Road Test: 2013 Audi RS 5

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MotorWeek scorches the track in the red hot Audi RS 5. John Davis has the road test review.


Fromthefuture says:

Road Test: 2013 Audi RS 5:

Plus Minus Infinity says:

“German…exhaust note that sounds more authoritative than aggressive”

oh dear

noscrub bub says:

i do not want to bend down low to get in and out of my vehicle. i do not
want to slump down low when driving. the electric car will allow this
uprright driving position. 4 get about wind sheer.

Malicious SRT says:

4300lbs, no torque and it makes that 450 HP @ 8250 RPM. Uhhh, no thanks.

ducatiracer says:

Idiot, I would bet you your pathetic life that the new WRX would beat this
over-priced, over-weight, automatic coupe. Yes, I know it has the latest
technology and blah blah, but I’ve owned a few Subarus and they are a blast
to drive (regardless of the price). If you like it so much, then run to the
dealer and buy one. Oh that’s right, you can’t afford it. The only thing
adolescent here, is your (still) developing brain.

morpheusmann says:

I will take a Black with Red interior please…

John Smith says:

I hate his car-salesman-like voice.

agentjrb says:

I could care less about under steer or balance if you want a strictly track
car look elsewhere, to me the RS5 does exactly what it was designed for
daily driver all weather performer and occasional track fun. Beamer fans
are gonna hate but doesn’t change the fact that this is one special vehicle.

ducatiracer says:

LMAO. Good last line! You must be unemployed to have time to reply so
quickly. I can use someone who can wash my cars/bikes/truck full-time. Let
me know ASAP, ok? :)

925boosting says:

I’m an Audi fan but I expected more with the RS badge.

weirdshibainu says:

Badass and actually a good value

Corvette King says:

Not the 1LE Camaro or ZL1

cdh731 says:

Can’t a man have a day off without some numb nuts kid thinking I’m living
off government cheese? Gosh!

samlc7 says:

I lost respect for Audi after the Super Bowl commercial, specifically the
one showing the kid stealing a kiss after inspired confidence from taking
his dad’s A8. Not a fan what whatever that was supposed to promote. I saw
this car in Germany 2 years ago, and it’s good in person but not great. Got
to love that engine though….

Buck Futter says:

wouldn’t this be a competitor to the upcoming BMW M4?

bmwmsport11 says:

Why the hell did they put a RS badge on it? Just forget the S5′s 3.0
supercharged and make this engine standard. I would take a C63 AMG before I
go for one of these.

alex swaelens says:

it understeers like hell

David S says:

Fuck you

Fromthefuture says:

Me want…

MrCleanPolo says:

Best looking performance coupe in it’s segment. This thing is just, sexy.

Tim Joseph says:

Well John Davis’s voice may annoy you, but at least he has 30 + years
experience being the host on the show. I wouldn’t insult him, and he’s more
passionate about cars.

ducatiracer says:

Congratulations, ugly. And yes, I do own TWO Ducati superbikes. And one
happens to be a full race version, in which I happen to race. So keep
dreaming on the RS5, peasant.

Spike Razzor says:

Only thing I don’t like more than some Audi’s are the self entitled owners,
probably worst than the Fast & The Furious Honda kids who are a least
growing out of that shit.

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