Should I buy the Audi Q3?

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Should you buy the Audi Q3 or the Mazda CX-5? Let’s take a look at the two vehicles objectively. You’ll be shocked at how much standard equipment is offered …


Kranbone says:

Another insightful video. I’ve referred countless people to your channel
and got mixed reactions (some were shocked to find the truth, other’s
didn’t want to entertain the thoughts outlined here).

Is it true that Audi shares a lot of internal components with companies
such as Volkswagen? If this is the case and these parts are mass
manufactured, this type of exercise (offering a very entry level car and
selling up packages) must be extremely lucrative.

I can’t help but feel they (Audi) must be laughing at us.

mynamehaschanged says:

Maybe that is why they are called Premium brands, if the price was
equal with the same specs then those German brands would no longer be
Premium. The Japanese brands added big wheels, leather, sensors and
sunroofs for people that want to feel like they have a luxury car. In my
opinion I prefer a Premium brand car even without some of the extras. I
have a 1series and an X1 they came with leather, bixenon and led lights,
sunroof, parking sensors, idrive, voice control. The only thing they don’t
have is the gps and 19 inch wheels, and the price of them was about 10k
(each) more tan the Mazdas.

Alan Chun says:

Respect and agree with your opinion and analysis, but I am guessing you
would argue against a Hermes hand bag, Prada shoes, Patek Philip watches,
and diamond rings. Sure a Seiko tells time better than an automatic, a
lesportsac can carry all your personal belongings, a pair of Nike sneakers
is more comfortable and you certainly don’t need an expensive rock to
symbolize your love. But I believe you are missing the point. (mind you,
there are objective and subtle differences you can feel when driving an
audi, bmw or merc.) I think you should change your title from auto expert
to auto “value” expert instead :p

Alistair J Hooper says:

It’s like watching a babbling old grandad. Get on with the important shit!

James Adams says:

Mazda does look pretty good, but the Audi is beautifully aggressive.

willielassiter says:

Okay, I see in the comments below that “Kausik” got a $3,000 price
difference, instead of your $22,000 difference, when looking at a
comparison of options between the Audi and the Mazda in the U.S. Which is
why I’m saying your numbers and comparison make no sense. I don’t know what
you guys are offered down under, but could you please remember that YouTube
is a global platform. Your unqualified statement of the value of the Mazda
may only apply in your market. Thankfully it doesn’t apply here in the U.S.
Maybe the germans just give us a little more respect, because don’t berate
their cars so vehemently.

I also see in your reply to “Tony Paz” (and I quote you) that there is “No
question Audi’s more desirable than Mazda”. And I think that sums it all up
right there.

willielassiter says:

I’m sorry, but nobody would start with the base package, and then add
options one at a time like you did in this video. If you truly want all of
the extras, then start with the premium package, which would be much less
than the $22,000 more you’re quoting. And then if you need to add something
to match the Mazda, go from there. Your arguments seems biased to me, much
too cynical, and too far from the truth to be taken seriously.

I must say you “do do” quality work with your video production though, and
that alone was work the watch. But how about a little less “do do” next

anand kashyap says:

You eloquently tell what I have been itching to tell my friends who buy
these so called premium brand cars! 

78pianist says:

The Q3 is a very bad proposition. Same as the A3 when you take the diesel.
Even the German made A4 is not much more expensive, has 18 inch wheels,
navigation, reverse camera, xenon lights and electric seats as standard. 

Dominic Henshaw says:

The best honest review so far! Thanks for bringing out the facts!

brian preval says:

you are australian aren’t you – i’d stick to your ‘utes’ if i were you, the
rest of us are somewhat more discerning!

Kausik says:

For us, in the US, the price difference including all the options you
mentioned, isn’t much. I compared two similar trims from Audi A3 and Mazda
CX-5, both AWD, it’s merely 3K.

Patrick Gottstein says:

I am a future buyer of the Q3 and Im thinking no you have no idea
…..theres a huge difference in it for me and definitely I will be buying
a European car and its definitely an Audi Q3 all the way

Tony Paz says:

So glad you’re not a dumb jorno like the others! They tend to ignore things
like claimed versus actual fuel economy figures, dealer network support,
ergonomics, road and wind noise, ride and quality of materials/refinement.
You know – the stuff that really matters when owning a car. They also get
really confused between brand value and price. They’re the sort of guys
that say that Porsche and Ferrari need to worry when a car like the Nissan
GT-R gets launched. They don’t realise that the Nissan actually makes the
Porsche and Ferrari even more desirable. When the Japs get it right they
really get it right e.g. MX5 – but that was sold with almost zero tech,
because it was just awesome to drive. A bit like the new Audi Q3…

Andy S. says:

You didn’t take into consideration of these things (just examples):

1. Not everyone else care so much equipments such as about leather / heated
seats. Or sunroof. Or built-in GPS (as you said, we can always use TomTom).

I can definitely forgo all those equipments for refinement. Eg how quiet it
is inside, how comfortable it is to drive, etc. To brand all Audi buyers a
badge snob is unfair and somewhat ignorant of you.

My question is: are you comparing car to car only by it’s equipment? That’s
just absurd.

2. You also didn’t mention even though torque is around the same value,
it’s not available as broad range as in Q3, and in lower RPM too.
Look again in both website:

– CX-5 : Power: 129kw RPM: 4500
Torque: 420Nm RPM: 2000

– Q3: Power: 130kw RPM: 4200
Torque: 380Nm RPM: 1750-2500

While this is a negligible difference, either you decide to ignore it
(point to ignorance at point 1) or you just have an incomplete knowledge to
give a proper advice / review. Yet your name is Auto Expert (?).

Also, I do not drive an Audi (or any German/Europe cars for this matter). I
drive a Hyundai i30. Point is, your decision to advice someone comparing Q3
and CX5 based on equipment level only is laughable. 

Orijit Dhar says:

I am an Audi owner and I agree with many of your assessments. For any
product, people will pay a disproportionate amount just for branding. But
thats precisely the idea behind brands, once you build one, you can
bastardize it, like you claim. ( I quite like that term). However, there
is something to be said about build quality of my A4 vs the Japanese cars I
have sat in. especially the interior. Its fairly subjective, the feeling
of being in a solidly built car. I , of course, bought my car used and did
not pay as much as a premium for. In all, very insightful video

David645207 says:

Great episode well done, also Audi’s resale values aren’t the best either

FlameRays says:

I completely respect your argument but I have to say that I’ll saving for a
well kitted Audi since its way more comfortable to drive. Until then I’ll
be driving my used 2002 toyota mr2.

Convivial Sins says:

THANK YOU so so much!!! I have been trying to argue the same point with the
Mrs!! But had no real facts to do like for like on the same vehicles and
also Sante Fe. Am going to quietly put this on to subliminally inplant this
in her mind… thanks.

Nickolai Siegfried says:

You are so right.

Gilbert Hernandez says:

Excellent commentary, secrets revealed, your extraordinary my deepest

Simon Kwasnycia says:

Love your videos, but can you please PLEASE level your spoken parts and
your title audio properly? Your title music blows up my speakers after I’ve
turned them up to listen to you…

Nilesh Dave says:

JOhn great video, i was interested in AUDI Q3 and now i will never go for a
premium batch.
I am going to subscribe your videos, may be you will help me to buy my
first car, 4WD SUV :) 

Jason lor says:

great review … like your approach , just stay clear of the trolls in the
comments . Its takes away from overall appeal of the video 

Bts Kahlon says:

Sir kindly Reply. I need ur answer. Thanx


Jianhua Xu says:

Will not touch audi

Bts Kahlon says:

Sir, thanks for such a nice comparison and unbiased advise Actually im
planning to buy mitsibishi Challenger. I have two questions for which I
need ur professional advice—-
1—Which one is better Mitsubishi Challenger or Toyota Fortuner ?
2—Out of Challenger which one is better Manual transmission or Automatic ?
Kindly reply soon as I have to buy car bcos at present im stranded.

Jianhua Xu says:


Steve Simone says:

Mr. AutoExpertTV, how about a compare between, TiguanR 2014 and a
comparable….although you’ve probably done one already….Let me look
around at the AutoExpertTV YouTube pages……

Brendan Blankfield says:

Great stuff, keep up the good work

chrisSkylin3 says:

Build quality and driveability of German cars destroys Japanese cars, been
there done that and never looked back. Leather is trash in standard cars.
Why didn’t you compare the drive and quality of the cars? The German cars
win easily in that department. I suppose my 2013 E63 AMG is no better than
a FPV or HSV? LoL!

AutoExpertTV says:

See the Mazda CX-5 Akera smash the Audi Q3 … on value

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