TFL Behind the Scenes of the 2015 Audi S3 vs BMW 228i Drag Race Surprise Result

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Close ) The 2015 Audi S3 and the 2015 BMW 228i are two fast turbo-charged German sedans, but in this Mashup drag race the results surprised…


symawd says:

Launch Control takes too long? Yes, shutting off TC and flooring it just
takes forever.

Jonathan Washington says:

I knew it was turbo lag. But a 235i will put that s3 to shame.

Tristan Rios says:

You can see the driver of the BMW brake torquing the car. The car lurches
forward and the brake lights are still on. The Audi though was not launched
using launch control. The brake was released and then it was floored. Thats
why the Audi had lag.. The BMW didn’t because it was launched correctly. 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

So, this is it, guys, the definitive answer to the great ” Is it turbo lag
or is it clutch ” debate. We should have known you can rely on the genius
of Uncle Roman to shed light into the darkest corners of a problem which
has exercised the greatest minds on YouTube. The sense of relief is
tangible. SO, LET’S HEAR IT FOR UNCLE ROMAN !!!!!!!

Dan Ricciardo says:

Really useful video, explains a lot and helps understand how things differ.
Thank you.

Nison L. says:

on the second launch control run you were on tip-tronic mode and you werent
shifting. you basically let the car to up shift at red line. this explains
why you were much slower.
i’ve been following you guys for over a year because i think you guys are
pretty fair and really give us real world results, but this video really
pulls me way off. i’m not saying you done this on purpose but i dont
believe you didnt realize it either.

Bill says:

I do not own either car. I also don’t even really care. But this is without
a doubt the worst representation/comparison of two cars that I’ve ever

Its hard to compare two cars when you completely handicap one with not
knowing how to launch or how to use a dsg transmission.

All Audi DSG when going from Park to Drive start in 2nd gear. Because 1st
gear and Reverse use the same clutch. The only way around this is to
rollout to engage 1stbor use launch control.

There is a major difference between turbo lag and starting in 2nd gear.. I
guess a dual clutch transmission is too advanced or complicated for this

Mini Moto says:

Needs a anti lag system

david dykeman says:

You are right Roman. No one in the real world will use the launch control.
I have it with my S4 and have only used it a few times. A waste of money

Tyler Cohn says:

I figured the Audi was suffering with a case of turbo lag. But, I am glad
y’all made a video the clarify for those who thought it was by human error

eb18bulls says:

“Dear S3 and 228i, you guys are cute” – CLA45

hung huge says:

Remember turbo lag is amplified in heat or at altitude. The S3 is just
about bearable (but pretty poor) around or just over sea level. At a mile
up it must be laggy as hell. The BMW doesn’t really have turbo lag – it’s
hardly noticeable that it’s turbocharged when driving it normally so a mile
up it will have a big advantage in response. This is the difference between
engineering for numbers (to brag to other people) and engineering for
reliable results in all conditions.

Sergio Marron says:

Does Audi make the S3 in a manual transmission? Maybe that would cure the
launch.. just wondering because sometimes an automatic trans isn’t faster
than the manual..sometimes..

CareerFireman says:

For reference, C&D Test Results:

Audi S3
0-60 mph: 4.4 sec
¼-mile: 12.9 sec @ 108 mph

BMW 228i
0-60 mph: 4.9 sec
¼-mile: 13.7 sec @ 101

keri ellerbe says:

That’s to much lag. I ain’t never cared for Turbos and this is why… if
you are in traffic and you really need to scoot ain’t nobody got time to do
all that launch control junk… I prefer supercharger

R-N- M says:

if 228i beats the S3 already, the M235i will destroy it
Can’t wait for the //M2

Pete Jr says:

It’s not turbo lag… Every Audi with auto trans and quattro has this
hesitation from start, if you don’t know how to drive them. I had an A8
with gobs of torque and over 300 hp do this, and had the same hesitance
with my old A4 and A6. The A8 and A6 were normally aspirated so how could
it be turbo lag? Duh! Left in regular drive mode, the software ninnies try
to avoid wheel spin, if that makes any sense…maybe that means a launch in
2nd, as stated by others. You put them in manual or sport mode and they
blast off. 

mikele111mikele says:

Interesting. I’ve had several sub 5.0 times in the S3 without any trouble.
Anyone looking for straight line speed from a standstill position would use
launch control. His argument is weak and doesn’t hold water. He admits when
moving, the S3 is incredibly fast. Both of these are road cars, not
straight line speed demons so a drag race doesn’t have much weight when
assessing these two cars. I find even more it interesting that other
reviewers all over the world are easily getting sub 5 second 0-60 times and
many are are reaching 4.7. I wouldn’t take a S3 over an M235ix, but over a
228i? Absolutely. If you start talking about how the cars are equipped and
what’s included with base pricing, the S3 crushes the BMW. 

Jay Wilson says:

These guys should watch this video about Audi’s dual clutch :

Bottom line, when you first shift from park into Drive on the S-Tronic, the
transmission starts from 2nd gear for 2 seconds or until the cars begins
moving. This only happens once after shifting from park.

So in the test, it looks like they were starting from 2nd gear according to
this (which would not be the case for anyone attempting to beat a 228i at a

TheEryk03 says:

Use launch control and don’t cry. 

Mathieu Levac says:

My friend has an S3 exactly like that one. Its pretty quick!

Mikhail Kozlov says:

Must be something in the air. Every single test out there shows that S3 is
quicker especially over 1/4 mile. But it is great that there are cheaper
options to go quickly.

quattrings says:

Horrible drag race. Who drag races cars with the slowest settings? Might as
well turn the AC on in both cars, roll down the windows, and add a second
or third passenger too. You guys must have had that Audi in standard “D”
that is designed for MPG. There’s no way that car crawls away from the
start like that in “S” Sport. 

MrKeyboardCommando says:

There’s a bloody good reason why BMW use a twin scroll turbocharger, and
you’ve just seen it !!!!

Benjamin Ott says:

the problem is the bad gas in the US…. 91 is common there right? we have
here in europe 95, 98 and 100+

KillaBandit says:

WRONG, not turbo lag. Launch Control…. DSG has to slip the clutch for
easy take offs and it’s the reason why it has a slow take off. It is NOT
Turbo Lag. You guys are not using the launch control so it engages the DSG
immediately. That S3 runs 4.6 0-60 with Launch Control. 

Bilaal Abbass says:

HORRIBLE review. The audi was in manual mode when you tried launch and you
DID NOT even shift gears. To properly engage the launch control turn off
ESC, put the car in SPORT (common sense) the hold the break and give a
little can and release. The S3 could have gotten well below 5 seconds if
done correctly

MrZyLeXx says:

why dosnt u rev it before u go?

Friebe1000 says:

Lol turbo lag is your excuse? Switch cars with Andre and you would lose in
the bmw. You dont know how to drive you need to hold boost at 4k then stomp
it. Your “real world testing” is trash all the time you switch back and
forth between launch and no launch. The car is awd it needs to be launched

Albert Arrabal says:

I sincerely prefer a faster response when overtaking than when starting
from a traffic light… And all in all it’s hard to believe those results
when they are put face to face…

647killa says:

Roman makes a great point about launch control. Like when was the last time
you used launch control at a red light in your Audi or BMW ? Why do cars
come standard with this type of useless stuff ? Even on a circuit, in a
starting grid you would use launch control and then what ? Hell with such
useless features, I just put it in 1st, rev to 5000 and dump the clutch.
Great mash-up though !!

The Fast Lane Car says:
FinneousPJ1 says:

Beemer did 5.75, Audi did 5.48, so an absolutely minimal difference. BUT

alex l says:

why brake torquing the BMW but not Audi in the race?

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