Review: 2010 Audi S4 w/ 6 Speed Manual

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I review the 2010 Audi S4 with a 6-Speed Manual and the Prestige package. What do you think about the Audi S4? Do you prefer the previous generation’s V8 ove…


DFKnightmare says:

Hey guys! It’s just spectacular! Chow!

Review over.

Tyler Nieves says:

The 2.7 30v turbo was a great power plant for tuning as was the b6 4.2 ever I’ve seen 30v 2.8 with pes and custom eaton m90 super chargers
with bigger dyno awhp than this new supercharged 3.0 

Rafael Mmrepairsonline says:

ROAR!! I miss the V8 and its smoothness. Truly the death of the dinosaur.

cinnygames says:

+subaruwrxfan do you use a Nikon or a Canon? Because those images look

jonswiftucf says:

I know they are different animals but how would you compare to the Cadillac
CTS-V? I understand the refinement tradeoff but how about the driving

Andy Vasavong says:

Do a review on the Audi SQ5

afinny02 says:

Nice car, I like the color and wheels and exterior lines with the
supercharged badges. Looks classy…

… and then you get inside. Wood grain inlays with red and black leather?
I’m not feeling that. I know this isn’t your car, but whomever specced it
out didn’t have good taste in my opinion. 

Damien Fraser says:

Sounds like a vr6 kinda

WasstschoBasstscho says:

Never liked Audis, they are all somewhat snoby…

MrFunk says:

Great review BTW man… you are SPOT on about everything man. The vibration
issue is a TBS… it’s not normal… also BTW – the steering in the 2013′s+
is now the electric steering system which is terrible.

Eric Peyton says:

awesome car

FuckinMetal3694 says:

ima big fan of you dude i love your reviews ! really really relatable you
deserve a million subscribers ! keep em coming 

Saul Ferrer says:

This car is audi’s 335. They are very good stock. But tuned they are
beasts!!! Tuned s4 s have taken out new rs4s. 

ryanmail2004 says:

not exhaust, an intake because superchargers make insane amounts of noise
if you let them breathe

Funykind12345 says:

b5 s4 was the best

mpag96 says:

what is the opening song called?

Grant Baetsen says:

Twin turbo v6 was the best

patnyay14 says:

the b5 will forever be the trademark beloved audi s4

Toyota4Life says:

This guy gives BETTER and more Honest reviews then Motor trend and Car and
driver. He doesnt talk like he is getting paid to do this. Nice car but I
would still go with the V8 RS4. Can you do a review of the V8 RS4

MrFunk says:

Wow – whoever detailed that interior did a TERRIBLE job. It’s all greasy
looking. Must have used Armor all… hate that.

Tyler Nieves – you are correct that the 2.7TT was a great tunable engine,
but you are completely incorrect in stating that 4.2 was also… That V8
4.2 was not tunable at all – it was just a normally aspirated V8 – you
could put an exhaust and intake on it and that was about it unless you had
15k for a supercharger kit. The most power you could add to those was
20hp… this new 3.0t V6 is VERY tunable though. A simple St1 tune will
add 60hp or so and a pulley kit another 20… plus a huge bump in TQ. 

mco599 says:

im 6ft and i fit fine in my a4… and i have had people up to 5ft10 sit
behind me and they had enough space for their knees.

jjuhring1 says:

Nice review of the S4. Very informative, while not trying to push a
predetermined POV. Like you, I find the exterior design beautiful and

Adrianos Fidi says:

still prefer V8

Just D8vid2 says:

5’9″? You look way taller! 

Robert Chmiel says:

dont you rest your arm on the buttons lol? 

ZeNCantSnipe says:

at the end of each video you should evaluate whether you’d trade your brz
for the car you’re reviewing (if price didn’t matter), it’d be interesting
to know

ChicagoBullsFan4Life says:

7:34 :) that made my day lol.

Josh Scott says:

APR is releasing a stage 3 supercharged kit for this car, I imagine it will
make over 400 AWHP. I know you probably get a lot of requests for reviews,
but if you could get your hands on an Evo x that would be awesome.

Jonathan Leack says:

As a VW fan it’s great to see more German love.

Kai Baumgartner says:

would this be a good long distance cruiser you think? The fuel economy is
far better than the B7. I know the 19s are probably not the best choice for
ride comfort but is it that bad?

lambosteve1000 says:

please review an Evo 8 or 9

Mark Stanson says:

do an Aud A5

TomahokYoutube says:

Love the Grammer!

INumba1Stunna says:

How do you feel about the Audi RS4 B7? That car is extremely sexyyy. I
think it’ll forever be my favorite Audi. Imma check if you’ve reviewed one
already. :)

Jordan Obregon says:


Volcomdude412x says:

Loving these reviews man, you give a great idea of what a car is like and
drives without using any of the clichés mainly found in auto reviews

Asim Momin says:

Ask DoctaM3 to let you review some of his beauties!

Sline4 says:

I own the one with the V8 engine,I drove the v6 one and i feels a little
faster but the sound of my v8 is fenomenal, i rather have the v8 then the
new supercharged v6 sounds a little weak, though it feels faster lol

flexx203 says:

awesom vids dude !!

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