Review: 2008 Audi A3

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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. A couple of years ago, Audi added a new small car to its US lineup, the A3. Though Audi would prefer that you not, I vi…


pochtown23 says:

The stock price is only $28,000, but you can only get it 2wd at that price,
if not you would have to pay $34,000

samascl says:

I think this dude in this show in full of it, an Audi A3 2.0 T would not be
slower than a F mazda, no offense to the Mazda Car, but you can not compare
Berlin with Tokio…. I think this dude can not afford the AUDI so he has
to talk crap about it.

00Mandingo00 says:

I’m not black either. I’m white, affluent, and have a brain and a salary
that allows me to buy a better car than a fucking mazda.

Truth Monger says:

Wow, for $8000 less you get a Mazdaspeed 3 with kickass 265hp and the same
size interior. And Audi’s reliability rating is consistently below industry
average. This is another ripoff from Audi.

MikeDegen8 says:

@SashaMazendame right hand drive is messed.. your right hand is to shift..
not your left

adulby says:

200hp with a 4-cyl. rapes my v6 right got to get that tts with
265. I4 eng. what secret are they hiding.

00Mandingo00 says:

I’m not a redneck and I think Mazda sucks.

TA8AT says:

beter than TT

Matthew Matthews says:

Mazdas Suck!

FanVisual says:

yes you can, you can modify it,… depends where though…. for some
buttons, you can change the LED lights, but if it’s part of the radio
system, then you need a new one.

prohusting2 says:

your mother sucks !!! (some part of my body)

lolok loloi says:

hahaha here in croatia its 34k euro

meanubeanu says:

i think he’s talking about a package with EVERYTHING in it

james kang says:

@adulby simple ECU chip would have it burn every car in its class.

SashaMazendame says:

@pou1212 whatever man

SuperMoh1990 says:

well me personally i dont really care about speed i really care about how
comfortable it is in long journeys because i used to own a bmw 1 series the
coupe one and it wasn’t that comfortable i used to do like 400 kilometers
without stopping and my ass and back would hurt so bad but with my new 2008
audi a3 i did 900 kilometers without stopping and i didnt feel a thing
imagine 10 hours sitting in one seat and still very comfortable i love it!!!


It´s too much!

Ferucho says:

dude i just crashed my a3 y actually messed it up heavily

Julian Shield says:

@00Mandingo00 You clearly haven’t driven a proper car.

00Mandingo00 says:

@julianshield1 and you know this how?

loopba says:

The A3 is actually much smaller than the MS3 once you are inside….the
headroom is almost unbearable

123Prangley says:

My wife can’t see the red displays very well, can this be changed somehow?

kelloggcerealxoxo says:

well, the problem with that is the american muscle redneck fanboys think
Mazda is a “riceburner”, so they won’t buy it.

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

Audi is The Best.

spetznazkye says:

I love my Audi a3

navijatt says:

sum ppl like performance sum ppl like luxury ;) if everyone was the same it
would be a crap world ;)

422537jb says:

@Loveitincali oh lol

vv mat says:

i wish they sold the 3 door in america! we dont get anything cool = (

KiloByte69 says:

Meh I don’t know. Last year I got a brand new A4 with Premium, Conv, Nav,
Quattro, and Wood Trim for about the same price. Titanium is nice but
overpriced. Gotta have the Quattro too.

sethy1 says:

Lol, stupid girls love them VWs

mazumathefirst says:

Didn’t take me long to decide against this in favour of the BMW 1 series,
have no regrets at all.

Alvie Garcia says:

lmao! hahahahahahhhahhaa BURN!

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