Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Audi S4

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There is no way to enjoy an Audi S4 within the bounds of the law. This car is stupid fast. That would be a non-issue if the car looked fast. It doesn’t. An S…


spraynpray says:

Oh and I don’t know about Audi owners being douches. I don’t know any and
don’t know the stereotype. In my experience they drive “normal”.
Toyota+VW drivers cluelessly get in the way by driving terribly slowly,
Honda owners do the same but with white knuckles because think they are
driving crazy fast, big car drivers are teh same but have white hair, bike
riders are either awesome or go 30 under the speed limit in the passing
lane, truck drivers go slow but ALL tailgate and slow down a lot whenever
they hit a hill then speed up on the backside, and everybody else is
invisible to me. They go 5 mph over the limit in the correct lane 80% of
the time. Mitsubishi drivers live at the dealership and know the name of
the children of every tow truck driver in town.

David Fresne says:

But the beauty of the S4 is the sleeper status that it has to the average
Joe, or non-Audi enthusiast.

ThatDudeinBlue says:

“I am not used to fast things!”
Two seconds later
“Go Fast time!”

DLMphotos says:

AHAHAHA I’m a proud owner of an S4 and must say that literally EVERYTHING
said in this video is correct, even down to the “everyone who bought an
Audi S4 looked at an M3 first”…

You guys are awesome (Y)

Roushfan5 says:

I don’t think you ever get used to fast really, my 02 Altima with the V6 is
hardly a speed demon, but its not what you’d call slow either. That little
thrill I get when I give it enough gas is always fun. 

Bob Flavin says:

Great review! 

SmileyLegoGuy says:

Well I mean, M3′s can be 4-doors ;) and the new F30 M3 only comes in sedan
form;) See what I’m hinting at? ;) THE E36 IS NO LONGER ENOUGH I THIRST FOR

screwloose455 says:

M3′s come in 4 doors.

Space Admiral Laika says:

My interest in cars is nil but my interest in this channel is sky high. Let
us ride into the night together, my automophiliac friends.

TheReasonableBrony says:

1:11-1:17 As someone with a 07 Hyundai Sonata with a tiptronic shift,
that’s a hard truth that even i have to swallow. 

Trades46 says:

Audi says the 3.0TFSI V6 is rated @ 333hp. Anyone who driven one will know
that’s absolute BS; it is severely underrated from the factory. It’s
actually closer to the region of 350hp at the crank, and ~333hp AT THE
This is to 1. lower insurance and 2. give breathing space to the ~$80,000

A tune & chip later, you’d be blasting past Camaro SS & M3s. Watch Chris
Harris review; the 3.0TFSI is extremely potent when tuned.

This is the car that universally makes BMW 335i owners cry. You can also
get one used for Lancer Evo X money too. And because of this, I love it.

SpaceManDawn says:

Oh Jesus. I just realized how fucking true that line about rough sex is.
I’ve been ruined.

It’s to that point that I’m now sort of a racist? I judge how hard I get to
choke a bitch by how dark her skin is. 

Google+ Sucks says:

It has two clutches… just no pedal.

TheLaXandro says:

Wait, this car is a Starbucks, isn’t it?

Alex H says:

Nice cut off at 1:28 LOL 

deepoceanfan says:

So this gen s4 is less powerful than the one from 2005? That’s bullshit.

abeismain says:

lol, you killer!

ChargedTTq says:


Also this video is great!

Nathan Bowman says:

No clutch? No manual. No Clutch? No manual. lol I still want one. #Audi Regular
Car Reviews: 2013 Audi S4

Robbie Khan says:

Not enough dbag jokes!

Duncan McCulloch says:

Does anyone know if this car is manual?

Wolfgang Kovac says:

Shoulda bought a bimmer!

theforgottenorg says:

No clutch, no manual? Don’t tell the pokemon generation.

dresdenk says:

Hilarious. Actual lol’s. Loved the vid. Thanks. HNRGGGGGGRRRRR

Daniel Hong says:

Hands down, best car review I’ve ever come across!

Tom OB says:

…I drive a 98′ Blazer :/ haha

Matthew Simnor says:

NO CLUTCH NOT A MANUAL. Couldn’t of said it better myself.

Bobby Kinstle says:

I’ve had mine almost a year and I laugh just like that every time I step on
the gas too.

GilBatesLovesyou says:

such regular. 

TheMr6507 says:

Lehigh University, A-Treat soda? You’ve got to be near me! And then I
googled that Lukeoil…Reading, damn it’s you’re so close. Also, these
reviews do get more Pennsylvanian by the episode. That’s awesome.

Daniel Tubbs says:

I’m not gay, but when its legal, I would like to marry you (Regular car
review guy), you get me.

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