Road Test: 2013 Audi S6

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See if Audi’s blend of sport and luxury goes down smooth in the S6. MotorWeek’s John Davis has the Road Test review of the 2013 Audi S6.


thairidactyl says:

loveceasar66, motor trend, automobile, and others have managed to get the
s6 well under 4 seconds on the zero to sixty times. manufacturers like to
underate their cars, porsche is notorious for that, now audi as well.

Princeton Audi says:

Pedro Pires says:

Road Test: 2013 Audi S6

weirdshibainu says:

I trust motorweeks zero to sixty times. Audi is notorious for understating
HP numbers

Alex Lutz says:

Wow that is very quick. And in almost all conditions with quattro. My word,
how quick will the RS7 be?!

925boosting says:

I can vouch for the electronic problems, my keyless entry stop working.
Usually I can just touch the handle and the doors unlock. Dealer said it
needs a new sensor. I also heard Audi understates their HP numbers but I
see that as a good thing and still manage to have MPG correctly listed is
impressive. When it comes to cars with a lot of HP, AWD is the way to go.

mister62085 says:

every yuppie wasp dream

alafura227 says:

very true and correct statement

James Davies says:

While the owners of BMW make them hard sells, the Fox’ leave you guilt free
with Audi.

fe1138lix says:

The good thing at Audi is that not only the press cars are underrated but
the customer cars as well. think the 4.0 TFSI in the S6/S7 and A8 put down
around 440-480 hp in several dyno tests.

tksemipro says:

Wow you know how to read a brochure! 4.5 is audi’s very conservative number
3.8 is a real world number.

bunny born says:

0-60 in 3.8? Thats wicked quick acceleration. Horsepower has to be

Adrianos Fidi says:

great review , but why many american ads are so litterally loud ? americans
are death ?

Mico Araújo says:

I do understand what you’re saying but in my opinion it doesn’t work in a
in depth car review! But he has a great voice…I’ll admit that.

nitrors4pr says:

Does anybody know which is faster the older S6 with the V10 or these newer
S6 with the V8-T ?

mikealanzo says:

-and then some….

killkaveh says:

3.8 to 60, pretty face, probably undrated horsepower rating like the S4

goatmonkey2112 says:

Shouldn’t the S6 be compared to the BMW 550i instead of the M5? I thought
an RS6 would be the M5 competitor. It seems like they don’t really have
something that matches up directly.

quattrings says:

S8 Beast FTW! Congrats, that’s my favorite of Audi’s S cars.

Annx AnnaAnne says:

But in Singapore it is $300,000.

audi4ever7 says:

rs6 and rs7 are on another level :)

أحمد الزغيبي says:


mikealanzo says:

why wont they make a RS6 sedan!?!?! Audi, whats wrong with you!?!

incediery says:

Dam this thing just leaps off the line…however its a known fact that
these turbo v8 are under rated MT did a dyno test of the reported 520bhp s8
and got 580 at the crank…plus mostly every auto reviewer got below 4
second tines consistently….bravo audi

NvTwist says:

Went to the dealer and to order a loaded S6 but drove home a fully loaded
2013 S8 (A Beast) for $10k below msrp. You cant go wrong with the S6,S7 or

johndoom007 says:

TFSI turbocharger,TFSI biturbocharger : unstable power output,no economy

fordfool420 says:

Wow hey 12.2 second quarter mile and 114 mph With supposedly only 420 hp
How would you say “Sandbagging” In German?

Narrowc ross says:

Is it wrong that I like this car more than the S7 and S5

Mico Araújo says:

I wanted to watch this video…but the guy is yelling and speaking in a
selling tone!! Unpleasant to hear I’m affraid…

manjot sandhu says:

lexus gs350 will whoop this car on the track any day

MDW127500 says:

I totally agree with you! Too many electrical problems.

ThousanWhite says:

Yeah right–because you’d buy them all if they did, right?

1czelaya says:

Other magazines have stated the same as well. I was somewhat skeptical but
then after some research this AWD that Audi employs doesn’t waste power. In
addition, Audi’s numbers like many top tier automakers are highly
conservative. Case in point, the Audi S8: supposedly the S8 only has 520 hp
at the crank. However, when it was dyno tested it had close to 580 hp at
the crank.

parkcw1980 says:

420 hp…. what else do i need?

Steve Lee says:

Audi makes the best vehicles to lease and NEVER own

Ryosuke Bukuro says:

John Davis has spoken like this since the beginning. It’s a bit of an
acquired taste I do admit. For those of us that have seen car shows come
and go, it’s a bit refreshing to hear someone so familiar. He’s just REALLY
enthusiastic even in non-Motorweek interviews.

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