Road Test: 2012 BMW Z4 Roadster

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Juul Meijer says:

Gaaf zo’n gele…..vooral die van mij de 35 i.s met 380 PK !!!!!! Wreed
Top. :-)

Антон Корягин says:

Uniquely, this vehicle for the soul . Colour natural smily =) 

Alemao Maicom says:


mrxyz2k says:

240 HP 0-60 mile/h (100 km/h) <6 sec. Not bad at all. It is more than I
need, as 35+ man.

luxurykid666 says:

Is it just me, or should is top more than 4 feet earlier than a 2012 ml350?

jediado says:

@rrfa5cy Define “lightweight”. The 2011 Z4 weighs approx, 3580 pounds. Not
“light” by any means. If it didn’t have the hard top and was a straight up
coupe, the weight could probably be reduced by 250-300 pounds.

M DeAvies says:

I think it’s great, personally. The inline sixes are great, smooth and
powerful. The turbo fours are punchy and like to rev. I’m excited to see
what else comes from these engines.

justin chahley says:

look who’s talking 2004 and up for the supercharged engine is 260 h.p and
280lb torq and the ss is a 303 h.p

Japplesnap says:

If you buy this car to drag race it, you’re completely missing the point.
The car is far from a slug and has all the power anyone could ever need on
the street.

heemoii says:

or wait about 3 years, lol i found an excellent condition 2007 BMW z4 or
about 25,000 USD on eBay motors, and its a beauty

fordgtrocks1579 says:

No way get a mustang hell get a Honda accord coupe with a six cil with
leather and it will be better and cost less

SanderOfficial says:

Very nice color, what’s it called? NY cab color? :) In Europe probably over
60% of the bmw’s are 4 cilinders. But when it comes to engine smoothness
and sound experience, nothing beats a ‘more than 4 cilinders engine’!

kazora1001 says:

Nice car.

Brent Cairns says:

The Honda s2000 just about have the same numbers and it was a 2.0 N/A

Solidus106 says:

Yeah it’s kinda slow and I freaking luv BMWs

Lambo6fo says:

I love this car.

Jeremandre says:

@Jeremandre wrong 316 horspowe 330 l;b ft of torque 0-60 in 5.0
seconds………..i also have a k&n air charger so my horsepower is higher
than the stock


Pretty cool car , i want it.

Jeremandre says:

@jediado its an 08

blaziankhmer says:

No bro, your Impala will lose. Find a stock Impala that could actually beat
this i4 twin scroll. There’s no stock Impala that could even see this, the
1995 impala ss wouldn’t even match this with 260 hp 0-60 in 7.1. That’s
barely faster than my 2006 325xi automatic and what I have is a detuned 330

ATDK says:

i’ll take the sDrive35is… ;)

Jimmy Huynh says:

wow the roof takes up the whole trunk. I wonder what happens if you forgot
you had stuff in the trunk and unroofed o.O

mooddog07 says:

i agree bro. im getting my used as well. save me 25,000

Japplesnap says:

Actually, it’s pretty much the opposite of an S2000 engine. The engine in
this BMW is turbocharged and makes a shitload of low-end torque. The S2000
engine is naturally aspirated and doesn’t make any torque at all.

Japplesnap says:

The roof will not retract if there are items in the cargo area that will
interfere with it. That’s why there’s a small lid that comes down over your
packages/luggage. As long as your stuff is within that defined space, the
roof will retract and there will not be any interference.

blaziankhmer says:

@Jeremandre that’s even worst. that’s the front drive one.

blaziankhmer says:

An in actuality, BMW lies about their HP because there’s a tax on HP in
Germany. This 240hp was actually dyno and made 240 RWHP, so this car is
probably making upwards of 290-300 HP. That’s about what the 2014 Impalas
are making.

Mbaze Pashtufu says:

@jason01020 They still did it though…

Fussinated says:

Yellow painted thing on four wheels for $50,000.

whatever04811 says:

“Z4 keys spend more time in a jar (for swinging party) than in the
ignition” J.Clarkson

datpimpinboy says:

I’m a MB fan and BMW hater, but as much as I hate to say it, this is one
very nice beamer. ..Damn i cant believe i just said that lol

OG Badger says:

I would expect more power from a bmw

Fussinated says:

Over priced!!!

LZSchneider says:

Can’t BMW make one roadster that doesn’t look awkward as balls?

Lucas Arthurs says:

That is one of the sexiest cars i’ve ever seen. Especially in that bright

Dern8 says:

he said rack :) haha

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