– 2008 BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe

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Video car preview of the brand new 2008 BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest car communities on the Internet v…


wjj268 says:

all bmw are heavy!!

iknowcarsbetterthanu says:

@Ancupola yeah right. thats never gonna happen. you wanna know why? cause
german cars have balls. hyundais dont. in fact some jackass in a santa fe
rear ended my 1998 323is and you wanna know what happened? i got a cracked
tail light. he had to get a new front end.

bmwman87 says:

That car is very nice and i live on that beautiful island :)

BALLIN02130 says:

Well if you compare it to a 2008 wrx subaru. which starts at $33,495 with
“only” 493 its pretty reasonable price. Both cars are performance cars.

dw8787 says:

Is he wearing football cleats?

Kevin Stevens says:

no he probably can only afford a metro or something

caracolcek says:

the only thing missing in this car , are the lower fog lamps…but .. i
think its a supercool car

akadmin says:

get a haircut charlie

Adrian Varas says:

well my mom has a 2006 Volvo S40 with the manual and she’s been saving
money just by coasting and the speed is the same for most of the time, not
losing speed. :P

d1ez3 says:

I WANT this car

warner735 says:

@TheKoolestKidAround Volkswagen owns Lamborgini now lol

MrArasht1 says:

@OBrechkin agreed

Scott C says:

This guy is driving like a pussy, he is going like 10 mph, as he says he
can really feel the sportiness!!!!

Burzum325 . says:

@PulletSurprise You just want to argue huh? It seems as if you’re an
apologist for the trend of weight/size increasing. All I am saying is that
this 2 door 1 series weighs 155 pounds more than an e46 330i. What are
suggesting when you say we can’t have a 3000 pound small car. It’s pathetic

Sharez Shaun says:

I luv the taxation in MALAYSIA!!!!! this car is about US$35,000.. add on
the tax imposed in Malaysia (REALITY CHECK EVERYONE) price of car + 10% tax
+ 125% (3.0l engine) + 10% = about US$85,750…. that’s the price we get in
malaysia…. even a ferrari F430 is is 1/2 a million US$ in Malaysia…
drive a 2.5l diesel toyota pick-up with almost the same price of a 135i in
the US.

Drew says:

@tubegangsta yea i understand where ur coming from too, i didnt mean like
“bitch car” like that. Just that there are certain people that get a cayman
and think its some real hot stuff therefore they are bitches imo becasue
they act like that in my area. Met this guy at a car show and he wanted to
join our car group. We said yea until he became a major dick saying his car
was the best and all this other b/s. But ya i guess im wrong to judge all
caymans by one guy. Just i was pissed at him atm.

socalruss says:

The 1 Series is intended for people enjoy driving a fun, fast,
well-engineered car that doesn’t cost a small fortune. Easy to park, easy
to fit in the garage, fun to drive and it doesn’t cost a small fortune.
That’s what BMW had in mind when they created this car. People who think
this is a girl’s car have issues of their own. Know the facts before making
dumb comments.

paul hunter says:

@Ancupola hyundai dont they make washing machines?

Cedric Eve says:

manual or paddles is better

BlackBloodedEmo says:

No i am not.. i just for christmas come on..

Agathorn says:

I just bought a used 2008 135ia coupe but it’s like brand new! Talk about
bang for your buck!

Hamza Khawaja says:

Cool Car, but the looks are a bit ….. too dull

BlackBloodedEmo says:

you make me laugh it was a special gift like i never get ever again..

BlackBloodedEmo says:

excuse me my adopted mum gave it to me

Ye Moko says:

over powered.under delivered…it is easy to make powerful car but to make
one with tatse,flavor hmmm cadi is on the right path but i dont think so…

jininaust says:

How can it be expensive! It’s a BMW, a proper BMW, and stonkingly quick for
just the equivalent of 38000 australian dollars in the ultra-competitive
US.. which is less than what a bloody Renault Laguna costs in Australia ;).
Folks seem to say it’s only barely more than a WRX ( sti model? ), that’s
radically cheap for such a fast high end German car.

Juan Jose Rincon says:

the 2012 now has the 7 speed double clutch gearbox…….this car is SICK

gene53945 says:

mate why the fuck is that??, around here they sell it in like …160000000
pesos, 80k, been so cheap at the states it beats the shit out of me

DavidSlagter says:

Yea yea, everybody can stop complaining about the price here and there
because it’s just the way it is, here in the Netherland it will cost
$80.000 US dollars, the starting model. It ridiculous but it’s also
reality. I suggest buying a second hand car or get rich :P

Juan Jose Rincon says:

@warner735 Audi is from Volkswagen and Audi is the one that owns Lamborghini

DavidSlagter says:

Automatic shifter usually have better mileage. I’m 15 so I can’t really
argue about the “feel” of it but I can say an auto drives more relaxed
because you don’t have to think about shifting. Manual is more sporty

paul hunter says:

@Ancupola are u kidding me, have u noticed bmws owners switching for a

Clark W says:

@Ancupola HAHAHAHA Maybe in looks, as they steal everything they design
from other companies and their design languages. As for the mechanics and
driving experience? Not even close.

dzylz says:

you’ll have to spray paint that

Adrian Varas says:

I actually don’t know anything about it I’m only 14

Greno says:

where’s my right side vocal audio?

GreenwichUnited says:


albertx46 says:

nice vid!

Adrian Varas says:

A manual tranny is way more fuel efficient, because you don’t have the car
in drive, you have it in neutral. When going on the highway, you can put
the manual in neutral, and you will save so much money on gas. With an
auto, you will be losing speed, not keeping the speed.

m5bbmmww says:

get a life

Adrian Varas says:

I only know numbers and crap about speed and handling not fuel efficiency

lakshmere says:

well at least we dont have 9.5% unemplyed ppor illiterate hillbillies, rofl

chinchillawrangler says:

@paulhunter123 Cadillac cts v, mustang luguna seca, ford gt, corvette zr1
and z06… jus to name a few

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