Team Review: The Audi S7 – Fifth Gear

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The team had the chance to review the Audi S7, testing its high speed and new voice controlled dashboard. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all …


Nicktrance1 says:

Sounds like the engine is limited to fit right beneath the Audi s8, that
probably just means you can get >S8 performance with just some software

jayfulf says:

Lots of motion blur and deinterlacing in this video

Fifth Gear says:

The team had the chance to review the Audi S7, testing its high speed and
new voice controlled dashboard.

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FreestylerAlbert says:

boring design… almost like a golf

UzzyFuzzyy says:

shit car

Adam Dymovský says:

How can this idiot with beard like a wolverine talk about design….

odzadze123 says:


Andrei Be says:

The back is the nicest part on the car.. This is why I watch Top Gear..

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

4:00 ah ah you had chance to be in that car because at 110 mph, it could be
a disaster for you…

Michal Wicinski says:

In my opinion the rear is the most beautiful part of the a/s/rs7

Johnny Wrong says:

It’s obstreperous, Jason. Just sayin.

Pogost1ck says:

The link in the end to the vid with jason in it (in the merc) doesn’t work!

Sascha Braendle says:

What’s with the quality of this video?

vishal jayakodi says:

What’s that video in the left annotation ? It says it’s private, looks like
an amg ? 

Mr3picRay says:

RS7 For The Win!

Ioanides001 says:

groovy piece of car review! :)

meldon100 says:

i think this car is beautiful.

james bond says:

someone with mutton chops should not talk to the style of something else

Andrew Downey says:

Agreed faster is better , and I don’t mind the rear il give it an 8 

Jeff Time says:

Test the e-tron

Spencer Cheng says:

In my mind, this is the best Audi made

MCM Garage says:

Latest Audi S7 coupe video review on Fifth Gear. What do you think?

mrcarmad2011 says:

What is that car Jason is driving at the end!!

DarkAngelAQW says:

Only because I’m out of Top Gear Videos to watch…

579093 says:

Don’t like the roof slope

Ninad Ganore says:

I did know there were some haters

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