Road Test: 2011 BMW X3

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Very Blessed says:

is it worth it to purchase a pre- owned 2011 BMW X3 drive 28i ,
mileage:39,335km or 92,980km? can’t purchase a new one b/c of my credit

Lefty Bowling says:

How does the drive and options stack up against the Nissan Murano LE?

Kazuma470 says:

Amazing car…the new BMW X3 35i its my dream car…perfect..i love this
car….wonderfull…congratulations for BMW…beautifull car…

greg2step says:

I love the review because I am picking up a nearly identical X3 this week –
went with the Mojave interior though. love the blue :)

bb996 says:

Waiting for a M version.

KingPNW says:

Haha, I guess you were proven wrong. The N55 engine has a single,
dual-scroll turbo. Arrogance comes before the fall.

Everette Singleton says:

I don’t know about this one. U can get a Diesel MB or Jeep for about the
same money

Frostyhunter21 says:

Great review as always, John Davis.

venom5809 says:

Bland M W. You guys need to get some new and better luggage, that stuff you
use looks downright sad. lol

EuroEmpire says:

Whats confusing by pressing Sport or Comfort? Things to complain about?
This car is amazing

geppegep says:

hmm i rly like the traditional car review, with a guy that isnt a total slob

MrVnick1 says:

I like the interior

heemoii . says:

yea, but im not sure which one this is

dunti21 says:

You like car reviewers that sound like a wrestling match commentator?

Man Garibay says:

“A LEXUS ITS NOT HOWEVER” and thank god for that.

Artemiy Pavlov says:

The only twin-turbos are 4.4 liter in 50i/M cars and 3.0 diesel with 300
hp. The 2.0 and 3.0 are single-turbo, twin-scroll. 3.0 used to be
twin-turbo in the N54 engine which is only used in 1M coupe. Wikipedia or
BMW site is your friend :-)

MacOSXMason says:

@TQNGUYEN0106 You are wrong, it has dual, sequential turbos.

heemoii . says:

@TQNGUYEN0106 no, twin turbo, meaning dual turbos, this is an argument ur
gonna lose bro.

murfslk230 says:

Much better effort from BMW. Has anyone else noticed that John Davis’ son
does almost all of the interior shots now? Bring your child to work day
every day?

LS R says:

I drive the same color and model…just from 2006, lol. Not bad, but I am
finding it hard to get used to a higher vehicle, having driven a sedan my
whole life. Not bad, but the E83 and this new X3 are not as elegant as a
sedan, IMHO…

Josh Kim says:

Not a twin turbo. Twin scroll.

Kevin Nguyen says:

@MacOSXMason No, You are wrong, it has a single turbo but twin scroll

LBB988 says:

look like the video from 90′s

scaremengaviation says:

@venom5809 Fucking ORDinary car. Gee My Car sucks. Hm.

cristicristimm says:

i wanna fuck his trhoat to change his voice

Kevin Nguyen says:

it is not twin Turbo but a single Turbo

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