The all-new BMW 1 Series. All you need to know.

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Be one of the first to have a closer look at the all-new BMW 1 Series. A revised design, more dynamic and efficient engines. This is the all-new BMW 1 Series. Let us show you all you need to…


BMW says:

Athletic design meets an efficient driving experience: Be one of the first
to have a closer look at the all-new BMW 1 Series.

BMW says:

An enhanced design with more dynamic, more efficient engines. Take a look
at the all-new BMW 1 Series:

E30Tomas says:

I love BMW. I loved BMW. I will always love BMW… But! You doing design
wrong of 1 series :(. Front is sporty, elegant, beautiful and amazing. But
back of last one was very similar to Mercedes A-Class. And new one looks
like VW Golf. I’m not telling it’s ugly. But it doesn’t seems right for BMW
to make car similar to another’s. They should copy from us!
Wish to have opportunity of buying new BMW some day tho.. 2/3/4 series if
young 5/6/7/x3/x4/x5/x6 if mid age/older. Yo!

WarthDader74 says:

Sorry, the old front and rear looked much better and more individual. I
would definitely rather buy one with the old look than the new.

goatmonkey2112 says:

Should I just go ahead and assume that this isn’t coming to the U.S.. Or
that if it does we will only get the worst possible version of it?

decbee M5 says:

Yeah whoever is designing the newer BMW models is doing something very
wrong. No offense, but the newer BMW models aren’t very aggressive looking.
They’re heavier, wider (not in a good way), and uglier than previous
generations. The new F10, F13, F30, etc models are really dull looking.
Would rather pick literally any other model. E23, E24, E28, E30, E32, E34,
E36, E38, E39, E46, E60, E82 or an E92. Safe to say that the M3 legend will
end here. Shame, shame, shame whoever is the designer

sando1975 says:

This…side by side comparison is barely fair for the old model….why?
Well pay attention to both cars at 0:58….
The new one is equipped with XENON headlamps…..while the same time the
old one (f20) with halogen lamps!!!!!….quite an unfair comparison don’t
you think???
Other than that I think that the new version is not THAT different to the
old one…. they just did a mild facelift…..
I’m also a bit confused about the elongated tail lamps…. to me they don’t
seem right for a hatchback…..

Рахман Саламханов says:

народ!!! когда он появится в продаже, у кого нибудь есть инфа?

Sophal Bou says:


Nishchal Sharma says:

is it now a front wheel drive or the same rear wheel drive ?

Wagner BMW of Shrewsbury says:

The all-new #BMW 1 Series. All you need to know.

Hellfax says:

Please bring this to Canada!

Berkan Toros says:

I am a 116i owner and I love the car’s agile attitude in crowded cities
with narrow roads. However, from the looks, the car seems like smaller than
the previous one both outside and inside. I hope this is an illusion effect
as this was a major obstacle from the beginning of production of this
series. Additionally, it is not logical to decrease the hp of 1.6 petrol
engine but still keeping the turbo inside. This will have great impact on
the car with this weight… 

Laweeze Morton says:

This guy actually says “moreover” 

Андрей Фёдоров says:

Задние фары не очень.

blueonblack83 says:

I think it looks much better now.

Batman says:

Un bijoux cette nouvelle serie 1 elle et vraiment tres belle comme
quasiment toute les BMW 

Spawn223311 says:

It needs a much better exhaust than that one, maybe dual? 

beastsumo says:

Te hatchbacks look stout and wide and low from the back. I really wish i
had a 5 door instead of my m235 coupe

Kuthan Karakoç says:

put the xenon lights and the sunroof to the predecesoor model and see if
there is a real difference worth 

Roy Robson says:

Very informative. Great presenter and especially the display of the
predecessor makes this a great infomercial.

ompong3 says:

The old F20 still looks better, in my opinion. Cleaner, more unique. LCI
designs by their nature rely heavily on market feedback to make the product
look more “appealing” (read ordinary). 

BMW Spot Hq says:

Introducing The All New BMW 1 Series Compact Luxury Cars. All You Need To
Know. #BMW1Series #BMW #BMWCars #LuxuryCars

fish fingers says:

looks like a Golf but uglified

Taylor40667 says:

Toyota auris rear lights(

Sam20Gallardo says:

I wish they put these tail lights onto the 2-series, the ones on it
currently look so out of place.

Abdulrhman Nasser says:

Too pretty to be just considered as hatchback car!

Matthieu EVIN says:

Is this version impacted by timing chain failure? Like mine….
What will BMW do for this hidden vice which in european right is
manufacturer fault?

deadlymarkham says:

Did I miss the re-definition of “all-new” to mean new lights and bumpers?

caoYB says:

The 125i costs more than 60k usd here in China, what are you guys thinking?

44lucas says:

Much, MUCH better than the previous one. Finally BMW did something with
those ugly headlamps, I also love rear lights. Not a fan of a 3-cylinder
engine, but at least it is still a proper RWD. A swan song….. what a

sweet dreams says:

thats why I never trust car reviews done by the company who owns it, this
guy compared the most base model outgoing 1 series to a new top trim level
1 series + he called those cheap fake intakes near the fog lights actual
air intakes. 

Edi Ajanović says:

The white one is the best looking 1 Series I’ve seen to date. Still not
super pretty but being your only option, if you’re after a rear-wheel drive
hatch, I can’t really complain.

aaron safi says:

Will there be a saloon/sedan version of this car like the rumours?

waleed mukhtar says:

and just when you thought the 1 series couldn’t get any uglier, the
designers proved us wrong. the best looking 1 series was the 2007-2011 m
sport models with sports kit add ons. the rest looks like dog shit sorry
bmw but its true. 

Pushkar Sawant says:

The previous 1 series was ugly.The headlamps were out of proportion. I
don’t usually use the word ugly to describe a car.

This one is a BOMB. Love the iconic angel eyes, well proportioned. Love the
tail lamps, love the fluidic lines on the hood. Superb.

Amir Bensaad says:

for the second colour version is it
miniral grau
platin silber

Christophe M. says:

Finally the one-series also gets the long awaited L-shaped lights!
Good done

Albert Arrabal says:

This is the all new BMW 1 series, which is as ugly as its predecessor!

quornash says:

1:02 air intakes? And why compare a redesigned version with the lowest
possible one od the original? Original also had advanced front lights, not
led but still these ones are standard on the redesegn also…

Jack Shimosa says:

Don’t like my 2013 model back lights. But now I like this one. Time to
trade in!

M3ChadB says:

Bring it to the USA and I’ll buy one; otherwise, maybe an Audi or Mazda.

Jonny C says:

Front or rear drive? Not in the “All you need to know” vid.

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