– 2011 BMW 5 Series 535i Road Test & Review

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For 2011 BMW completely redesigned the 5 Series. The 2004 – 2010 5 series was successful but wasn’t able to maintain the momentum of the previous generation …


Steven Valdez says:

Are you serious and v6 with a turbo only has 300 horsepower my 300s has
more power than that it’s a v6 only get out of here with this 5 Series

noe name says:

That guys small or the cars huge!

Shadman Hye says:

2011 BMW 5 Series 535i

Steven Valdez says:

Give me the 300 S please

Laweeze Morton says:

Ross. will you marry me? I’m a guy, but that shouldn’t matter.

vaporeizied8 says:

good review however the jokes suck- SEC coming to the office? Also, a corp
biz employee would be chauffered in a 7 series or Bently; they would not be
driving a 535 and would not carry around paper boxes.- also, dont blame the
car cause you got a ticket dude. The car tricks you! Oh no the car used the
Jedi Mind Trick on me!- finally WHO THE HELL PAYS MSRP YOU START WITH THE
INVOICE PRICE- finally shhh Audi offers a manual too

German Beales says:

And costs a lot lot more !

SonOfThunder88 says:

@gheffty93 Couldn’t agree more! ;)

bosh8867 says:

and of course the 550 would be that much more amazing….hope this helped

Philip May says:

Totally agree….My old 530 looks much better than this one!

ltrebl says:

I really like this guy…he talks about the good and bad, and he reminds me
of Richard Hammond…

ehh90 says:

Oh, really? And our city streets felt like… alleys? ^_^ I think it’s more
correct to look at it the other way, we are the unlucky, as roads in Sweden
and most of Europe (take the German Autobahn for instance) are great.
Norwegian roads are regarded as being some of the worst in Europe, below
countries like Albania. Yes, cold climate does take its toll on roads, but
it is all dependent on the road maintenance (which in Norway is, pardon my
language, shitty).

supercarkid says:

Thats weird, every other review I’ve read and watched on this car said the
steering was very numb…

analanalyst says:

totally agree but i think the infiniti m should be there too hard to say
where tho

yeh4jonathan says:

What is the background music called? Is it Deadmau5?

MadDogMeh says:

I have had a very expensive experience with my German sports sedan.
Infinity here I come.

MrLancer918 says:

It’s the same difference, your GDP is higher, but so is your cost of
living. I’ve been to Norway, I was baffled just stop by a Mcdonalds and pay
7 dollars and 8 dollars in some places for a Bigmac! Coca-Cola was the
same..twice to three times the price I paid back home. Only 3 bucks for a
BigMac in the U.S. Not just Norway but Europe in general. Love Europe, but
my poor dollars can’t afford it. $226,000 for BMW!!! Thats just crazy!!!
For that amount you’re already in a Ferrari or Lamborghini!

thuglifezeem716 says:

@Scudeyyy 2012 a6>5 series

90Mrknowitall says:

haha BMW charges you for a ipod jack, keyless entry?? damn they sure know
how to rob you but 49K aint bad at all!!!

S3xiepapi69 says:

I would have to the say the previous generation 5 series looks a lot better
and more aggressive….inlcuding the M5 V10

bosh8867 says:

@nature10879 it hasnt given me ne problems up till now…the servicing is
included till 160,000 kilometers so i make sure to service is every 8-10
thousand kilometers…its amazing to drive and fuel efficiency on the
highway is amazing…i live in ottawa and drive bak n forth to toronto for
business every week or 2 weeks and its about 400k…i can get there on half
a tank…the interior is very comfortable and i love the idrive system…if
i were u id go for the 5 as the 3 is too small

WeirdYetInteresting says:

why dont you guys talk a little more about the negatives?? that would help.
thx :)

Sebastian Vedia says:

I think the 5 series was refreshed for 2011 not 2010..the 2010 was still an

Timmo90 says:

I can’t decide is I like this or the 2012 6 series more… the 6 is pretty
big, that’s really the only downside. But I love the taillights of this one.

Jonasmax says:

Bent rim?

ehh90 says:

Yes, your highways could easily have handled unrestricted speed (my
opinion). Still faster than us, we are allowed to go max 100 km/h :P Yeah,
I can admit to that, it’s more personal than steel and glass skyscrapers.
Still, I can’t help the feeling living in a 19th century country. Funny how
a car review can turn into a discussion about living standards and politics!

Michael Freynet says:

Very good review. It was to the point, non biased, informative and covered
everything most people would hope to learn. Keep up the good reviews good

Sidney Grimes says:

I prefer the Acura tl sh-awd . Who else is with me???

analanalyst says:

5series/m37>xf>new e class> a6 *

Scudeyyy says:

funnily enough, between me and my immediate family, so do we… Yes your
comment is legible, I was able to read it very well… I just happen to
disagree with it. Its just an opinion. I prefer the 5 whereas someone else
may prefer the XF. They’re both better than the A6 and the E class IMO

Marco Moreno says:

The 2014 KIA Cadenza. Check it out.

joeycresce says:

So cool that it’s a manual!

superchargedbenz says:

66000?! for fucks sakes you can buy an e60 m5, or e63 for that money….

teeituprt says:

Excellent review with useful information. It’s good to know about the
pricing structure, which starts with a moderate base MSRP and quickly zooms
into a top-tier price point. At $66K, you’re near the sticker of a Lexus
LS460, a more fully-featured premium sedan, with more room and upgraded
amenities. Good video.

Kelvin Waters says:

300bhp from a twin-turbo 6cyc??? The Acura MDX 6cyc offers 300bhp and its
not turbo charged. BMW needs to up the psi on those turbos!

fsimpro says:

this car’s steering feel is worse than a corolla’s.

koro746 says:

4:38 day to night transition

ehh90 says:

Yes, that’s right, but I do believe that you get a lot more out of your
dollars there in the US than we get for our kroner here. Check out the Big
Mac index, I think Norway is number 1. In addition to the wicked prices in
Norway, I’m sure you also noticed the horrible roads we have here. Our
infrastructure is terribly undersized and is way behind on maintenance. Bad
roads, more tear and wear on the cars, more maintenance on cars, making it
even more expensive to own a car in Norway.

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