Supercharged E36 M3 Review!

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For this quick review video,I head to Blacksburg,Virginia and I hop in my friend Kenric’s Supercharged BMW E36 M3 with several other tasteful modifications. For mountain roads there wasn’t…


ThatDudeinBlue says:

Finally a Euro car since the 335i Review!
Thanks for watching, and stay awesome.

DM_SSX says:

About time, some EDM

ThatDudeinBlue says:
Che1seabluesdrogba11 says:

Yaaass!!! Next you should do the E46 M3, the greatest of all time. 

MrGrapeRaisin says:


D0M1NIX says:

Okay, someone has to say it. Thank you for identifying the songs you use
in your videos!

Kiyo Gallimore says:


Northern Illinois Street Racing says:

I shoulda bought a M3 instead of my mustang….

LETHAL_097 says:

Didn’t America get the less powerful version? Why exactly do you get some
euro cars going to America less powerful than everywhere else?

Jesus Garcia says:

e30/e36/e46 .. the bet of cars !

SmileyLegoGuy says:

I have an E36 M3 and that was my reaction when my shift knob came off too

it did help me “push” into gears instead of grabbing the knob so that

Nicholas Wieczorek says:

So the supercharger is pretty much VANOS to a whole new level?

Robert Verzola says:

Nice Car. They are still very cheap (6-12k) unlike the first generation.
I think they are a lot of bang for the buck! Mine is a stock convertible
automatic which takes it down to the “slowest M3″ but even still fun!!

Robert Morgan says:

But what stood out the most to me is…supercharger install, but no M50
manifold? On a 328is or M3 an M50 manifold is so essential you should
install that before even checking the fluids, lol.

AL B says:

do you ever visit Michigan? i got a euro for you to review.. 

ravesilly says:

Easiest way to fix the shift knob problem is to wrap two 1 inch pieces of
duck tape around the metal piece the knob go’s over.

SOURCE: I did that with my E46

Nick dominic says:

Why do most e36s look like they point down(front lower than back) stock
thing or just the style?

.YourFavSkier says:

what wheels are on the car

Kris Perez says:

This review seemed rushes not that much detail..

steven Lopez says:

i thinkin about buying one

Giannhs Gewrgakopoulos says:

i like it

Hless421 says:

You should review whatever car you can get your hands on next ;)

JC B says:

We wanna hear you and the car not girl music.

F666black says:

it’s not fucking m3
it’s 328i engine 

CL1CKS says:

OMFG THAT IS SEXY. I am about to buy my first BMW and probably supercharge
it. Trying to decide between a 1999 M3, 2004 ZHP, and a 06 325i.

Kevin D says:

Awesome review! It was great getting to meet you! You’re a really cool dude
and a great car reviewer!

ibtigerisps3addicted says:

In the process of buying a 328i hoping to convert to this, or at least

Jonathan Zabala says:

I have a 95 M3. I don’t know why some commenters think it’s Eurotrash. It’s
a great confidence inspiring car.

BTW my shift knob sometimes pops off. Just don’t man handle it and it’ll
stay on just fine. 

Shahzad Khan says:

0:41, the sun shining through the hood vents is in sync with the songs

Enrico Ruhs says:

Where do I get stickers like on the headlight (0:26) ?

Sorry for bad English

Jackson Calloway says:

+ThatDudeinBlue How have you not done a Camaro review yet? I feel like,
being a mustang owner, you’d be searching for one to compare with your 5.0.
Coming soon??

Chris Maxwell says:

What are the benefits of having a centrifugal supercharger over a turbo?
Always been curious.

Mark Speed6 says:

I miss my E36 M3. I wanna get another one, soon…

Jackson Yuile says:

That is my dream car, not just an e36, that e36

Matthew Clark says:

I drove for Leonard Buildings in Blacksburg and I know exactly what road
that is :D try taking a wideload through there. haha. 

Billy Bob says:

You’re either on Mt. Tabor, or 785. There’s a ton of fun routes in the
area. Kenric is a good dude, as well as most of the guys in CCVT. Good

j&m kicks says:

that moment when the sun goes with the music 0:40

Clancy Mason says:

Is that the windy road between Blacksburg and The Home Place?

Stoqn Siriiski says:

this is not M3…. the engine is some kind of M52B20,25 or

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