– 2007 BMW 3 Series Hardtop Convertible

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Roadfly TV brings you its video road-test and review of the new 2007 BMW 3 Series Hardtop Convertible. The 2007 model is an all new redesign, featuring a tur…


Ashley Barkley says:

awesome car

akadmin says:

Great review. This car’s features, power, looks, hardtop, twinturbo,…
everything is nearly perfect! I couldn’t ask for a more perfect package if
I had sat down with BMW designers and custom built a car myself.

justin ya says:

true tat…

Shaurya Gautam says:

audi a5 cabrio is better

justin ya says:

i donno about the small wheels,,, but defitly looks a bit long… i also
prefer series 1 a bit more…

stizz1982 says:

i dont like the fact how when its no longer in drop top you can still see
the lines it makes it look ugly

Alan Smith says:

I think it looks great. But I have always been bothered by how small the
wheels look.

coreywaller says:

good review

EricTheRed03 says:

that’s an option on the car.

showyousomething says:

HAHA. I knew this was Key West and US1 from the very first scene.

billyposter says:

The car is a little long looking and the wheels are too small! Other than
that a great car. I prefer the 1 series convertable in some ways

aw712xd says:


Valmorian says:

And then your mom bought one :D LOVE IT! <3

Jackassbobby112 says:

I still want the new M3 2008.

Martin Sanders says:

Why are they trying to use it as a boat? I would never recommend driving
such a beautiful car into the sea!

juvereal says:


dibran koprani says:

yeah rite… W/E

coolpooper says:

why do the wheels look so small in this vid i saw one on the road and they
look a little bigger and the car is shorter too

John Doe says:

The pontiac G6 is a lot better looking.

Kevin Moroney says:

It’s an E93 not E92

Shana Kim says:

That hardtop is pretty sweet.

dibran koprani says:

yeah rite a G6..W/E

dibran koprani says:

yeah rite a G6 better looking..W/E

Matin Meza Jr. says:

the g6 is peace of shit compared to this car

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