller.. and oh so gray and german.

TheBlindAndDeaf says:

M8, I’m still waiting for that lawn mower review. Maybe a Honda or a John

behemoth666123 says:

automatic. . . why?

David F says:

What are mr regular’s impressions on the saturn ion cars

TheS2Guy says:

If you don’t mind me asking, Mr.Regular, how is it possible (that to my
knowledge) you have yet to review a car that 4 out of 5 people own? The
Chevy Cavalier? I mean, come on! It’s like the most regular and common car
out there. It would be ridiculously easy to find one to review AND it would
be so easy to make fun of.

Mohamed Balkis says:

“…aesthetic that’s as common as the urge to sprint during the Assassin’s
Creed Loading screen; it’s sleek, but uninspired.”

Your metaphors are always so on-point.

case1177 says:

uggggh an audi

DanEllisRacing35 says:

lol Furaffinity

Diego Ruiz says:

You lied!!! The Outback for republicans is the Audi Allroad!!!
Also, this is more like an Impreza for non-enthusiasts of cars

Andrew Pavon says:

only B6 worth getting is the S4, and even then the headache that is the 4.2
v8 gets old.

nickallenray says:

Loved the frozen bit. GG Mr Regular.

Andrew Novotny says:

I feel like you’d really enjoy the S4 and the Audi Allroad if you tried
them out.

Rewind says:

My friend used to have a B5 Passat that had a 1.8t with a 5 speed and a
great tune with exhaust. I’m not gonna lie, that car was great. It was nice
to drive in, the tune made it pretty quick, and the interior was very well
made. It didn’t remind me of any stereotypes associated with “cheap” German
vehicles of the time.

CyberKitsune says:

Damn, you caught me. That’s the EXACT reason I don’t clear my history. 

one436purcell productions says:

Nice review, could you review a 1990-1993 Isuzu Impulse. I can only imagine

John Leibowitz says:

I had to rewatch the saw scene because I paid so much attention to the saws
I missed the joke and only heard “and an open mind”….wait whut?!?

Aphexx says:

this is bugging me, what is the last song he’s doing? its so familiar and
on the tip of my tongue but I can’t place the song name. so frustrating

Careet Marchewka says:

Ugh, I owned one of these for ~5 years (midnight blue sedan, 1.8T quattro
with a manual)

That armrest you played with needs to be kept upright alllll the fucking
time if you have the manual transmission, and my magnet/clip broke too, so
it’s constantly like “HAHA FUCK YOU I’M CHEAPLY MADE”.

I once described mine as ‘The Tuxedo T-shirt of Cars’. I stand by that one.

Gavin Brown says:

You’ve got to do a video on the VW New Beetle (98-10). Literally the worst
cars I’ve ever owned, driven, and worked on; My sister has had 3. They
SUCK. Constantly leaking fluid, interior parts always breaking, electrical
problems across the board, smells like crayons, (yes, all 3 of them have
smelled like crayons) and drives (when it’s not in the shop) like a model
T: slow, rough, and dangerous. 

Garret DeWinter says:

My MKIV GTI’s center console armrest did the exact same thing. Eventually
amputated it for even more down. 

Le Billy says:

“Let’s taco bout dat ass” I was laughing harder then when my best friend
fell down the stairs lol

Mehow says:

particularly likes the songs at the end this time because they were so

iD0theTUBE says:

How can it be a 20valve but only a four cylinder? 

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