Review: BMW M6 Convertible

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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Is the BMW M6 worth the 00000 plus price tag? find out in this video review of the convertible version.


Destructo93 says:

100 000

colin4393 says:

That’s the way the yanks do it, same with “coup”. It’s coupé (coupay), the
word belongs to the French, not to the Americans, pronounce it how it’s
meant to be said. You yanks act like you know everything. Accept it, you

tintin49100 says:

that car is like the god of all cars im a girl im i LOVE that car

COD4Insiderr says:

bimmer is what u say for BMW cars. Beamer is for BMW bikes

nig fly says:

He needs to floor it and show what its meant for. He just doesnt understand
smg. I have a 2003 m3 in smg and its the best transmition ever. Getting one
of these though soon :)

slcea says:

@sub7viet That’s what happens when you take a test driver for Lincoln
Continentals and put him in a sports car. I have to admit, he’s right about
being a little jerky if you try to use it as an automatic. It’s not a
transmission you can just put in D and check your brain at the door. It’s a
sequential MANUAL gearbox. Works much better using the shifter or the
paddles. As an M6 owner with SMG, I’d buy it again. Love the fact I can
keep my left foot planted during spirited driving.

ZoinkyFilms says:


harry panayi says:

whats the top speed

normalais says:

2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 is better

AnnaLicious12 says:

hahahah the way he pronounces Beamer LMAO! FAIL!

DJFG85 says:

Can the SMG be used as a straight up automatic?

DPGexoticRentals says:

there is no comparo with the benz. if ur a boring snob buy the benz. if u
have a pulse buy the M6. i had a M5 SMG & u only have to set all the
chassis/M settings one time. the key remembers ur M-mode settings, which
only take 1 button on the steering wheel to activate or deactivate. OFF has
400hp soft suspension &full DSC active also, the tranny turns automatic.
i-drive is great once ur used to it. or you can access any i-drive or
vehicle setting menu by simply using the voice command.

jdrincable says:

Can I barrow one for a life time… U can have it back when im done X.X

7438705 says:

i love this car it kinda seems like he was hatin on it at the end tho

morgangamer22 says:


Mike Golenski says:

This car is not built for mama boys, all M series are built for TRUE car
enthusiasts who want the power and handling. Ones who don’t bitch about
jerky shifts or over the top settings for personalizing every aspect of the
car. In my world my dream car would have that and more.. I love cars, BMWs
being so incredibly over engineered, their M series is nothing more then
perfect. BMW should make a commercial “M series NOT for pussies” M is about
handling and performance not comfort.

qsc324 says:

hahaha very good point

viclam says:

fuking guy doesnt even know how to say BimMER properly…LOL jokes

dianne joyce says:

NICE! i WANT it!

FRonTLinES10064 says:

in the description it says; Is the BMW M6 worth the 00,000 plus price tag?

WellImHereNow says:

But when you show off to girls all your saying with automatics is “oh i
have the money to drive expensive cars but i cant drive them like a race
driver”. Fast cars are best with a normal manual gearbox heavy automantic
gear boxs are for people who dont know how to drive.

nig fly says:

Just watched Review: Audi TT Roadster Convertible and he even bashes smg

socal1000 says:

thats how the world works cars are now to complex for thier owners why cant
people just learn new things

juvereal says:

fuck it big balls dont have to bounce to make the ladies crazy they just
have to be there

Shay Butta says:

did he really just compare a clk63 to this beast? you should be ashamed of

juvereal says:

the clk63 black series amg is like a bull you dont fuck with it

qsc324 says:

whats wrong with that?

08IS350 says:

What I don’t understand is how the reviewer says things like ‘the smg grows
tiresome” etc… It might be true but it has 500hp … How can you complain
at all? I’ll take his job if he doesn’t want it.

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