– 2010 Audi S4 Review & Road Test

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Roadfly TV and Jessi Lang review and test the all new 2010 Audi S4 with the all new supercharged V6. Audi’s high performance version of their A4 Sedan. For c…


aalsayed89 says:

@bsg1206 At the top of its price it’s more refined than the caddy, but you
are right the caddy is almost better in every other aspect.

smustang11 says:


Alexandre Ramirez says:

@AdrianosFidi All 2010 S4 models are supercharged.

sashaalx03 says:

@deingeist this is the new gen audi s4 which is based on the a4 b8
platform, there still isn’t a audi rs4 based on the A4 B8 model. The B7 Rs4
has nothing in common with this S4 so they are totally different cars.

Trent Mathews says:

@MrMegaWolfeman Its an S4, not an A8. Audi wants it to have a more sporty
feel to the cabin to match with the cars performance, rather than the
typical wood grain finish.

frznman says:

sound is not as good, but v6 gets way better gas mileage, weighs less than
the v8 for better weight distribution, and is faster than the v8 s4. has
about 23 more lb/ft of torque

LBB988 says:

wait wait a minute….. pay more than 59 grand just for 333 hp !!!!!!

IndefinateOutcomes says:

I’ll take it with a Black Grill.

Francesco Toscano says:

@jwatwater Here in Italy, every woman can drive a manual car…but I know
in the US it’s different. However, nice car and very nice girl.

thesims2custom says:

Nice review, Jane… it’s helpful….

Robert Wasielewski says:

Now thats one fancy kitchen

pman1018 says:

I don’t really care for the A4/S4′s door handles.

chaser says:

@AdrianosFidi What? How can you decide not to use the supercharger? The
supercharger is mechanically connected to the engine – as long as the
engine works, the supercharger works too. It’s almost the same with
turbochargers, except for the fact that turbo doesn’t kick in until you
reach certain revs, which gives you a limited control over it.

vojt110 says:

aaaaaaaaa… boring!!

primeholyassasin20 says:

one of the most balanced sport sedans….awd grip, tenacious peed and
handling, and a luxurious interior. And all weather friendly. I don’t think
i could go wrong with this car….if only it were in my reach.

Eric M says:

this car is good, i have it in black, now people say oh the MMI is
complicated and that stuff well the BMW i drive is more complicated and
thats not bad, they offer you more features and this car is super fast with
the quattro system, this year we had more than a meter of snow and i didnt
change my tires for winter ones so i was driving with the performance ones
and never slipped! this car will kick the crap of every single AWD car on
the market

The Art of Dan Fionte says:

@sir360 either you’re joking or this is a weird coincidence, I just
explained to someone on another video that the RS4 is essentially a limited
edition S4, and I compared them to a VW R32 vs GTI, and some douche started
going off on me and saying, OH THE RS4 IS A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CAR, and
being a know-it-all. Basically the RS4 is a limited edition V8, very
powerful, and high quality. The S4 has a Supercharged V6 at 333hp still
very fast, and the sport package upgrades the wheels and grill/trim.

MrPr0phacy says:

@smustang11 you mean the car right :D

Mccl2278 says:

The B5 is still the greatest S4. Period. Agreed? Agreed.

ASCmustang88 says:

icould care less about the car just the driver lmaoo

somewhat111 says:

superfast30 and Atheistprimate — you need to GET A LIFE!

tahj677 says:

@Daytonaman675 haha. You think so? That turn you on bro?? haha

danielsyoutub says:

14 year old youtube nerds dont get to see women often you see

Koo Joon says:

this video seems like reading magazine…

Jesse James says:

I have to say….Jessie Lang did a nice job with this review……She’s
both sexy and smart LOL

biggyfofilly says:

@FingersToMyHaters lol your DAD is cool, bro.

AdrianosFidi says:

@Raige24 there are 4 : sedan and avant ( station wagon ) both availible
with manual 6 and S Tronic grearbox ; and they all have the same engine :
3.0 V6 TFSi making 333 hp

timak74 says:

@un4gvn4life yeah how about 335is ? + s4 interior is a POS

chaser says:

@AdrianosFidi Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you don’t know anything
about supercharging. It was just your comment that caught my attention and
made me realize that what she said doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I’m
missing something, but to me it still seems like she said there’s some
‘supercharger on/off button’ you use to tell the car whether you feel like
racing or saving fuel today. I just don’t get it, superchargers don’t
improve your fuel economy whatsoever…

caliizaktiv says:

blah blah blah … show me it performing…

calvinblinkee says:

@AlexanderBlueAvenue Minus a TON of luxuries.

four20theman says:

if she sold cars, I’d buy every one!

Eric M says:

no seriously i was considering winter ties but it snowed when i had my
performance tires and we had 90 cm of snow and it was just good! so i guess
it was a bit……….. weird

evanescent03 says:

the S4 is an awesome car. this review was pretty good but i don’t think
does the car justice. i just watched the review on the GTI and she seemed
more pumped to be driving that than the S4. I guess maybe the GTI is better
& more fun to drive?

MrAdnanian says:

i’m not gay.. but would rather have Jeremy Clarkson in her seat.

soccersprint says:

Taxi cab yellow

Stephen Darcy says:

Yikes! gotta be one of the most generic car reviews ever. Although Jessi is
descently attractive she sounded as though she was stumbling through script
cards written by Ben Stein, and certainly didn’t seem as though she should
be anywhere near a car, unless it;s to drive the kids to school.

audi4ever7 says:

hmmmm 2010 audi s4 or blondy?? (blondy)

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