Review of 2014 Audi S4

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A quick review of my 2014 Audi S4, I’ve had it for about two weeks and though I should share my feelings on it! It’s a 2014 S4 in Misano Red, Canadian model,…


Alex Stone says:

I had been debating between a 335i and an S4, and your video settled the
debate for me. I just hope the 2015 model gets the HUD.

Matt Lucido says:

What tires did you decide to go with? I went with the All-seasons (18 inch,
Continental Grand Touring), not sure how much i gave up by doing that, but
here in Maryland, its definitely a 4 seasons type of climate

bawi hniang says:

i have one myself i love it a lot the only thing is no headed steering
wheal. i just wish it has or upgradeable for Canadian cold winter.

Vavazelus says:

Audi only sells the RS4 in Europe. Canada and the US are out of luck. But I
feel the S4 will surely fit the bill in terms of performance, style and
MPG. I have a friend who has the RS5. He said he is luckily if he gets 20
mpg on the freeway. Screw that if your not a millionaire. 

Trucho says:

Got it with 30 miles on it, CarNGuns. Four months later it has 5,000 miles.
Rough idling ever since day one. The dealer states that it is normal. How
rough at idle is yours?

Trucho says:

Nice review! I also have the 2014 S4 with the DSG transmission, but I am
only able to get 250 miles per tank (400 km). How do you manage to get 600
Also, mine is a little rough when idling. How about yours?
Anyhow, it is an awesome, awesome car. I love it!

Rich Nieto says:

I just picked up my Glacier white S4 a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely
love the car.

xXLimitedRayBayXx says:

The GoPro Needed more focus. I had to skip part of the video…

Vavazelus says:

Loved your review of this epic car. 

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