– 2007 BMW 650i Car Review

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Roadfly TV brings you its road-test and review of the new 2007 BMW 650i. After a 14-year hiatus, the 6-series coupe is back on the road, much to fans of BMW …


Em x Photon says:

unless youre on an actual race track, there’s nothing cool about driving a
manual stick shift in everyday driving. It looks silly, jerky, frantic, no
free hand for your date, no free leg to layout, maybe im used to city
driving. I drove a stick my senior year, nothing cool about going all the
way back to 1st gear every stop sign.

hyung m. says:

jim parsons? lol

Robert Campion says:

“Boundless aesthetic appeal”…..haha .. not true… any independent
reviewer with an actual opinon of his own .. would say ..its very
definitely bounded … bounded in by ugliness.

kunalhuhu says:

this is my dream car

benni co says:

Nissan Micra? HAAHAHAHA, Nissan is a cheap shit brand, theyre cars are
crap. look bmws, this is luxus that you cannot buy. only cheap crap nissan.

tdawg6645 says:

that battery in the trunk is such a convenence because when u put my
subwoofers in all the had to do was tap into it with a 1 foot cable and my
system wasd up in running in like 30 minuits rather than the 5 hours it
would normaly take

Keith Heitke says:

Don’t drive blindfolded, please!

MrTruckerme says:

handsome lookin car but what really sucks about it, they don’t make them
AWD for snow. epic fail!!

cookiehead2 says:

I have an uncle with one of these, and it’s pretty big. Amazing that it
only weighs 3800lbs.

geedunk13 says:


flavius tibu says:

are you stupid?a good car have to be expensive?,look at Nissan Gt-r
bitch,is beating any bmw and he is 100k,he is beating cars over
150k,because those under like Bmw,audi and mercedes are to shitty i don’t
like micra but only micra is selling better than bmw 3,5,6 together….

bg1379 says:

He must have been getting 15 mpg driving at 3-4000RPM that whole video.

manfred05 says:


lak2001c says:

wow those tools really affect the weight distribution

Shana Kim says:

Damn the back seats look so small that it seems like my shoe would fall off
climbing out of it. In anycase the car looks so good that it makes me want
to do a dance.

John Dough says:

645ci has a 4.6 i believe whereas the 650i has a 4.8 liter V8 with roughly
30-40 more hp. I’m sure there are other differences but thats all i have
off the top of my head.

prioto009 says:


benni co says:

Opel Insignia, VW Phaeton that are Cars they are not to compare with a shit
japanese Car. BMWs are premium Cars and from Japan comes nothing, only
cheap crap copies.

flavius tibu says:

@dvmarko74 but not better than Lexus!!!

Jackassbobby112 says:

I still like the M5 though.

jnando100 says:

it has run flat tires which mean you can drive it to the service shop with
a flat.

benni co says:

Haha, Germany the best Cars = BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and your shit
Japan/China?? Nothing. Greetings from hitl.

Yamakashi1 says:


emiratesairlinepilot says:

$74000! Costs a quarter of a million in Australia.

Luke Schlensker says:

@gracer99 yea but when it comes to looks and making an impression the 6 is
obvi the way to go

Walter Brdigforth says:

my dads got this car, soooo fuckkkiinnn beastly

Hound419 says:

@Noway778 What do you have now?

skierdude2008 says:

I have this car in black….. i love it

flavius tibu says:

im from europe to,retarded natzi bmw audi mercedes = worst shit ever,nissan
is making engine for mercedes,toyota for bmw,loser,so what if you’re from
germany you prick,bich natzi country of shit

geedunk13 says:

Should I get this or the softop, price dont matter as long as its under
90k, but I will also be driving 1,500 miles a week and usually around
80mph. I am a real-estate apprasier

wideopen704 says:

645ci has a 4.4litre v8

benni co says:

Lexus is nothing in compare with a new BMW 6-Series, Lexus is in compare

flavius tibu says:

and i give you a Homework,put together,Bmw Audi,and Mercedes at selling
Versus Toyota alone

douwex says:

incredible how durable Beamers are. I have owend 2 beamers a 320i and a
523i. I still do own the 523i. I have never ever had problems with the
cars. Its cheap(in the netherlands) to buy parts and they last long. The
cars are allso verry verry wel engineared(?). Maintenence is easy. They are
a absolute yoy to ride!!! What cars deliver so mutch for so less? Audi/Merc
riders never have driven in a beamer or els they would ride a Beamer!!!

TheMightyTurtleHead says:

The 645ci has a 4.4 liter v8 with 325 hp. The 650ci has a 4.8 liter v8 with
360 hp. Also, the 650ci has a slightly different shift knob and
configuration for the automatic. However, there are no major differences
between the two, except for the engine.

AKCanadian says:

Review the new one!

biddycy says:

thermal scopes on a car!!! -i must have this

Alexander Marinov says:

stupid run flat tyres

benni co says:

I buy not shit, when i buy a Toyota i dropped a bomb in it.

flavius tibu says:


Jack Smith says:

but who can afford it? xD

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