Rosenthal: New BMW M5 or Audi S6?

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Which is the better car? The 2013 Audi S6, with a base of $73400, or the 2014 BMW M5 starting at $92800? There’s no doubt the M5 has the power to get it do…


blendi Asanaj says:

Bmw all the way

Colin Mahoney says:

Why are BMW drivers such douches?

Anubis Ra says:

M5 direct competitor is RS6,as it sits on top of the 6 line family.When you
make comparison,make sure its correct!

Colin Mahoney says:

The S’s don’t compete with the M’s. The RS’s compete with the M’s. RS4
vs. M3, RS6 vs. M5 and so on…. This would be like putting up a AAA
Ballplayer against a MLB ballplayer.

XtrAMassivE says:

They are both mean machines, but i prefer the Audi for my everyday driver.
If I would have enough money to buy it, it sure wouldn’t be my only car
anyways lol.

TonyTube407 says:

So subtly funny it’s funny. Love your videos.


Why TF are they comparing these 2? Ill tell you why , because RS6 will kick
M5s ASS!!!!

Superblyme139 says:

I kinda miss the v10 sound from the older M5 

savvas Quattro says:


rasta172 says:

Why would You compare the M5 with additional sport package and standard S6?
I think that this comparisson isn’t proper. Either You compare the 550i
with S6 or M5 with RS6 – isn’t that obvious?

beefcake3131 says:

The ending of this video was fucking gaytastic.

Tim Leuther says:

Audis counterpart for the M5 is the RS6, not the S6. The S6 is just what
the strongest regular 5 Series would be.

Max Wicked says:

This guy is so tiny he makes these cars look like giant gods!

Amon Amarth Rules says:

It is so funny to see Audi fans rage when they are losing…
BMW just wiped the bathroom floor with that little S6.

Anders Kristensen says:

Chicks dig Audi for some reason. More than BMW at least. I guess the front
of the car just screams “money” and has a presence on the road few cars

Also: The base M5 cost around 20 grand more than the base S6. These cars
are not in the same league. Odd comparison in my opinion.

GamesVideosGV says:


TheHordezla1987 says:

That end!!! What a legend.

I prefer Audi but if i had to choose the s6 or the m5, i would go for the

wakkadakkaify says:

should be comparing RS6 not the S6.

Charlie Long says:

Most bias review I’ve ever heard. 

AWE39540i says:


TheBrizz71 says:

Better turn signal tone in the S6? Decision made. 

Charlie Long says:

What’s the point this guy will say everything is better for the BMW.
Typical BMW fanboy

Pealiz says:

Fuck i love his movies !! XD

Hectachrome says:

Love this video! Thanks man! 

Kenny Feng says:

The 2014 m5 costs $135,962 and the 2014 audi s6 costs $95,050.

Nikita Wilcox says:

This guys a sad bum. 

Brent Audi says:

Great Test Drive! Really like the end when you gave your recommendation
with the train coming. Both are amazing…but I have always had a soft
spot for Audi! 

skippy skippo says:

Did he just say GIGGITY?

chaseabase . says:

our host needs major style help

World is mine says:

Isn’t this a pointless comparison? A M5 with competition package vs the S6?
Why don’t you compare it with a A4 or A3 instead? Try the RS6. 

Darwin Manalaysay says:

I’m leaning more into Audi S6 for some reason.

Minka Kelly says:

he likes the bimmer more

ahmad shaker says:

the most funny thing is every moment you need to switch cars 

Siper2 says:

2160p HD? I love living in the future!

Another fantabulousistic video from Rosenthal! Yes, that’s a new word.

jeremy clarkson says:

Beast cars!!!!

Abodi jamboOo says:

I will choose the Audi :)
I don’t know why but i like it!

szybaks says:

Nice in Poland S6 starting at $125,000.

bimes1987 says:

His smile says everything – BMW

Adítyå Shãrmâ says:

Obviously the BMW ///M5F10 Competition Package Edition is best.

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