REVIEW: 2012 BMW 3-Series-Does It Deliver The Knockout Punch Again To Audi, MB, Lexus And The Rest?

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Agent 001 of takes you to Spain for a REAL-WORLD review of the segment leader and perennial hall of famer. Does it send the competition back to…


james sidique says:

I like yall reviews. As a bmw 3 series owner im gunning to replace mine
with the 2013 version

AEKARA27 says:

I have a 2013 335i sport. Its my 8th BMW. I can honestly say is the best
BMW I ever had. 28.540 miles on it not a single issue and soooooooo easy
to live with day in and day out. A must option is the adaptive suspension.
its like having two cars in one. Leave it in comfort around town, it is
comfortable and responsive. Put it in sport or sport + and it turns into a
great sport sedan that eats up the curves with ease. 

Bestoftherest222 says:

am I the only one that BMW got rid of the middle console window buttons?

TheYoungTurk says:

Best review i ever seem related to this BMW. Thank you very much.

jo garcia says:

An e46 3 series is more fun to drive than this

jo garcia says:

And yes u can tell the 13′ is a 4 cylinder unlike what this guy said, it
just doesnt have that same BMW feel to me. It just looks nice on the

jo garcia says:

My mom has a 13′ 328i and i have a 11′ 328i. The 13′ is faster but the 11′
sounds the best with the i6 engine. The 13′s steering is too soft, i like
the 11′s responsive hard steering

littlejimmy067 says:

It costs more than it deserves. Buy Audi or Mercedez Benz or Lexus

Jamal S. says:

with that car you get even greater girls.

XuleGua says:

I want to see the 4 series up against the new Caddys that are coming out,
see if BMW have done anything different in terms of handling and
performance although I believe the 435i has the same engine as the 335i
with maybe minor tweeks here and there.

SvE88 says:

Hhahahahahahaha. BMW was making kombat airplanes engines during the FIRST
ww and in ww2 BMW started making of cars. That conspiration whit BMW frill
was designed after Hitle`s mustache is just a crap of BMW haters..and this
is the first time i hear this shit. I was in Munich BMW musseum and read
all history about BMW. Mercedes was the Hitler`s preferated car and this
means what ?? That Mercedes is a Hitlerist car?? Bullshit !!!! Listen boy
…Even people from that period knew that Bmw is a great

Bjornizz says:

Do you need comfort access to be able to start the car without using the

rosahairsalon says:


Honkey says:

Where I live, nationwide everyday, Three people die in traffic. One
pedestrian, one cyclist and one motorist. 0.02% percent of the time this
happens to be a BMW. (cbs .nl) Your “statistics” just prove Americans
should really improve their drivers ed. I just have one more question, do
you consider yourself intelligent?

XuleGua says:

Your cars are garbage, and real car owners such as myself will never own
one of your shitty American cars. Thanks for your input though!

XepojCp6uje says:

XF is in BMW 5 category…

itstimeforachange1 says:

great entry level car for BMW… affordable and much different from
previous model.

Veeman477 says:

According to Motor Trend, Germany has a 1% lower traffic accident rate BUT,
has a 1% HIGHER fatality rate than do we here in the United States.
Intelligence is a very relative term. If you didn’t think I was
intelligent, you would not have asked such a question.

Cody Warner says:

not true

LostDitch says:

i’ll take the BMW and all those chicks please here is my visa

Trevor Lindsey says:

Trust me, the 4 cylinder feels like a 4 cylinder. My Nissan Juke had more
get up and go. I ordered a 1 series so I could get the 6 cylinder.

swbrett1 says:

Best interior in class? Have u seen a Jag XF??

Angus MacBagpipe says:

I’ll take a “spartan” interior over a busy, fussy one any day.

Bruno TaTa says:

A red stripe accross the interior is not an improvement.

Jack Han says:

dang and i thought i felt big in my 3 series! I agree with your review
except the interior! The new 3 series interior does not impress me at all,
It seems somewhat cheap and relative to a civic si’s interior. I wish it
had more of that classy, sporty look. But thats just my opinion

Krishan Ladwa says:

this is a reaaaaaaaaaally boring review.

GoUSofA says:

I really like the exterior, but the interior needs work. There is no room
in that center console, strange. NAV screen glued on, and way too many
buttons on the center panel, not to mention the iDrive needs simplified
(and yes, I have played with the 2012 328i in person).

YesIAmThatCoolBitch says:

when did any BMW deliver a Knockout Punch to Mercedes or Audi?

Veeman477 says:

You are one of the lucky ones then. I read horror stories all of the time
on YouTube from former BMW owners. How many do I read from Cadillac owners?
In all honesty, and I am really trying to think of one time as I write
this, (pause to think), … still thinking…still thinking… I can’t
think of even one in all honesty. If you come across one, please let me
know. Let me know.

Jeison Almonte says:

my step father just received his 2013 BMW 335i in Pearl, sick car bro!

Ivannovi4 says:




Thomas Wu says:

The interior is some serious mickey mouse joke. Bring back the fuctional no
nonsense interior of the E90 and E46

Gandalf606 says:

This car doesn’t have a hood – it isn’t a convertible – it’s a hardtop
saloon. Roadsters have hoods – and these are usually made of canvas.

Neerav Reddy says:

hoods in the us are called bonnets dumbass

MrHockeyx23 says:

I agree with you Jag XF is by far nicest interior. But only if the things
in the interior wouldn’t break so easily. lol

Honkey says:

Since when does a .nl site refer to Germany? Thanks for playing this game,
your bullshit “facts” where obvious from the start but I like playing these
games a little too much. PS Your cognitive capacity seems rather limited
therefore I would suggest you use a little more convincing “proof”of your

marcb379 says:

Isn’t this the 2013 BMW 3 series ? Not 2012 ?

Burim Istogu says:

Who wants to see this, where is the drifting, this is the ultimate driving
machine, not a Lexus, enough with the gizmos hehe.

XuleGua says:

As I said, BMW – Ultimate Driving Machine PERIOD.

Jeffrrilin Kangin says:

Audi A4 vs 3 series?

Veeman477 says:

Ask any BMW mechanic and they will tell you just how bad the BMWs really
are. They are in the shop more often than not.

bmw4dea says:

Thanks for the great in depth review. I ordered my 2013 335i M-Sport sedan
last week. Should be here in July. I’m stoked. It’s my 4th 3-series and I
couldn’t be happier

SvE88 says:

A car doesn`t make`s a man…man makes a you can`t say that BMW is
a pimp car !! Everyone who have money and cand afford a BMW,will buy it !
And ..i had for 2 weeks a cadillac DTS 2009 from my cheap
plastic,big engine,little horsepower and BIG GAS CONSUMPTION so.. just
DON`T compare cadillac to BMW …it`s really quite a shame … :)

Emmanuel Gilles says:

Great review. I’ve watched dozens and this is where i can stop.

MyBoogeryBooger says:

okay, im not gonna be racist or anything… but i have an american/canadian
accent, since i was born and raised in canada… but i think the those
accents are annoying as hell, i really like the british and australian
accents better (mostly australian), cuz they just don’t have the annoying
factor… and im not hating, like i said i have an american accent…

cadrolls says:

Full retard only applies to BMW owners. We Cadillac owners are quite sound,
you know. Most BMW owners here in Connecticut are either drug dealers,
pimps, or prostitutes. It really is quite a shame.

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