– 2008 Audi A5 Coupe

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Close Video car review of the new 2008 Audi A5 Coupe. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldes…


DeloSama32 says:

is this diesel or gas?

Ray J says:

I want an Audi just like this…!

TeamLyt Weight says:

I dont know if audi have it but i saw on vauxhall you have an option for
the amount of noise your engine makes … when you build the vauxhall you
will see those options.

Baseballswag911 says:

Why’d you say grope? probably not the right word for describing a car it
sounds so sexual

Burning Derp says:

@kayddle thanks for your opinion please read my prior comments as i dont
feel like repeating myself. Thanks m8.

jdubb408 says:

audi is volkswagen moron…

fitz207 says:

We keep our ethnic heritage because we are a country of immigrants. You can
not compare us to a homogenous country, where your nationality is connected
to your ethic origin. .. about the youtube founders. They’re US citizens.
That means their nationality is American. So youtube is an American

tepeke88 says:

Fuck the sun roof? Who needs a big ass hole in a car anyway! I would buy
this beauty and other cars without a sun roof!

Pavel Georgiev says:

@RapedPuppy dude bmw sux lol

Alriaz217 says:

audi has the looks, bmw has the performance

Cody Sedler says:

“as well as this belt line crease that the driver can reach out and group
from inside the car” 0:39 whaaaatt

Bruno TaTa says:

Ross is one snappy dresser, isn’t he?

Dzonium says:

@RapedPuppy m3? ar u sure?

Alpacajon says:

Deutschen erfunden Autos so ….. coupe

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2007-present Audi A5 Engine 1.8L I4 Turbo FSI 2.0L I4
Turbo FSI 3.2L V6 FSI 3.0L V6 Supercharged FSI 4.2L V8 FSI 2.7L V6 TDI 3.0L

javis3059 says:

most of us americans r rich so its ok lol

fashonthem says:

LOL That’s just the way we say it out here…COOP! LOL!!

amanamanamanaman says:

@sexyboi142 that sucks then no use in 211 hp very weak car

Chris LovesAudi says:

@83andy1 Seriously. If u have 2 ask that u betta stick with the Subaru…

TheCarArchives says:

the 2007-present Audi A5 Coupe is assembled in Ingolstadt, Germany Shah
Alam, Malaysia

Raul Sepulveda says:


Aryan Ghassemi says:

With 50k you could get a MERCEDES e350 coupe, So If i were to spend 50k I
would pass on this car

PetrolMaddness says:

@ryan97303 i bet it would take you 50years to buy a porsche 911 you fucking
queer! hahaahhaahhahaha no worries though obama care will take care of you!
make some babies come on! china babies ching chong? chink bitch

wartree says:

the guy isnt a giant, but the a5 is a pretty big car for a coupé, same size
as a maserati gt, so pretty big.

Jacob Evans says:

@amanamanamanaman ummmm this car is not crap. its a GT (grand tourer)
meaning it gets there in comfort…

Connor Hudgins says:

It’s* fucking troll

superduperboyx says:

all manner of shinaniggans..

brandon holden says:

LOLOLOLOLOL. I love you for that.

Tommy Hediaka says:

coop coop coop

Alpacajon says:


Gaz Murphin says:

Go German Go

davidho86 says:

Wow, is the car H U G E or is this a tiny little man !!! ? ?

Michael Stanley says:

oh i have ..i’ve been to a lot of places around the world …and America is
in better shape than the UK

helion987 says:

I love seeing previous post.. EVENSTEVEN2004 you are dumb as hell….i read
his post once and seen what he was talking about….what dush you are lol
AROUND !!!! But I hate there interior !!!!!!!! There so ugly to me -_- if
this had a 2008 cadillac cts interior I would be in love :)

Justin Smith says:

can i just say he said he’s “driven many Volkswagens with that
engine”—>No Volkswagen has that engine, Passats have a 3.6 option
available with or without 4 motion and it produces 280 hp he said also he
can’t hear it 1. its an Audi upgrade from vw it has more insulation in its
window 2 its a 3.2L engine less then that available in the Passat.
Obviously the Audi goes 0-60 in a little under 6 seconds while the Passat
does it close to 6 seconds about 6.2. and the Passat has 265 lb-ft of

kosovanwhizkid says:

@RapedPuppy My problem with the Audi’s is that their looks don’t last. Once
a new version of the A5 comes out, the previous one immediately bores me.

LeftyLP80 says:

@Alpacajon When will foreigners learn to speak English? Huh?

OneOfOne says:

after we get done bailing your sorry asses out and defending your pathetic

jacklinks42595 says:

you’re a fucking tool

Jacob Evans says:

@amanamanamanaman it was downgraded for the V6 model only. the S5 is still
a monster.

ryan97303 says:

@Murcielago247 Ok, just because you can’t afford anything german doesnt
mean i have a imaginary”3 series”. you have a japanese car, Fucking
fag.Also only little bitch bitches say” lol” and write in cap lock. now go
drive your piece of shit lexus.

ryan97303 says:

@Murcielago247 too bad a m3 can rape about anything audi has.

Jacob Evans says:

@amanamanamanaman well there isnt an i4…

hahudrasesligesh says:

@crossforced looool

Sean Santoscoy says:

Your front lip is pissing me off

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