“Seat Time” Pilot Episode: STOCK 2013 Audi S4 Drag Race 1/4 mile

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Like and Subscribe for more car videos! This is the pilot episode of my upcoming Youtube Series; “Seat Time” In this episode I introduce the concept and trac…


G11B says:

The most shocking thing about this video is that you still use AOL for

Greg Saunders says:

Nice video. Brings back memories of the first time I used launch control in
my S4. I know exactly how you feel with the owners manual!

Anthony Conner says:

do you know ways i can make my 2005 pontiac grand prix gt faster?

XxElRushboxX says:

I can see you getting your own show on TV.

Vavazelus says:

This guys jeans make him look like a clown. Too baggy

Green Pretzel says:

Ugly german turd

TotheFloorVideos says:

Nice video. Thanks for taking the time to put it up and test that S4. We
noticed that the RPM’s peak 2-300 higher and then drop when you activate
LC. Do you think you could launch at the peek to help that 60 foot a bit?

CMskittles says:

i spy a subaru behind you ;)

814gt says:

Awesome car. Looks killer and great times. 

373axle says:

Finally! Someone did what I’ve envisioned. I’ve wanted to see these types
of tests for a long time where someone goes into the detail of
demonstrating real life capability of cars at the dragstrip and the road
and show how they actually do outside of magazine pages…

TheSnoopy1750 says:

Pretty good results. Motor trend timed the S4 0-60 in 4.4 and 1/4 mile at
13.0 seconds.

colton norris says:

Look.forward tk seeing.more, still waiting on.sleepers 2

sixteenseven123 says:

Really nice video, love the shots and how it was put together

cody burrier says:

I recommend at the end show what the Bhp and tq is and the price of the car

Sean Waz says:

I have a stock 2004 Focus SVT. Would love to see it perform on the track.

Rick B says:

Nice man! waiting for more

GTP6466 says:

Nice nick. Might let u feature my car when ur done tuning it 

allcarguy says:

Great job! I’m looking forward to see more of this type of content. I
really hope that you get the support you need.

ramairetransam says:

Nice video Nick . I liked the format of it . Id watch more . Some things i
would clean up as a viewer , and i love seeing my home track .

Fyi for others out there. Lebanon Valley isn’t the best prepped track by
any means , esp on a Wednesday night .

MaxTheAwesomersps says:

Waiting for sleepers 2 :(

Drunken Ira Hayes says:

put it up against the Buick.

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