RPM TV – Episode 271 – Volkswagen Golf R vs Audi S3 Sportback

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RPM TV – Episode 271 – Volkswagen Golf R vs Audi S3 Sportback.


anythingyouwant29 says:

from an image point of view the audi wins???? Is that some kind of joke?

Tom Richards says:

My Two dream cars.

Cosmin V. says:

Neither. Megane RS

Iwo says:

It’s funny to read everybody’s comments.. Best solution is to get regular
GTI with performance package, give it stage 1 software and call it a day
with a lot of money saved in your pocket !!
That’s what I’m going to do :-)

TheChrisgrk says:

Iv ordered the S3… what a beautiful car! You are wrong about the
transmission thought, you can get the S# in manual as well. BTW great

Wojtek456890 says:

Both golf and the s3 are astonishing, but Renault MEGANE R.S. 265 would run
rings around them on the track. 

istiklalcaddesi says:


lala mal says:

Get the Golf. No point paying extra. VW is nicer IMO on the inside.

Ricardo Assaf says:

An AUDI X Volks?… Ok! 

Moby Dick says:

R66K more for the Audi, fuck that, go for the Golf R.

Joel D says:

Buying the R next summer. The S3 offers no objective benefit and looks
boring, IMO. 

fabrizio arcese says:

That cars are nice both, but always a car for little family…not like a
coupé as TT or Cayman…

Phil Stan says:

having used a different audi colour would have convinced us alittle bit

Mayor West says:

VW All day…Can’t stand the typical Audi drivers these days, for some
reason they make people have a god complex and drive like twats.

cartouchator says:

i’d go for the audi if it had manual gearbox. however flappy pedal gearbox
in real life is a nightmare. try parking that thing without a clutch. too
bad audi

James Burford says:

Bought the Golf R. Arrives in 3 days! Very excited.

Bestwick1983 says:

Bullshit. The S3 comes in a manual as well.

Sale_Shark says:

Nice film and review !!!
I own an Audi now and have had VW’s in the past. I’d choose either of
these, but not in the 5 door forms as tested, but the 3 door better looking
versions !!!
But if forced I think i’d pick the Golf R in 3 door with DSG in Blue and
save the extra cash !!!

Jan-Niel Louw says:

I prefer the S3 … in terms of styling… mechanically although the cars
are the same I’d fork out a bit more to get the Audi. I also believe that
both manufacturers charge large amounts of money…. not because it costs a
lot to manufacture, but because of popularity and outright because they
can. To be entirely honest I’ll much rather buy an sporty A4 apposed to
value for money, but hey cars are expensive these days! Oh yes and nice
review BTW….

costellobf says:

Now got my hands on the s3 after a 4 month wait. Well worth it and really
turns heads. Rapid too. If your convinced the r is for you so be it. Won’t
look as good as mine though ;)

Bleezy D says:

Golf R

Halfmoon67 says:

Great video! Considering both cars perform the same, have the same
platform, the same engine, the same transmission… Etc, it appears to me
very hard to justify the $5k between these two. It just feels like you’re
really spending extramoney for the audi badge here, which is definitely not
a fine move from audi IMO.

david dykeman says:

Excellent as always, very much appreciated. Cheers from Canada.

tennee66 says:

can someone please tell me what the song is that starts at around 11seconds
into vid please :)?

777PharmD777 says:

The Golf R all the eay. The Audi is pretentious and too often associated
with guys looking down their nose at people while they drive on the passing
lane tail gating you and waiting for you to let him by instead of him
switching lanes to pass you. While the S3 is NOT a very expensive car, I
guess it’s expensive enough that people think they belong to a certain
exclusive class if they can afford one. One thing they are mistaking is the
fact that many people can, we just choose not to. And just because you can
afford to fork up 500-700 dollars a month in car payments doesn’t mean you
are now rich.
Give me the Golf R any day. In fact I am going to buy one. 

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