Review: 2007 Audi RS4

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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Audi labels their cars with a series of three letters. Their A cars are for Dick and Jane Average, the S lineup is for …


Mark J Williams says:
19danflo says:

this over the c63 amg any day, doesn’t even have a proper gear bix

youmils03 says:

Wait, I was wrong about my very first comment (second fastest). But I’m not
clueless. I know that the RS4, C63, and M3 are the smaller versions of the
RS6, E63, and M5. 0 to 60mph times: CTS-V – 4.1, 2010 RS6 – 4.2, C63 – 4.3,
RS4 – 4.3, E63 – 4.3, M5 – 4.4, M3 – 4.5, IS-F – 4.6

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

2007 Audi RS4 the winner in the “World Performance Car” category of the
International World Car of the Year (WCOTY) will be always. Audi is simply

USGiorgi says:

The only problem with the S4 and RS4? The Camber is insane… You’ll be
going through tires as if the car eats them for dinner.

lapirk says:

please read my comment properly. you just repeated what i said about the
comparisons.. your first comment states the rs4 as second fastest which it
isnt. the m3 and the c63 are both faster. the cts compares with the m5, e63
and rs6 of which the rs6 seems to be the fastest but guess what the ‘c63′
beat it.

antianabolic says:

@WHITEVOLK8814 hehe you’re sooo right!

youmils03 says:

Nope. The RS4 is faster, more powerful (by 6hp), more luxurious, and has
higher ride quality than the Mercedes C63 and BMW M3. It also gets better
fuel economy. Don’t even start to tell me that a Mercedes-Benz compact
luxury sport sedan is faster than an Audi midsize luxury sport sedan.

lapirk says:

timings stated by manufacturers are never right. the c63 is faster to 60
than the rs6. theres a video to prove it ( check out drivers-republic ).
and both the m3 and the c63 are faster than the rs4.

youmils03 says:

OH MY GOD, you have it all wrong. The A4 vs. 328i vs. C300 (compact
luxury), the A6 vs. 528i vs. E350 (midsize luxury), the S4 vs. 335i vs.
C350 (compact luxury performance), the S6 vs. 550i vs. E550 (midsize luxury
performance), the RS4 vs. M3 vs. C63 AMG (compact luxury high-performance),
and the RS6 vs. M5 vs. E63 AMG (midsize luxury high-performance). The
Mercedes S AMG does not (yet) have any competitors. The midsize
high-performances are a little faster than the compact high-performances.

rhyno514 says:

i love this car the only thing wrong is no room in the back cuz when i go
in my friends a4 i gotta open my legs all the way so i can fit i dunno if
the rs4 is longer but anyway if u have this car u dont need ppl in the back

lapirk says:

dude the m3 is the class leader from the time it came out. merc and audi
can never beat the bimmers driving dynamics. check out top gear comparison.
also watch?v=axb19DwhqUk. audis are good cars but they are the heaviest
which shows in their good interior quality hence need the extra power to
keep up with the lighter bmw’s. do some research and ull know what im
saying. and for ur info all 3 of em are compact luxury sedans.

Toronto TO says:

best 4 wheel drive sedan hands down……

mchamp3802 says:

My car!! haha I bought one in 08 of Jan and absolutely love it. No
complaints whatsoever

youmils03 says:

Excellent car. It comes with the Mercedes C63 AMG, BMW M3, Lexus IS-F, and
Cadillac CTS-V.

WHITEVOLK8814 says:

It is a great car plus it comes only in MANUAL so dumbs can´t drive it.

youmils03 says:

Excellent car. The second fastest luxury 4-door sedan. (CTS-V is fastest,
E63 AMG is third fastest, M5 is fourth)

garciajosue71 says:

like americans ! i hate living here

youmils03 says:

No, the RS6 is midsize. And the Audis are pretty high quality as well. I’d
say Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s are more for power and cylinders, while Audis
are more for 0 to 60mph times and higher ride quality. They’re actually
quite different brands, but they’re good in their own ways.

8motion says:

So now the S represents someone looking for something sporty?. I remember
clearly the S4 in 2001-2006 was the sportiest of the A4 and audi offering
against the m3…since the the 335i has leaped forward in performance audi
now (in Canada) lowered there pricing to match the 335i. The S4 although
great was not the quickest to the 1/4 mile..(i think it was 14.99) just a
tad quicker then the vr6 15.80) (2001),,,at twice the price. Today S4 an
option because pricing makes sense.New RS4 needs <$.

youmils03 says:

0 to 60 in 4.3, not 4.6

lapirk says:

you sure are clueless. the rs4 is compared with the m3 and the c63 both of
which are faster than the audi. the m5 and e63 are a diff class and way

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