Road Test: 2013 BMW M5

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BMW unleashes a highly civilized M5. MotorWeek’s John Davis has the road test review of the 2013 BMW M5.


William B says:


Around 3:51 you state that the M5 has no dedicated park. In fact, it does,
with all of the DCTs in the M cars, all you do is turn the ignition off
while in drive and the car will put itself in park. You can sort of think
of it like a manual transmission, except with these, the car operates the
clutch for you. I work at a BMW dealership.

perfecttom12 says:

The M5 has no km/h measurement.

promodelred says:

Both of you shut up. You’re arguing about something you don’t even have.
And, hey dumb ass, the manual sucks ass in the new M5. It was pretty good
in the old M5, but the new car is just too big and disconnected. Also, the
clutch with the manual is very soft, not what you want for a sports car.
Along with this, changing gears is not fun to row like it used to be it’s
very easy to shift making it feel very “soft”. the car was made for DCT, if
you want manual get an M3. But ill still kick your ass in DCT M3

Loping inc. says:

OMG i said automatic not semi automatic. YOU ARE DUMB AND THE MANUAL IS THE

venom5809 says:

Needs AWD.

Denis Papinov says:

M5 the best

rotaryjesus says:

Great review as always!

StuRaz says:

An automatic isn’t even in question it’s always been a semi auto, prick.
That’s how dumb you are you couldn’t even read the posts properly. It
depends on the quality of each box and the car so it’s not always manual.
You’re just being a stubborn arse.

StuRaz says:

It’s the same story every time I challenge someone to a belief that they
don’t even understand. You get an idea and then just try and bullshit the
rest to the death and trip over yourself. There’s even a video of someone
in an M5 somewhere telling you not to buy the manual because the gearbox is
crap. The M5 was designed to use DCT. For some reason America demanded a
manual version so they botched one together. BMW know it won’t sell and
don’t market it anywhere else…because it’s shite.

goguhu says:

You can’t really be serious comparing the two (three) cars based on 10′ths
slower in the 1/4 and ask what you’re paying for??? I.e. SRT8 on
Nurburgring … 8:49 … M5 : 7:54 … that tell you what you pay for …
yes, if you like American styling, can’t tell plastic from high-end leather
interior (or don’t like the look) and all you focus on is 0-60 … M5 is
not the car for you … get the WRX … cheaper and faster than SRT8 …

StuRaz says:

Europe has pioneered the sequential gearbox for nearly 20 years in
motorsport and on the road so how you seem to think you don’t look stupid
and foolish telling me to “ask anyone in Europe” about it is staggering.
What planet are you on? You can’t shift and you don’t know anything about
cars. You make this more obvious by the post. You brag about shifting
because you think it makes you look talented. To any moderately keen driver
it’s not really a big deal, unless you can’t do it, like yourself

listentocKy0893 says:

He was wrong.There is no way it jumps from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds with
launch control.It certainly has to be under 4 seconds,considering Car and
Driver has recorded a time as fast as 3.7 seconds.

Loping inc. says:

1. Even worse you’re British 2. I know about cars 3. It can shift, right so
shut up ! 4. Fuck you !!!

StuRaz says:

Why don’t you read anything I post? The fact you’ve said all that shows you
are completely clueless. Never judge cars on paper. It’s not a question of
manual vs semi auto, it’s a question of what is the better box for each
car. The manual box available on the M5 (only in USA) is an old relic from
the E60 5 Series. The F10 M5 was designed from the ground up to use the DCT
box which is light years ahead of any run of the mill auto in a family car
or truck like you’re referring to.

penpen123 says:

yeah, their numbers are always worst

thelorax64 says:

This is the future of automobiles. Believe it.

future62 says:

This guy’s got the perfect voice for this kind of show.

Kingsley King II Hendrik says:

DIFFERENT CAR…. S8 = B7, not M5

trevor philips says:

ive seen the 2013 m5 get 0 to 60 times of 3.7 sec which is much faster than
these guys are claiming

StuRaz says:

You’ve already confessed to not driving any of them by saying you’d spoken
to mechanics because you had no experience of your own. You’re just talking
horse shit. Turn caps lock off as well you irate little girl.

Loping inc. says:

I’ve driven a 1995 manual gearbox and it shifts just fine of course a 2013
manual would be great but i would give everything just not to have a
semi-auto…Just man up.

jaymum23 says:

16 mpg combined is decent for something this heavy with this much power.
You can drive this thing like you stole it all day and still out-mpg that
mom in her full-sized SUV. ;)

Pao S says:

GTR – best bang for buck

jeremihraiden says:

Lol, MT & C&D had both 0-60 in 3.7s, 1/4 mile in 11.8s, both also got the
E60 0-60 in 4.1s & 12.3 in the 1/4, seems like motorweek’s drivers aren’t
as good…

Loping inc. says:

At the risk of repeating myself again I’ll explain this 1 last time. No
matter the gearbox, the manual is the better choice of all. Ask anyone in
Europe. Let me tell it like this – your food in the US is shit and not
real, but you still enjoy it. Just shut up. I’m not making a fool of
myself, i’m just telling the truth and you are arguing about nothing :)

david dykeman says:

John why is your son wearing a helmet and your cameraman isn’t? Great
review John as per usual.

Guillermo Islas says:

This is auto.

mrmaturitydelinquent says:

That’s because BMW is German

CrashGames2108 says:

“ZOOM ZOOM” — Camera-man


John Davis has a trademark voice !

superfast30 says:

Yet another great no BS review, John. Been a fan of yours and MW for the
better part of 20 years.

James Bray says:

Disappointed that there’s no dedicated Park position on the shifter? Maybe
you didn’t notice that it isn’t an automatic? :S And anyway, just man up
and get the manual.

fly2nite says:

I seriously cannot stand how you guys talk all over the videos. Nobody in
the world cares to hear you rattle off all those stats that they can read
on their own. They watch video “with sound” to hear the car. That’s what
you can’t get from a magazine or a blog. If you want to talk for six
minutes straight just do it on a different video, it absolutely ruins the
experience of watching a video of a CAR. Might as well put music over the
video too.

ouzts12 says:

“most powerful M5 yet” like its surprising

StuRaz says:

The last half of your comment was complete drivel you’ve pulled out of
nowhere. I can’t believe you’d even suggest that BMW’s M division would
even consider putting a dull, lifeless long legged old auto box in their
latest M5. How fucking stupid are you? For the record – I’m 28 and I’m
currently in a 2008 E92 M3 with a manual gearbox but I’d say the DCT box is
the better buy when buying new.

Loping inc. says:

American… You know nothing about cars. How would you like to get the max
of the engine on the M5 ???? With the manual of course. The automatic is
stupid and i know because my family has run through alot of auto cars in
the past and nothing pleases them as the manual and semi-manual :)

battycowboy says:

Gtr might be faster but it is not liveable as this does not got as much
room and gtr cost as much just look it up once the taxes fuel guzzer add
gtr can be as much you might be faster but I can load my kids there gear
and go on vaction in comfort you not as much

MiGHTiE TURK says:

6 piston clappers???

Bart Mlotkowski says:

im fine with v8 tt in m5 but they should leave the v10 5L for m6

Raffi Melkonian says:

That voice is getting annoying…

Loping inc. says:

Automatic on every car is shit and more for women manual is the gearbox
that is gonna let your BMW or every car in the world go as fast as it can.
You know that the automatic is more unstable and with the manual you are
supported very well even if the manual on the M5 is very good. Your just a
lazy old guy. Man up and ride a good ride :D

orbits2 says:

from the pavement up the car needs a complete make over inside and out.
————– LIC circa 1968

StuRaz says:

You’ve just given the game away. Most mechanics will say manuals are better
than semi autos because there’s typically less to go wrong. But until
double clutch boxes came along the semi autos in question (not full autos
like you get in family cars and trucks for the 4th time) were MUCH worse in
town. They were only in their element when going up and down gears at
speed. I’ve worked in BMW aftersales since I was 17. You’ve just proven you
don’t know what you’re talking about.

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