Testing the Audi RS5

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Review of the Audi RS5. The pretty boy in the Audi lineup, the A5, gets an oversized powerplant in this brand new RS5. It’s fast, but is it also a bit rough …


louisluigi says:

allemaal leuk en aardig dat driften, of het gemis er van, maar in de
praktijk doet geen 1 eigenaar dit met dit soort autos. De enige die daar
over klagen zijn journalisten die nooit banden hoeven betalen voor dat
gedrift :)

acefire1011 says:

Theres a cc bar on the right of the bar. Click it

1337xxh4kz says:

2:43 ??!?! wtf lol

Adrian Walley says:

Nice car, nice film, shame it’s ruined by the gobbledegook. What was the
point of giving this an English title and description?

Daniel Roberts says:

@AmuelSadams he’s dutch. (Netherlands)

Ali Gecioglu says:

dutch is a shitty language

FreestylerNi says:

I dont Know what do you speak ??.

Colin p says:

@AmuelSadams Germglish

spiraling69 says:

sounds like English and German spoken backwards = sdrawkcab!

1337xxh4kz says:

what the fuck was that? some wierd fucking english and some other bullshit

Ahmed Alafifi says:

@whatismyusername2882 you can easley, just get out and fight some cats
fighting and learn.

SavageRooker says:

I’m sorry but Dutch is seriously one fuck up language.

2steps says:

cuz dutch is the new english

bruttus666 says:

@91Goodfeel that whuld be me ;)

gurvir44 says:

@UzzyFuzzyy i shit on your mom.

rfactordaytona says:

Is this a real language?

snakeddj says:

not a big audi fan…but my gosh its beautiful…

wijmatje says:

stop hating idiot, just turn subtitles on or dont watch the vid

nyuj22 says:

its duch

gurvir44 says:

@UzzyFuzzyy audi rs5 looks way better then the ///Mshit. its more
comfortable, it has a better ride, and its a better all around car. Sure
the m5 might beat it in a drag but what about all the time your not racing,
i would take the audi anyway over the m5 or the m3.



martint407 says:

(I____==OOOO==/ ____|)

RememberReaz says:

I love how he says, “yes, thats more then the m3 ;).”

MJisKingKobesuckss says:

I dont know WTF he said but I love the car

knarfedaw127 says:

THANK GOD This car explains itself because i have no clue what he’s saying

Alin Chiran says:

@MrPlumTree i laught my pants off =))))))

Franz733 says:

The RS5 – A sexy beast indeed

Steve M says:

I understand the guys point about the big button. Even in a G35 you can do
burnouts and drift.

Diac13 says:

Because people like you asked Autblog to translate in English, so they did.
You can turn on subtitles btw. Explore before you talk shit. oke?

andreakatickles2 says:

ISF sounds and looks better

Werner312 says:

olhos de panda.

falconidaes says:


kowalityjesus says:

when german automakers use a V8 you know they are not dickin around

viedcht says:

who gives an extraordinarily flying fuck?

078RoG says:

Because it’s a good review. And they want to show it to more people than
only the Dutch. You have English subtitle so I can’t see the problem

GJJTexas says:

Gimme an RS4 anyday.


you dont see many audis cause no one buys them they are shit just upgraded
ugly volkswagens that break down all the time.

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