– 2007 BMW X5 Car Review

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Roadfly TV takes the all new 2007 BMW X5 Sport Activity Vehicle out on the road for a review and test drive. This latest addition to BMW’s line boasts 350 ho…


traxxas35 says:

I think i found my new favorite SUV.

Colby Smith says:

My aunt owns this car! Its very luxurious.

r56mini says:

Just bought one. Very luxurious and cool. 3rd row is strictly for children.

mrbenyong says:

whoops, the ML is alright. ;) in fact its the only lineup in MB that look
good with their idea on wheel arches. (S class doesnt need ‘wide’ body
wheel arches lol) after the xc90 (my friend got this) first came out i
thought it was good, (i owned the x5) but its been so many years now and
the x5 still looks good.. the volvo… just lost all its character over the
years (if it had any to begin with)

Miko4c says:

@Riles07 There is one , its called the M package

Iridium725 says:

your country as in the UK? hard to believe..

russianjim0505 says:

hey, although some people may not like how it looks if you do some research
on it you’ll see its a proformance car :) german style: 3.0 turbo desile
450 hp 0-60 in about 5. somhing :) also, IT GETS AROUND 35 MPG!!!! tell me
that isnt a great offer check it out. man it’s tight

thereisnospoon8013 says:

german cars, gotta lov ‘em

TANER374 says:

ii maşallah :)

jeremyb3210 says:

Yo David, those words are spelled M-A-Y-B-E and B-R-A-K-E, not break.
Perhaps you should understand how to spell, and homonyms, before you call
ME an idiot!

Михаил Дмитриев says:

What the hell are you talking about?

DragonsKing91 says:

nooo BMW= Bring your wallet :)

feroz7terran says:

you can’t compare malaysian and american taxes…

joereyna says:

im getting 1 this monday :D

mrbenyong says:

it certainly looks better than ever other suv. the ML looks good too, but
not as characteristic as the X5. UGLY LiST: Cayenne Q7 Tourag (same family
all ugly) x3 glk ml XC 90

whitefangv says:

My mom wants this car.

Ross Enzo says:

yeah, thanks my Cayenne Turbo S averages around 29 mpg but when Iam in
traffic Iam lucky to get 3 or 4 mpg. Because the Turbo for some reason will
kicked in at 15 mph and kill the mpg. and thank you for the feed back

Simpozij says:

Bether then Mercedes ML …. for now (Y)

salamenia says:

Great Car

columbuscrewfan20 says:

The narrator sound depression.

Riles07 says:

it really needs bigger rims and lower-profile tires

mrbenyong says:

actually the MDX was test by edmunds, i could be wrong but in the test it
was said to HANDLE and CORNER BETTER than the x5…. that says ALOT.
toyotas make REAL off roaders, like the land crusier, etc.

nietes15 says:

awesome car, much space in the car, and cool options!

BrendicacicaRetard says:


fsaGS AGSDG says:

The new X5 is ugly :((( I like the design of the the F01 and E60 though.

IndyenRtist says:

nvermind that queston

rangerover06sc says:


Corvette90100 says:

@fordanglianuris what do you mean?? If it’s German of course its the best!
Everyone knows that German cars are the best! And if you dont believe it
that just means your totally jealous! Or would you rather take your crappy

mrbenyong says:

i dont know about the new X5 giving lots of problems, but u can check out
BIMMERFEST forums they have some HARDCORE bmw ppl in there. so u can get
some good headsup b4 buying :)

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