Review: 2014 BMW 428i xDrive

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I review the 2014 BMW 428i. Do you think you could be happy with the base 4 series? Song is ‘State of Elevation’ by Chaotix and can be heard in it’s entirety…


Hudson Brand says:

This is a poser pos. I don’t think you should be able to rock the M sport
package without at least a 35i. 

PaDiLLaIGoDI says:

Finally a BMW review! Great review man! .. Hopefully you can review a BMW
M3 E46 soon man cause i just love that car and wish you can review it cause
ur reviews are great!

TheGetawayer says:

Wow what a great review Matt ! Have to agree the 4 series is a very very
good looking car. Keep up the great work buddy, I see you soon :)

andrefrbk says:

I wish i could i afford this or the 2 series… So good.

basketball798 says:

This car is actually very fast. Its faster then a lot of the so called
muscle cars

Ivan Pineiro says:

If this car is fun, I can only imagine how fun the 228i with the same
engine is!

cerrystyle says:

I’m starting to be in love with BMW’s but I’d never get one for sure not
because of its selling prices which are not so high as many people think
but the the car parts are so expensive that’s why a lot of people wanna
seek for a good cheap one better wait a little bit than buy a new model. I
like these last new models they are very efficient, the chassis the engine
and the interiors quality is one of the strongest points.

Finrecon1 says:

you have the best car reviews on Youtube. keep up the good work!

yoyoman9747 says:

The car’s actually quite fast. It feels like more than 245hp. I had a test
drive of this for a couple of days and it never once felt slow, even in the

647killa says:

Stunning car. The 3 series (and now 4 series) will never fail to be a
benchmark for other cars of its segment. BMW is still making driving
machines, despite all the emissions and safety regulation crap. Unless you
are on a budget, the engine TO HAVE is the straight 6 turbo…complemented
by a proper 6 speed manual. That would make for one heck of a hoon machine
!! Nice review Matt !! I hope you Mini is bringing you smiles per gallon
every day now. 

I am Max says:

It’s actually so great to see you this smiley in a review! I love how you
actually treat these cars like they’re something special. In the past I’ve
commented saying that I wish you were more like Chris Harris, but since
then I’ve changed my mind. You have a different outlook on these cars,
ordinary cars or even low level cars for Chris are exceptional for you.
It’s really a great thing to see and to experience in viewing form. After
watching a few of the Drive network’s video’s I noticed that I’ve become
snarky and this video has sort of brought me off of that high horse. I
imagine myself driving a 4 series and I think that I would share the same
smile as you.

Then again if I drove P1′s for my day job I guess I wouldn’t look twice at
a 428i.

xJohn1300 says:

Plese do a review on a nissan 370z or 350z Matt!

MaxFlare says:

Where are you gonna spend you day?
Me: Inside 428i. For the words were told that “it’s a great place to be”.

ravesilly says:

The white on black looks really good as well as the ///M side skirt things,
the engine sounds good even with the stock exhaust, and the body looks just
right. Good review! Hopefully you can review an M4 soon :)

Nebderf M says:

Can you please do the Q50 Sedan?

Volnik says:

Base 4 series?? That car got like $8,000 worth of options in it!!!

anonymzs says:

top notch review, they keep getting better

Roger Lee says:

you are pretty cute.

no i’m not gay. 

cobra454tim says:

Good Video Matt!!

Alan DeGenerous says:

Thank god you liked the automatic gearbox. It is amazing, the smoothness
and quickness of it.

GustavLjungberg says:

Beutiful car! In a few years when the price has dropped slightly and i can
pick up a second hand, i want one! 

Sjrick says:

Wow your making my choice to buy this car so easy. Perhaps the best review
ive seen yet. Although i wish you had talked more about the features and
options. great Video. Ive got 3 dealers constantly contacting me. Lets the
number crunching begin !!

Jack Bushway says:

Nice review the white on black looks fantastic

andylui3333 says:

wow beautiful with the river and bridge!

100vasiliy says:

Audi A5 is better 

Daniel j says:

how tall are you?

superXgaming says:

review a 2013 gt500

mariyuso says:

The reason the steering feels dead is because it’s electric, kinda like in
big airliners (you’re not physically pulling the ailerons etc. but you’re
pulling a switch connected to a computer that controls the hydraulics which
in turn move the ailerons). Stupid concept if you ask me (in cars I mean)..

ShafzC786 says:

Would you say the E90 with its hydraulic power steering provides more
feedback/communication than the 4 series? As that is my worry when
considering my replacement for my E90!

TangoR34 says:

428i is a based model? You obviously haven’t heard of the 420d

Yiyang BAO says:

wait until something breaks then this thing will suck you like a vampire –
personal experience

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

its pretty big for a coupe, interesting, looks like theres quite a bit of
space at the back

Photosbydrew710 says:

only people with slow bmw’s debadge

ThatKidinblue says:

Dat intro man.

bbjgarcia says:

If only the wheels had a lower offset so they sat flush with the fenders.
Car Manufacturers need to realize that we don’t like that sunken in look! 

colla555 says:

The 428i is a base model in the US? In Germany the base models are the 420i
with 184hp and the 420d with 184hp as well. The 428i would be the 2nd
strongest 4 series after the 435i.

anthony seak says:

have you done a review on a 2014 chevy ss? if not can you get your hands on

AJ VanGorden says:

The car looks fantastic, I love the interior on it. However, I would prefer
something like the 2015 STI if I am going to spend about 40 grand. I want
something a little more performance oriented. Or a used M3 would be nice. I
do have a soft spot for European cars.

Dave Reid says:

Excellent review of this great 428i! It looks sick in white and I love that
it’s debadged. You can tell how much fun it is to drive by your excitement
while going through the curves. Hopefully you get the chance to review an
M4, that would be awesome.

Simon Knight says:

No one can understand how much I love this car! But also no one can
understand why I would NEVER buy it…..because it’s called “4
series”…..because all these years the 3 series is a car with lots of
history and especially the coupe….BMW just ruined it

ali1995bh says:

You should make more reviews on economical cars. I really like your channel
and your opinions on cars are helpful.

Arne Dierckx says:

That filming! :O

Gunsforfreedom says:

‘Nice’ count in this video…21! That’s close to 1 and half nice per
minute. Just kidding man, keep up the good work! 

Franky Leandri says:

Could you try and review a BMW E36 M3?

Matt Pace says:

Thanks for sharing! I’ve driven the 428i and I was impressed! It’s
surprisingly quick for such a small engine! I still prefer the older
3-series coupe, mainly due to the steering. I wish they never got rid of
the hydraulic steering :(

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