– 2007 Audi A6

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Video car review of the new 2007 Audi A6. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest car communities on the Internet visit http:/…


Ivo Tsvetkov says:

The climatronic is turned off in two stages: 1. Pressing the ECON button
turns off the compressor, but keeps the vents blowing. 2. Holding the ECON
button turns off the climatronic completely…

Secondly… the interior wasn’t s-line. The S-line steering wheel has 3
rods, not 4.

and about the trunk… Well actually if you fold the back seats, you can
use it for sleeping :)

mazdaman1980 says:

Simple but informative review but the reviewer really needs to loosen up,
he is far too stiff. He is more like a robot than human.

laaakokaracha says:

why would this guy wanne fit people in the trunk? FREAK

Constantine Martyn says:

No guys in Eastern European countries the regular 2.4 A6 starts at 45k…
So if u want to get one of those 3.2 quatro S-line, it may get to $110.000
The A8 is around 150-200k….) The cars are much cheaper in US…

SouthBeach Myami says:

The guy talking says his “S’s” funny, when he says a word with an “S” in it
his face freezes up

bfgnomercy says:

There is an off button for climate control……….Keep ECON button
pressed for 3 seconds.VOILA “OFF” ..

geedunk13 says:

actually Audi is VW luxury, and Im not saying anything bad, gess what audi
is my fav. car brand

Rofler202 says:

i think you forgot about Maybach i think and same here

Sushi Stu says:

@youngton27 fuel stratification injection

Bruno TaTa says:

sounds louder inside that I imagined. Is this the case?

Lando Calrissian says:

@Han445 Had one. I’d take the Audi!

stargateatlantis17 says:

nice car:) I have driving a car like that, and its was so nice, it purred
like a cat, so good on the road:)

Martin Stoyanov says:

yeah they built the best diesels :) 4.2 is sweeet!!!

maseratiquattroport says:


michaelmp5 says:

Get an A5, because one day – if you buy an A4 – somebody is going to
overtake you on the freeway and you will realize that you bought the wrong
car – save up.

Andrew P says:

Such a nice car, i love german cars bmw, audi, vw,porche. Nice ass car

YouTubeYouTube says:

me too , i rather go black , grey’s kinda old n not fresh to my eyes

michaelmp5 says:

Thank you Captain Obvious. But if you look i was responding to a message
above, Mcdipshit.

Ezac zac says:

this design is ahead of its time I love it

Nico Blanchard says:

lol this guy is a ceral killer

pryncessable says:

Great presentation. Like it!

239L305 says:

The AC does have a on and OFF button, you just hold down the ECON button
for about 3 sec. and its turns off.

Gujic1 says:

with these cars you have to maintain them regulary my audis are runing
strong because i get them checeked out every 4k miles. Every car will break
down but its better to catch things earlier on european cars if not youl be
paying for it

Eric M says:

@YouDiddntSeeAnything yes but in the UK you pay congestion charge, CO2
emission tax, air condition tax and thats 100 pound, Gas tax 75 pounds,
entertaining tax (dont remember) and above all that 17% of the total

YouTubeYouTube says:

I rather stick with BMW n mercedes….wat so special about Audi ? Audi is
cool n futuristic but not as fun to drive as BMW or as luxury as mercedes

nolidardi says:

for see the audi a6 6.3 quattro see my video of the Audi.The top speed 330
km/h must see.

thegoodman91 says:

dpends on whether u want a 2 door coupe or a flagship sedan. u usual dont
compare the 2

TheCarArchives says:

the 2004-2011 Audi A6 was/is assembled in Neckarsulm, Germany Aurangabad,
India Monterrey, Mexico Changchun, China Jakarta, Indonesia Solomonovo,

diamonddollarday says:

@LettegusZR1 sounds like you’ve never owned a Mercedes-Benz. MB interiors
are far superior in build quality (along with everything else). Audi’s
synthetic rubber surfaces rub and flake off in only a few years, aging the
interior far too quickly for a “luxury” car. Just take a look at any used
Audi and you’ll see it. The true test is time. Not how it looks brand new.

TheRaevin says:

My dreamcar really, a black Audi A6 with tainted glass… drool!

YouTubeYouTube says:

but not in my country , its hard to find audi in my country.

iRVvy Baun says:

what does FSI mean?

Oluwatobi Olagoke says:

@xxJayJattxx where can I get this for around 14k like u mentioned?? Thanks

MasMember says:

climate have a off button

s0m3whitek1d says:

I like how he compares the size of the trunk by number of bodies you could
fit inside

theannoyingdogpoo says:

bzbodyboarder10: “acura RL doesnt even hold a candle to the a6 are you
serious, you cant compare a peice of shit honda to a german made audi”
Sorry to inform you then that Acura RL won 2005 Edmunds AWD sedans
comparison with Audi A6 3.2 quattro, 530xi, M35x and GS300. How about that?
And it won it partially due to its torque-vectoring SH-AWD rear diff (was
most comfortable and the quickest in the slalom) Wanna know what’s this?
It’s a diff Audi started offering in 2009 S4. As an option

ZSilhoette says:

45k? u mean this car is more expensive than the TT? cool!

muhammad0073 says:

audi a good car

killerwurst1988 says:

is that the default bord computer?

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