– 2009 BMW 3 Series

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Video car review of the brand new 2009 BMW 3 Series. For car reviews, videos, and one of the oldest and largest car communities on the Internet visit Roadfly…


Nick Le says:

Is the BMW more reliable compare to other German brands? if I buy a 2008
BMW 3 Series/80k miles, is it reliable?

Nick Le says:

Is this car reliable compare to other German brands? if I buy a 2008 BMW 3
Series/80k miles, is it reliable?

acronus says:

The most compelling part of this car is that diesel engine. Very impressive
power numbers for just a 3 L diesel, but pretty good mileage as well. Plus
it has excellent ride and handling, and a good bling factor. It is a fairly
good compromise.

EuroSport2006 says:

Thats more torque than most trucks. Man, this 3-Series is going to sell
very good. I’ve already seen many orders.

Chris Whitmer says:

With Dynamic Traction Control, you don’t have to worry about wheelspin.
These cars stick fairly well as it is.

Andrés Faúndez Terán says:

I like this car!!!

conwashur says:

what particular car is this? 335i?

7olusegun says:

Nay! I thought I saw 335i at the end of this video.

Corvette90100 says:

I can’t wait to get this BMW!!! I love it!!

derbigpr500 says:

@Everyday1Normal1Guy 3 series is a small sports saloon, its good if you
only want a sporty car… but if you want an executive saloon that will be
fun to drive, comfortable, have enough room inside, that will be very
luxurious and will feel special, then you gotta look somewhere else. And
besides, this is an old car now, its been on market for almost 7 years.

MegaReaper999 says:

This looks like low budget pron, get a better camera, really looks like the
porns from the 80′s

superravmanrampage says:

@Bladerunner55217 lol i dont know? What did you mean? Im really lost now

ShadowCrestX says:

sucks cuz you cant afford one. hahaha hating bitch.

raj nirvan says:

Wow I cant wait 2 drive this car now that is what I call the ultimate
driving machine. I want it in Manual gears with a 6th gear. Also the new
start up mode is cool with the button. 318 to 325 is what I want. LONG LIVE

Joseph Liu says:

lol dude, a penthouse in new york could cost millions. This car is worth
$30-40k. Someone living in a penthouse would have an m5.

tazzcaaarlovr says:

nc car

zooyork263 says:

@comedianFA yeah bmw is still the better luxury car, seeing as how lexus
has made some of the ugliest looking cars i’ve ever seen (they are getting
better). i will grant the fact that lexus’s are one of the highest up there
in the technological world but i would say driving expiriance is more
important and thats where bmw pulls out its A game over lexus. thats just
my opinion though :)

ehsanutube says:

I’m so happy regarding the change in the rear lights.they are much better

mondeost2202008 says:

Some say this car is ugly. ARE THEY MAD! This is one good looking BMW and
for me, better looking than the M3 sedan and the C class. M3, M6, 6 series,
z4 and this are the good looking BMW on the market today. The 5 series, M5,
7 series, X5, X6 and X3 are the Ugly ones.

eyas7 says:

i love this car!

Philip C says:

I have the 335i xdrive and I love it!!!

acitalianman13 says:

about how much is this in usa specifically nyc

detagirl says:


Tony Mendez says:

@superravmanrampage ok I meant ,,,, well you guess what I meant . Lets see
how savvy you really are :)

Murilo Rainhu says:

this is 330i correct ?? wich other models by 3 series i can buy?? 325i too

pajo1982 says:

@7olusegun In a word technology.

Girish Kariappa says:

i have the same model same series the best car in the market….. love it

michaelpoczynek says:

I have a 2009 335xi and I love it! I highly reccomend this car. This is my
third new BMW, and I can’t believe they just keep making them better and
better. Super fun car to drive, and lots of power…. manual gearbox is
silky smooth.

crespoo99 says:

duz any1 knows the song of the new bmw commercial there are bmw mx 6 that
are driving thru the sand plz help me ! :( x

Everyday1Normal1Guy says:

@SuperLadiesman619 or he says suck my p**** and you will get one! would you
do it? Greetings from a trillionaire!

Gwen Broderick says:

Yes! BMW design seriously went downhill in the 2000s, except for the
3-series coupe, which is magnificently beautiful.

geniusNyC07 says:

im currently driving a 2007 328i sedan…….not sure if i like the updated
one. i have seen them on the road and havent been that impressed. The stock
rims offered with the sport package arent as nice as the model i have.
Might be time to get into the coupe when this lease is up at the end of the

skyfaze says:

i like the new front changes but i wish they kept the rear design of the

SycamoreHill14 says:

I just passed one of these on the street on my 92 Accord. God, I hate my

Venusi tapealava says:

just bought mine last x-mas, had to take it back to dealer as the rear
light didn’t work. Dealer told me that this is the 2009 323i bmw that he
has to order the rear indicating lights for!!! very surprising
aye…beautiful car to drive though

derbigpr500 says:

@HumanCronicle Actually, 3 series is a very overrated car. Yes its fun to
drive and handles great, but the ride is VERY hard and uncomfortable,
theres a lot of noise coming from tires when driving on the bumpy roads,
its cramped inside, has a small boot, interior quality and design are worse
than in newer competitors, its overpriced and it doesnt feel special. In
essence, its a track day kind of car. Fun to drive on a track or on a
perfect road, but not especially good at anything else.

Oscar Villalobos says:

That’s great!!!! BMW is the way to go.. you’ll love it trust me… enjoy

7olusegun says:

Aint the german cars also a form of transportation? They are just too
overhyped and over valued.

komentatorius69 says:

me !

Allan de Sá says:

Fantastic car !

fearls1 says:

the interior looks so crappy compared to an Infinity G37 or even the Audi
A4. The driving experience may be good and all, but if I am spending 40k I
want the whole package. So bland on the inside. The Screen is still crappy.
I am dissapointed. I still love the way it looks though.

SIRB0SS says:

amazing car

Isaac0516 says:

@HumanCronicle law of perception

comedianFA says:

I agree, BMW and Nokia are both symbols of Europeans are technologically
out dated. BMW replace by Lexus, Nokia replace by Apple, and many more.

chltmdwp says:

haha someone agrees with me~

devastatind says:

True! I agree! It would really be the Ultimate Driving Machine; if it had
the interior-dash of an Infinity G35!!! :)

superravmanrampage says:

@Bladerunner55217 stick shift and manual are the same thing mate :)

Ganda Bacha says:

Sexxxxx -3

Mrjaguarpaw1 says:

@7olusegun All right. Let me point out to this. Lexus engine can never
compete with BMW engine which is ultimate one. Regarding the driving
dynamics even 10% difference is what most drivers are looking for- that is
what makes driving experince. Nobody gives a damn to Lexus gadgetry and
various toys- driving dynamics that is what we have to talk about.

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