Subaru WRX STi vs Audi S3 Saloon

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Does the new Subaru WRX STi live up to its predecessors – and can it match the new Audi S3 Saloon? Subscribe to our YouTube channel Sub…


/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

This review is really disappointing. Not that Owen did a bad job, far from
it, his reviews are always evenly waited and without bias. No I’m
disappointed because I remember the days when Subaru first hit the UK back
in the 90′s. It was a real under cover bargain pocket rocket. For the first
few years it was a ‘best kept secret’, then before long everybody new. But
what I loved about it was it’s almost untouchable performance. But over the
years they’ve just gotten fat and it seems everybody else just caught up.
Now I love Subaru’s, I’ve had 4 of them, but for me it would have to be the
Audi. As well as being a better built all-rounder as it turns out, it’s
faster too. 

Audi For Life says:

+Auto Express pitted the new Subaru WRX STI against the new Audi S3 saloon.
Guess which one came out on top? ;)

#StayUncompromised +Audi UK +Audi USA 

branot89 says:

Subaru has an old engine, old looks, old interior, old suspension and low
level of refinement. It belongs in 2008, not in 2014

Subaru Pro says:

How much did Audi pay Auto Express to make the STI look bad?
Also, my grandmother can launch a car better than the driver of that STI.

william ripke says:

Put them on a track like the Sti was built for and compare them.
Like the Audi but its more for the guy that shops at Banana Republic

johnnyr25 says:

Alright, guys how about a real track battle (read: not a drag race) next
time guys.

And for those complaining about the STI’s interior: You all act as if you
don’t know what this product is about. It’s a weapon, not a yacht.

fikes73 says:

No track battle? Thats where the STi would shine

MaxFlare says:

STI ideally hits 4.9, which means shifting takes a decent amount of skill.
Audi on the other hand does all the work for you. I guess this is a good
example of automatic vs manual.

Joel D says:

Well it is a shame there’s not something costing less than the S3 that’s
even faster. Oh wait, Golf R! Subaru is no longer the on-road AWD King. 

wudi911 says:

S3 got better interior… is that a joke? because i don’t get it.

Ivan Vasilev says:

In the video you mention that both cars have 260 hp. This is not true – the
STI has 300.

Noah Brigdan says:

@AutoExpress Your launch times…. What??? How are they so slow? Motortrend
got 0-60 in 4.6 seconds (completely stock) for the new STi. You Are nearly
a full second behind that time?? What altitude was this shot at? Or could
the drivers not launch the AWD cars properly? I know a stickshift + AWD
does not make for an easy launch. In the STi you have you dial in about
5500 RPM and just dump the clutch, ride out the wheelspin and clutch slip,
but I have put down a sub 5 second launch. And I’m at altitude!

tanget1337 says:

Those disappointed in the scooby are missing the point I think – this is
widely considered the best in years and is plenty fast enough both on track
and in a line. There will always be faster cars – particularly for more
money – and the best drivers’ car isn’t always the fastest in a drag race.
There’s a comparison somewhere online between the bmw 235i msport, the amg
a45 merc and the scooby. The scooby is 30 hp down on the bmw and 50 down on
the merc. It is by far the slowest in a line, but comfortably bests the
other two on a timed run around a track. There’s another in which the
scooby out drags a Caiman S over a whole MILE. That said, as others have
pointed out the current sti has been hustled to 60 in 4.6 seconds in other
tests. Clearly in a world where the 0-60 time here is an entire second
slower, half a second over a quarter mile is in the noise! In other words,
these sorts of tests say more about driver than car, particularly when the
cars are so close. Supposedly professional car mags should know better than
to behave like these sorts of tests are conclusive proof of anything!

Riiiisc says:

The Subaru WRX STI is a joke….

Mikk Lustmets says:

4:42 S3 sounds almost like a V8

Powaup says:

My buddy canceled his ordered on the new STi once he found out they did not
increase the power output in the US Spec motor… Now I see why, I really
did not think the STi would lose that drag race

hunker8 says:

Subaru fans must be not happy now, for all this years they shit on Audi and
said how good and better is WRX STI and until now when Audi took there guns

richard remi says:

So does that mean that the Golf R is better than the STi, because I know
that performance wise the Golf R is a tiny bit better than the S3 

mustsilm says:

Surprised how easily the Audi beat Subaru in drag race.

Anwar Afhim says:

The Audi S3 pretty much spits in the face of every other car in production.
There is only one downside: it doesn’t have proper Quattro, it has that
Haldex crap. For it’s performance, quality and badge, it’s actually one of
the best value for money cars out there. It is also practical, safe,
comfortable, relatively cheap to run, and easy to live with. Also, when you
drive it, you don’t feel like a chav, or like you enjoy collecting ASBOs,
like the average Subaru driver. Don’t bring up the Golf GTI, as it is
slower, and less practical, or the Golf R as it’s less practical, and less
classy. All in all, if you want a good value performance saloon with a
classy exterior, lovely interior, superb performance, great handling,
decent practicality, decent comfort, and you don’t want to look like a
hooligan, it’s the S3. Nothing else.

Darren Loke says:

This is a bit of a shock for me. When the S3 completely leaves behind the
STi, which boast great AWD traction. If they tested the handling around a
track as well that would’ve been interesting to know if the S3 still
prevails. As I think a lot of us would’ve thought the STi would be more
capable of doing this sort of thing given the money spent almost all went
under the hood.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

I d. U d. We all d. For Audi…

Dimitris Kepenos says:

How come the STi driver changed gear so early?

ingineous says:

SHIFTS IN THE FRAUDI…why is this the only review that has the STI hitting
60 in 5+ secs. when everywhere else shows 4.9 secs?

ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

The Audi is 100kg lighter? Luxury car VS rally car? wtf

ki flex says:

i did enjoy this one… i love the sti always have …but i will have to
admit that S3 is epic reminds me of the B5 RS4 which i miss so much

Worlds Forum says:

How come other people can run 12′s in an STi and they ran a 13.7? we all
know whats truly the better car and whats also more reliable..

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