Review: 2015 BMW M4

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I review Nick Murray’s BMW M4! Huge thanks to him! Check out his YouTube channel for more videos of this car! Also thanks to Al…


andrefrbk says:

Matt time to start taking donations… :) This car fits you.

MJ Wu says:

I will not let the dog into the car
They are cancer

David MuscleGuy says:

Wow just awesome! i have to say you just made my little BMW fanboy happy i
just love their cars! and always since every new M3 gen comes out people or
let say Journalists don’t praise them at all but when every other
competitor comes out with their rival after 3 years mostly they just
realize how great that M3 was and how badly we gonna miss it! E9x OMG we
lost our beloved inline 6 and torque less V8 and heavier pig and the E46
did well but E36 was just crap but now they’re saying it’s going to be a
collectors car! and now BMW give it a new inline 6 with gobs of torque all
i hear it has so much the E9x was way better…..blah blah blahhh. btw
thank you so much for the review man it was so enjoyable and i felt you
were a bit jealous:P and as you said ///M division i think didn’t lost its
way they just make every gen different for the previous one i just think
the competition got a lot closer and the GT350 is coming out (that’s just
crazy pony car in the history of ‘MURICA)all in all thank you so much and
of course +Nick Murray is the MAN!

Supernautt says:

hey this could be a cool idea for your videos! I really like the quick
summary thing you did there, first time ive seen it on your videos really.
Maybe on that transition from the review to in the car driving you could
bring up the Pros and cons summary screen with just you driving in the
background….so we could read all the key points while hearing just the
driving and seeing around the edges of the summary you driving, that way
after 10 seconds or so the summary could just fade out right into you
talking in the car again. hopefully that made sense, would be pretty
professional and sleek IMO but im no producer or anything so who knows

Your Fast Life! says:

It feel like an automatic because it IS

Rosa Parks says:

You finally get your Eco boost with the money people donated and now you
just give it away to a “friend”. Lmao so stupid, if you actually worked for
it you wouldn’t let anybody touch it let alone drive for a week.

David Vu says:

Prefer the new C63 though.

93Camix says:

The summary is really cool, it gives even more a “professional” look to the
review. If you do it a little bit bigger for the next video would be
awesome. Thumbs up! 

DiViNiTY1337 says:

Personally would have got an F80 M3 instead. Almost identical in
performance but one hell of a lot more convenient. I don’t really
understand why you’d want a coupe unless you went for a full-blown
sportscar like a Ferrari 458 or something like that. I mean sure, it’s a
sportscar, but it’s a BMW. Not a Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar or the like.

TheGetawayer says:

Great review and nice shots, Matt ! +Nick Murray has to get a new 991 now,
so you can finally see the light, haha :) But that M4 is easily the nicest
example I have seen. Awesome colour ! You guys keep up the great work +
subaruwrxfan !


That’s really smart. Put a dog on those white leather seat.

TOP Nürburgring Videos Youtubechannel says:

nice color. i´ve seen plenty m4s/m3s , but this red is very rare. most of
them are white (alpinwhite) or black (in germany). bmw also brought out new
colors in germany 2 months ago, which are not in the us: azuritblack
metallic, moonstone metallic, tansanitblue metallic, pyritbrown metallic. 

Joe R says:

Nice looking car but I still like the shape of the 128/135 better. I saw
that plate and thought “Damn! Matt came to Connecticut and didn’t stop in
and say Hi.” :-) Suggestion: Can you give us longer shots out the
windshield? It’s nice to see those “going down the road” views.

Slickpete83 says:

**********************************************Which is the better track car
2015 bmw M4 vs. 2013 BMW 135i with dinan performance package ????

The Tameless Creeper says:

Wow what an awesome car. I really love the styling of the M4. I think
it’s my favorite BMW. :D It also sounds SOOO good. Oh yeah and I really
like the new style of your reviews! It’s very cool and professional. :)

asc3asc3asc says:

I posted a question a few posts below but noone cares to answer…Well, I
figured out the answer and the reason you would want an M4 over an M3 and
below an M5 is if you are a BIG SPORTY GIRL whose ass can’t fit comfortably
in an M3 AND SIMULTANEOUSLY have a boyfriend who owns an M5 and you don’t
want to embarrass him by driving an M5 too. That seriously is the only
market niche for this model !!!

zLeeeO says:

Trying to watch a car review and my ears get raped with rave music. Thanks.

Chrisstian says:

BMW still needs to work on their electronic issues. Around 40k, you start
having problems with everything being linked together electronically. One
problem leads to another. After the warranty runs come the
expensive repairs. BMW’s should be more reliable based on how long they
have made cars and their price point. I can say this because I have owned
a couple. Otherwise, great engines, transmissions, and fun to drive.

PureDetroit says:

I love the new Pros and Cons graphics. But can you make that bigger on your
next video? thanks!

Michael Howatt says:

Matt, you’re reviews are just getting better and more professional (I’m hot
and cold about the kids-stuff mini dino though). You don’t need anything
more as an identifier. Your high-energy yet regular guy approach is your
identity. I like the little sumary boxes in the corner too.

Josh Wallace says:

oooo I like your pro’s/con’s list before the test drive. keep doing that!

hvf26 says:

“really nice, veryyyy nice, also nice” i think i know what your favourite
word of all time is mate

RazorFX says:

Matt dont ever wear a coat or jacket while having a seatbelt on. If there
would be an impact the seatbelt would crush Your organs. Check the info out
on the webz its true, no bs here.

Peter Pan says:

I see it in your face … you have fun! :-) …. next time please keep your
hands at the steering wheel :-) ….. thanks for this video :-)

banimanFJ says:

The excitement in the motion of your hands is so awesome. I mean that with
respect but you’re so stoked and understandably so haha :)

Rade Narancic says:

Nick’s French Bulldog stole your review totally mate! :)

Nick Dunning says:

Awesome review! I love that new thing you did with the list of pros and
con’s for the interior; nice touch! I really like all of your videos a lot.
You dish out a lot of information and provide great and helpful insight on
the cars you review. I’m totally looking forward for reviews to come! 

d beemer says:

somebody at BMW is an e46 fan, clearly.

Zae B says:

What gets you so hype in the intros

RH20CoCoBrO says:

Where do you find all this music from, and oh what camera do you use? OH
and also whats the name of your intro song. ALSO CONGRATS ON 100K SUBS MAN
KEEP IT UP AND MAYBE ONE DAY YOU’LL HIT 1M!!! Support all the way man.

TheBulletproof220 says:

they let a dog in that car??? americans are retarded

Shay Butta says:

where can i get that dinosaur?

Justin Lam says:

I really like the charts that you added on the side but just one thing that
you can add is one more chart for the performance of the car would be great
the hp and torque, kind of engine etc. keep up the great work love your

SS8styles says:

Really like the way that sounds off the line. I wonder how you’d like the
M235i though, I know it’s not a real M but that’s the one that currently
has my most attention from BMW

randomocityvideos says:

Wow that exhaust sounds horrible. 

pedrof830 says:

Is the back seat only fit for a dog?

Matt A says:

Hey Matt nice review, would it be possible to put a gopro on the back
bumper to get an external exhaust note when your going WOT, would be a good
feature to add to your reviews, keep up the good work! :)

Anthony Huynh says:

I feel like the material on the steering wheel feels kind of weird lol

Nick Shelton says:

Not hating on the car by any means, It’s a beautiful car. But it seems like
you can get better cars for the same price.

calvin Kulick says:

Love BMWs and would love to see you review a Z4. You have done a great job
so far in terms of mixing up the kinds of cars you review but it would be
cool to see some more VWs. There are a lot of MKIVs that have been
tastefully modded. I would let you drive my MKIV GLI if you were interested

IntenseSoldier says:

Ahh the dog’s scratching the leatherr zzzz

Benny Yang says:

Bro is it your camera that makes the car look red? Because it looks red not
orange, same with the fiesta st video 

bmwforlife461 says:

This reviewer looks like a 16 year old who is just excited to get in a car
which is just awesome! LOL. Anyway, I am just wondering why there are no
adjustable knee support in the M4 which the 435i does have.

pavel vasile says:

Ideea for a drinking game: every time you hear “NICE” take a shot of your
favorite beverage. :D

Joost Moerkerken says:

Orange? Looks like red to me..

Tyler Cook says:

Awesome review! I have one question, there is a red/blue knob in the center
top of the dash under the door lock/unlock. What does that control? There
are the standard climate control knobs below so that one doesn’t jump out
to me what it should do.


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