– 2011 Audi A4 Road Test & Review

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The stylish and slick Audi A4 returns for 2011 with an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission that raises fuel economy to a remarkable 22 mpg in the city…


남유동우 says:

I don’t understand how she didn’t slip with those Black Optic Package 19″
with high performance summer tires. Quattro or not….summer tires suck in
the snow.

Robbert P says:

best girl reviewer… EVER

Andy Lee says:

Audi or Cadillac ATS?

Shawn L says:

She was referring to shifting the gear stick like in a manual car when she
said ‘manually’.

CrunchyApps says:

i live in Las Vegas, where its hot all year round and we barely get rain,
NEVER snow. is it worth paying that much more for a quatro? or should i get
the front wheel drive.

jet052673 says:

And yet the Audi is still quicker…and better.

turpioSE says:

she must be a milf

icksmodder says:

strange … she’s talking about a 8-speed Tiptronic with the 2.0 TFSI
Quattro … but there is no such option o0. There is an “8-speed”
CVT(Multitronic) which is not available with Quattro or a 7-speed
DSG(S-Tronic) with Quattro …

EllysaE says:


DLC1988 says:

“i prefer 8inches” that’s what my girlfriend said to me once…..

sylvesterrussian101 says:

They Used My Car to Flim This Show!

Alex Povolotski says:

Wow! I think I’m falling in love!

Blake Winick says:

you would like 8 inches.

MartBro93 says:

3:31 – 3:42 lol :D … I know :( .. I’m leaving

gosho0 says:

By the time I became 20 I want this car..Im 15 now…Fuck I need to work a
lot ! :D

soccersprint says:

ha ha…she said she would have prefered 8 inches

Ben Dunnigan says:

“I don’t know how Audi got that much performance out of a little 4-banger”
Really? Never heard of a turbocharger?? And you’re reviewing cars?

mlps93 says:

A4 is the best among Benz and BMW

HeadHoncho says:

were there any manual transmission A4′s made?

A4shizzle says:

I love my A4! SuCK it BMW !!!

EuroN says:


Christian Gabriel says:

do you need to fill this up with 91 octane ????

Joo Joo says:


Brian Sutherland says:

If she doesn’t know that the a4 has a turbo she doesn’t know anything about

Fkpeace says:

damn internet haters!

oscar trujillo says:

Once I saw the car had a sunroof I left the bitch annoyin with her holla

KatiushaVN4 says:

I’m a girl, and I would love to have an Audi A4

mEmOk8 says:

Vw owns Audi

manbearpigonabike says:

she really struggle pronouncing LED lights lol

TheMrbear186 says:

Man this is a good looking car.

Mr17Ortiz says:

Love the A4

Bob Saget says:

it does look extremely good, especially those wheels, would probably pick
this over the c class, and definitely over the bmw

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