The All-New 2011 BMW 5 Series Review

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The All-New 2011 BMW 5 Series from Open Road BMW in Newmarket, Ontario. Jason Popovich gives you a tour of this newly released vehicle. For more information …


Pochos25 says:

Suspension is soft even on Sport mode

Pochos25 says:

The run flats are horrible ride….forget them

Pochos25 says:

Took my F10 2011 550i Sport to New Mexico from Denver….nice ride.
Changed to Sport mode on some desolate roads at 135 mph was very good.

Imran Hussain says:

excellent review

Hugo Pereira says:

BMWs are allways the same, i dont know, i love it, but didnt change their
basic lines… But ok, very nice car, and boring review…

MrJuniniju says:

good car but boaring review !


@jullyjoker1 go to your local dealership and do some window shopping if you
serious. A test drive would be a must as well so this would be the best

Mehyar Hassan says:

what color is this car? it’s amazing how many choices bmw has for black
through to gray / silver. review was excellent and covered features in good
detail. in some other videos and especially photos the active surfacing
doesn’t show well but this video does a great job of showing off the active
surfacing. the car looks so good driving around town. in my humble opinion,
it’s the best looking sedan on the road today. AND, it drives amazingly to
boot, no compromise.

John Carson says:

@chltmdwp Ok, Everyone in entitled to thier own opinion but dont get to
CRAZY, the design might not be top knotch to many but its diffently better
looking then a Genesis, I dont know what world you live in?! I mean sure
their are other options that may seem surperior to the 2011 BMW 5 series
but a Hyundai Genesis isnt one of them. I mean dont get me wrong the
Genesis isnt a bad looking car but it doesnt play in the same league as
these Top Dogs. The Genesis is relatively just a cheaper option.

agony202 says:

po po popp poppovich

wolverineof1980 says:

no offense, but front design is a step backwards. cant match with the e

kentau123 says:

@theSavulator Porsche and Lexus, Infiniti,

akelodmc says:

amazing car boring review no offense but it takes away from the essence of

Steward Lie says:

omgg cant stand it.. so boringg… is he recording the review by himself.?

Johnny Ola says:

Design is ugly but better than previous 5 series. However it is a
technological masterpiece and the interior is one of the nicest I have
seen. Not to mention how deathly quiet the cabin is. Much improved over the

Shawn Heather says:

@kentau123 6 series is mostly 4 star dependability and won an award… 7
series 4 star dependability 2001 5 series – 5 star Overall Initial Quality,
5 star Overall Performance and Design, 4 star dependability. 2006 5 series
was a flop… but for the most part BMW is receiving good ratings. I
crashed my 323i 2 times (I know laugh it up, I was 17 at the time) and now
I still drive the same BMW with 2 accidents and it runs like a brand new
car… I just disagree

PhantomNovelist says:

8:14 did he meant that battery is in trunk because of weight distribution?
I always thought that it’s because of safety at front crash accident…

jullyjoker1 says:

can somebody tell me the price plz ??? thinking of buying one for my wife

makizee1 says:

If this guy had to sell me a car, i won’t buy…BORING

arian musliovski says:

Gregg Popovics brother? lolll

khunopie says:

Jason Popovich !


تعطيها زوجتك وين تسوقها فيه ؟

WeKnowYou12 says:

@stewardlie well obviously he couldnt since the beginning some other car
was recording him

S3xiepapi69 says:

BMW = Bang More Women =D

ferrari farino says:

I Love every things about this new 5 Series, Except one thing that bothers
me a lot, It’s the run flat tires, I am not a big fan and they are more
expensive and not available everywhere, to me it is very inconvenience,
feels like no freedom. If the tires run on a bottle of beer on the curb
side, it will shred the tires big time. Alas, I almost buy this new 5

Gordon Chang says:

BMW’s all about handling, which Mr. P NEVER mentioned in a 9-min-long
video. It’s a mistrial!

kentau123 says:

@Dantei136 I would recommend you Lexus IS250 it might have smaller inside
space but you will not know any problems other than filling tank and
regular changing oils and filters

wulin83 says:

this feels like a lecture, enough already. Ppl want to see more action and
less talk.

TheKugelking says:

My left ear is lonely.

Saif Albraik says:


chltmdwp says:

@Johncarson9113 dude you didn’t get what i was trying to say. I never
judged about this 5 series. I only said Genesis looks better from the back.
And i live in US and i don’t think i am the only one who thinks like that.

MrTuny92 says:

BMW= Befor My Wife

mondeost2202008 says:

BMW = Bake Me Waffles :3

icaktan says:

soo boring review!!

afgbadboy says:

BMW= Bus Metro Work


خخخخخخ انت وين طلعت لي منه ناسي هالتعليق اصلا مدري انا اللي كاتبه او لا !!

147NITRO says:

BMW M5 F10 73 000 pounds lets say 100 000$ XD

afgbadboy says:

btw did he steal this car that he had to go in the outskirt of West
Virginia for the review? or thats his wife car , he took out for a joy ride?

Wallstreet Young says:

whats that exact color?

sethdoubleoseth says:

this guy sucks. if you work for bmw learn your damn cars first

kennyandteav says:

its clear the ones who knock BMW obviously havnt done their research…. If
BMW’s were as shitty as some idiots say they are, my e30 with as much
torture as it has been through would not have made it to 312k and thus
still going strong. Sounds more like you would like to own one but can’t
afford it so you knock it…. Idiots!!!

nicola says:

في الشارع

loster88 says:

What a hell are you doing man? So far 2 minutes and no information at all
that you can’t see on

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