Sandblast Challenge Part 2 – Top Gear – BBC

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Part two of two. Jeremy, Richard and James are in Pendine Sands in Wales, where they find out what it’s like to drive a BMW 6 Series, a Porsche 911 and a Jag…


Eternal Darkus says:

I’d have the jag, and save some money for a supra. then just engine swap
the jag’s engine for the supra.

Squadron266 says:

I’m not a super BMW fan, but its interesting how the Beamer seems to have
aged the least in appearance in 10 years, while the jag and porche look
ancient in comparison.

mrkongsimr says:

If some one else than captain slow, had driven the BMW , it would have done
better .

Ulleval73 says:

Sorry lads, I have to think about actually repairing the blasted thing and
I’m afraid the Porsche ….that “low end” Porsche is more reliable than the
BMW and, my god yes, more reliable than the Jag. Eh, just the way I look at
it….probably too “practical”, but that’s me. And no, though I do drive a
BMW it is not the “6″…..not even a new BMW….hey! Maybe that’s why I
drive an old E39 5-series BMW; it just keeps humming along …..

But seriously, Top Gear is the best…..

Darthadios says:

I still rather have the BMW, Porsche is too small and impractical and that
Jaguar is just ugly.

Anurag i says:

what a place to play with big hearts underneath love it awesome

mrjace3 says:

Lol they always try to curve everyone’s thinking to how they feel by
manipulating the program. Using a way more powerful jag and the least
powerful 6series and a power pocket car 911!!! Come on bro now they could
have gone with the 650 but you still have to keep in mind thst jag has a
boatload of power provide by a supercharger. Bottom line remove it and see
how much you like it then.

Poorna Seneviratne says:

+Migara Wijesinghe Check it out! :D

Joey Penalo says:

1:04… Majestic shot of the jag there. This is literally my ideal spring
break; going to a massive open beach with wet sand and hooning round with
your mates

iloper says:

i miss these tests on TopGear

Dhruv Vijayram says:

I would have a BMW.

vlenhoff says:

I love this episode.

Labrinos Kalliakoudas says:

You are English….what would you say………ofc jag.

ALAN Aportugeys says:

911 because the jag is too old, the porsche is more excting and fun, …..
and the bmw is just GONE

Alex Carbone says:

How about the Bonneville Salt Flats in the rain

David St-Onge says:

MAn these guys are just so genuine and fun. Its what makes the show.

fin coetsee says:

I like the jaguar 

ANOOP N R says:


putera dyann says:

Song at 1.55, is craig armstrong-sly II

Fred Ziegler says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

mihai gheorghiu says:

As always on top gear , Clarkson and the british cars are the

playahater94 says:

The jag has styling from the early 90s

Ian Bigol says:

BMW 6 Series, Porsche 911, Jaguar XKR in Sandblast Challenge – Part 2

StealthNinjaX2 says:

these guys get to have so much fun

Juppo123 says:

Is the music starting @2:20 an actual song or just music made for the show?

Il_Futuro says:

Still wondering why they used a 645ci instead of a 650i 

Jonah Potts says:

what season/ episode is this?

kingspharm1 says:

This is the Top Gear I love.

Konrad Zawadzky says:

Shouldn’t they have the XKR compete with an M6?

Zdravko Tomasevic says:

And after all these years…
BMW is still attractive and desirable, no one (except for the Brits)
remembers the Jag, and the Porsche is so outdated now, after so many
reincarnations of the beetle.

And if it was anyone else, but captain Slow, the story would go completely
the other way. After all, the Stig said his part at the end of this video.

You can always put M. Schumacher and Mika Häkkinen in some bad cars, and
beat Captain Slow in good car on the muddy beach, that’s why it’s done on
the beach.

So, cheers chaps! 

Ferdinand Schrems says:

I’m for the jaguar because I have a xkr 2006 but in Black ! And I do a race
with a friend with a 911 and a friend with a 6er BMW , when I saw this
episode and I win :)

Giridhari .P says:

PORSHE is more EXITING and FUN whereas JAG looks like a REAL JAGUAR and BMW
sounds like a BOOMER….!!!!!!!!

DoomDriver32 says:

ahh l love that Jaguar XKR coupe

The Jkghfg says:

Song at 1:55?

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