“Sporty & Techy” – Review of the 2013 Audi S5

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This is a video review of the 2013 Audi S5 – a vehicle that is loaded with all sorts of great technology but is also a blast to drive (configurable drive opt…


TheMister Mann says:

I wanted to watch this video but the HighTecDad’s voice and delivery was so
irritating, I gave up after 1.45m. :-((

Robert Smith says:

So hightechdad Dude would u buy this or a camero zl1

Dr Skittlebiscuit says:

Do you know how much Audi Connect will cost per month? I’m debating on
getting a Premium+ since it’s 2.2k less and I don’t think I’ll use Nav too
much. I love the Google Earth integration but can’t find how much Audi
Connect will cost after the trial period. Great video btw :)

Rock7132 says:

Don’t start every other sentence with, “So…” (“So, you can see the back
seat…”) You sound dumb.

ryanmail2004 says:

i can’t believe someone loaded this car out for 67k and didnt get the
adaptive AIR SUSPENSION. wtf?? this car will school a m3 for 61k+a 2k tune

syketer says:

no Superchared – Turbochared! (V6T!) The key difference between a
turbocharger and a supercharger is that the latter is mechanically driven
from the engine, often from a belt connected to the crankshaft, whereas a
turbocharger is powered by a turbine that is driven by the engine’s exhaust
gas. Greets from Germany … nice VID !!!!!

Tony Bland says:


HighTechDad says:

@robertsmith20022 – I haven’t test driven a Camero (yet)!

FLY1NGSQU1RR3L76 says:

Just picked mine up this weekend. However, where’s your front plate? :) I
really wish mine didn’t come with one….

ryanmail2004 says:

its supercharged…stfu

wesassa says:

great review, but perhaps you should use a little bit more tone of voice
bro. you dont sound enthousiastic at all =). the rest was really well!

AG says:

its raining…

Sammy TheBull says:

Good review my brother…

GreenPanda says:

Great review!

HighTechDad says:

Yep, despite my best efforts to make it stop!

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