– 2012 Audi A7 Review and Test Drive

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The 2012 Audi A7 may very well be the best-looking car Audi has ever built. And it’s close to being the best Audi built, period. There isn’t a weak spot in i…


Jay Alia says:


L0nP0P0 says:

My father has this car and he agrees that it is a perfect 10/10

bigestfun says:

natural shit

StraightRavAge says:

Ross is packing some heat at 2:03!

MonroeSim says:

If you get into fields like engineering and medicine or business won’t be
long before you can afford it

Roberto Perez says:

lol lost argument now ranting…

radar3699 says:

@heemoii Dude have you ever fucking used google? No it isn’t on sale in the
US you shit, but BMW has released the 6 series Gran Coupe (the 4 door 6
series to compete with the A7 and CLS) to the press, they’ve even made
wallpapers for it. Secondly, I never said it’s what he was talking about in
the video. In the video hes talking about the 5 series GT which was never
very good. Try doing your homework next time.

IndyenRtist says:

21, and Driving same exact thing as you.

cAdillac718bx says:

I’m an American car guy but this car is gorgeous! Id consider buying this
car if I had the money

periplatipus says:

lol replace that engine with a v8, just cuz it sounds better, then ill take
it anyday over a porsche,bmw, and mercedes(except sls lol)

vinhhsanityy says:

Not everything is about performance you piece of fuck.

bstig7 says:

Oh, my apologies. I see. I kind of agree actually.

Usebeforeempty . says:

6 “2 big guy? C’mon…

Dodgerhouse says:

I want one!

sunnyj209 says:

26 driving a 1999 camry Le im with you on that…

David Johnson says:

Great video Ross! Love that car. Would be ecstatic to own it!

usmc6004 says:

That’s my car the exact model, color and trim!

demonicBerith says:

5 Series sucks ass, and everyone has them now a days because they are
getting affordable, since BMW can’t hold its value anymore.

Amidat says:

i must say i didn’t see the point to this vehicle… but now I get it. I
thought it was just going to be a Merc CLS competitor – but it’s more than
that. It’s an A6 Avant (wagon) with styling that for the fashion conscious.
The car is downright sexy – like a CLS – but with more utility. Smart!!

RomaniaLove2Pac says:

Amazing Car! Audi 4 Ever!:X

akkudakkupl says:

Beautiful coupe!

Srdjan M says:

i beg to differ, their target audience is not people who want the car its
people who can afford the car, and at 22 it is unlikely many people can
afford it.

Roberto Perez says:

Hyundai covered with huge waranty, its realibility its among top 5 in the
world, is more powerful than the Audi and its interior is extremely nice…
so u mean money buys badge u stupid snob, have a nice day in ur over priced
over rated german trash. ;)

312868541 says:

i am 6.5 and he is right. i cant fit in the a6 or a4

TheBlackIdentety says:

The s8 has a biturbo v8.

bmwmsport11 says:

if you can pull out about $700 a months you can get yourself into a A7.

tam705618 says:

absolutely love your style of review, good job mate!

Nick Scott says:

Very informative. Great job.

Michael bagley says:

The Audi A 7 is a beautiful car. I actually road tested one. It was smooth
handling and fast. When you start adding in some of the desirable options,
the cost skyrockets to over 70K. Nice review as usual Ross.

TonyTube407 says:

Anyone ever notice that Roadfly seems to have an over-abundance of
extremely small-statured reviewers that make the cars look HUGE? As always
though, great review.

Karl-Johan Bailey says:

Wow cant wait till my dad gets it

evasenkari says:

Love the A7. And what’s up with flashing the chest hair, Ross?

seth stanich says:

well audi last a long time more than hyundai, hyundai’s break down a lot.

dev Bobareno says:

i only watch this video because of Ross’s big dick, and I wouldnt mind
owning an a7. i would like to meet Ross one day. ;)

dcatch says:

wow, he is the most boring presenter ever.

funkdafied says:

i thought the backseats would be tight, but seeing him sit in the back and
also reference his 6’2 publisher just convinces me this is the car for me

Nolan Jurado says:

v12 tfsi best in s8 for battle with bmw 760li mb cls 65 amg great test

Idontgiveashytt says:

its working. your broke

Rick Smooth says:

The back is ugly!

TythorZeth says:

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: USA: $59,250 The Netherlands:
$97,539 Great…

Roberto Perez says:

Oh forgot to say u motherfucker! :D

Dennis Fredriksson says:

@PervZAGGert Wich country do you live in ? I live in Sweden and we are one
of most paying country in the world :( I live in Sweden

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