Richard Hammond Reviews The 1999 BMW 3 Series

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Richard Hammond takes a look at the 1999 BMW 3 Series and finds out if it has what it takes to go up against the top competitors in the Coupe market. He test…


Vos says:

i hate it when they close my doors with the window. 2:45 

Trevor Phillips says:

E46 best car of it’s generation

Chris McManus says:

Still Beautiful after all these years 

732lover says:

5:15 “The first proper coupe we had built.” First 3 series coupe I hope he
means, what about the 6 series and 8 series…Does this guy even work for

firefighter5278 says:

Still the sexiest 3 series coupe ever designed, way better looking than the
new ones.

Payton Innis says:

A very nice car

Rickusty says:

My car

Kaneda12 says:

like an iphone.. people buy it for its brand and for its design but it has
outrageous performance..

bob obee says:

that bit where he says about the traction control and can be a bit tricky..
yea i figured that out when i booted my 5 series into a ditch.. wasnt the
best of moves.. any advice to a bmw driver would definately be BE

Rodwell van Wyk says:

Still a classic…………………

AdamAus85 says:

One of the best looking 3 series coupe. Shame the E46 doesn’t look anywhere
near as nice as a 4 door.

Toyota4Life says:

Trying looking to get one of these now and they are all in shot quality.
interior falling apart service lights going off engine issues screens
inside the dash and center console stop working. Horrible 

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