Road Test: BMW 6 Series

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KjetilB7 says:

“Truth be told, we still prefer a regular sedan”. That it just ridiculous.
The 6 GT is BMW’s most beautiful car ever.

perfecttom12 says:

The 640i GranCoupe has a km/h measurement, but the M6 Convertible doesn’t.

mak450 says:

much more visually appealing to me than the first gen

1979irock says:

over priced beemer

Faldon123 says:

your going on about the trunk? who give a fuck all I care about is

NikoBell12 says:

I first saw one yesterday. It was a white gran coupe with it’s awesome
LED’s on. Unforgettable.

andrenj1970 says:

nice but too heavy like most cars are coming out now.

Shay Zubeer says:

Love it

mterwill9 says:

the 6 series coupe is virtually a two door 5series albeit with a nicer
interior but underneath its the same

Matt Green says:


IndyenRtist says:

Just subscribed! :D

siamiam says:

good looking cars, nice performance .. also heavy and pricey as well O_O
good review :)

maureencora1 says:

The Ultimate Driving Machine…UDM.

NikoBell12 says:

It’s obviously an opinion you fucking halfwit.

Oto Zosiashvili says:

i love it

NikoBell12 says:

To be honest, that one looked kinda loads worse than this one. The second
gen had this ugly trunk that stood out and it’s interior was just a copy of
the M5′s.

1979irock says:

@mterwill9 ha ha

Demented Brute says:

$113K for what ?

MikeChrisBrad MikeChrisBrad says:

M6 is so bad-ass. I love it.

Onoff314 says:

Love the look of this car


i think the grand coupe is actually based on the 5 series architecture, of
course that would beg the question how much the 6 series regular coupe is
based on the 5 series. but i’m sure i’ve heard that at least the 6 series
grand coupe is based on the 5 series sedan underpinnings while coming in 6
series “clothing”.

NikoBell12 says:

Wat? No Lamborghini costs that little you moron unless it’s used.

DSNCB919 says:

14 city 20 highway!! Damn but hey if u can. Afford ccar gas shouldn’t be

Stephen Castellano says:

i think the second generation 2006-2010 m6 looks the best

TJC450 says:

Nice graphics MW!

wonderwin3000 says:

I saw this on the road, it looks much nicer in person.

Mr Eighty says:

I know right, saw one today

mterwill9 says:

enough of people bitching about how cars are too heavy, its because they
are infinitely safer than cars were 20 years ago, 16 airs bags…. crash
structures…….. as well as tech such as antilock brakes traction and
stability control plus padding and insulation this stuff all adds weight,
cars are safer faster AND MORE FUEL EFFICIENT than they have ever been so
who cares how much they weigh!!!!!

Stephen Castellano says:

lol cause its a BMW -__-

Faldon123 says:

thats the Bugatti Veyron stupid

Jesse Chen says:

lambo’s r cool, but try carrying 4 ppl and luggage =p

maureencora1 says:


David Craig says:

For that price i would go for a Limo.

k0edby22 says:


Gian Franco Villalta says:

UGLY rear light! but everything else is beautiful.

Gian Franco Villalta says:

UGLY rear light! but everything else is beautiful.

B.Ferllini says:

Damn I rather get an Ftype for that kind of money

300horsepower says:

For that price i would go for a Lambo.

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