Team Review: BMW Active Hybrid 5 – Fifth Gear

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It’s Team Review time and the guys get their hands on the BMW Active Hybrid 5. How will the hybrid fair? For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all y…


Electric Cars says:

Team Review: BMW Active Hybrid 5 – Fifth Gear

pbfloyd13 says:

I prefer diesels to hybrids as a way to save gas

jason mosler says:

twin scroll turbo. not twin turbo.

xBuzz996 says:

lol that hybrid didnt even have m-sport exterior…

Johnny Wrong says:

Tiff gets more and more annoying as the years go by…

pbfloyd13 says:

I’m dying of FIRST, or second…

vedang patil says:


Airidas Salkauskas says:

Love you guys!!!

MrWindmad says:

This videos are so poor…

남유동우 says:

Just get the 535d. More MPG and god, it’s cheaper than that thing.

JELH says:

12-reg plate. why are they testing a two-year old car? 

Niko Caminis says:

incorrect! the 7 series hybrid was launched in 2010

Sideways the Seven says:

Eh, the car is okay, I guess. I agree with Tiff about not being able to get
excited about it. 

Salvador Tomas says:

Pointless cars just to escape the taxes.

BMan100 says:

I’ll get a diesel thanks…

dickcheese663 says:

Before I watch this, I’m predicting the words German, Engineering,
Engineers, and Absolutely will be used about….50 times each :] 

Jacob Schuelke says:

It’s Vicki’s birthday

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