The all-new BMW i8 Full Review

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With its fascinating holistic concept, the BMW i8 brings the vision of a modern and sustainable sports car to life. The highly-emotional design immediately m…


Car News says:

Dear all, Thank you for your replies. The music was composed exclusively
for the BMW i3′s and i8 launch. you can download mp3 here :

Nick_Carriere says:

a full review requires a review. 

WarbirdFan66 says:

i dont get it, did i miss the review part somehow?…not that i dont like
pretty pictures, or the car in general, cars like that are long overdue if
you ask me but for me it looked like a 9min BMW advertisement, sorry

Cara Institute of Advanced Hypnosis says:

wish you spend time actually talking about the car

irdi basha says:

too bad sls is faster 

TyDoesGaming says:

‘e drive’ its i drive i think

dlwatib says:

“Optimum aerodynamics”? I doubt it. More likely an abuse of the term
optimum. They don’t even bother to quote a drag coefficient.

From elsewhere on the web we discover it is a cd of 0.26. A Prius has a cd
of 0.25 so it isn’t even the best, let alone optimal.

Jarl Ballin' says:

What a shitty review…

Hamid Sobouti says:

I want one of these :(

Zygmunt Banaszak says:

Yes, it’s a nice, beautiful woman and a lot of software special effects…
Not really sure what are you advertising BMW or this nice girl…. ? Is
this BMW so bad that you really need to ad a girl to the video ? Stop
messing up with people’s brain…

Amon Amarth Rules says:

281 angry Mercedes fans

sotajumalaa says:

I would take this car over M5 or M6 :D And It’s a hydrid! Damn BMW can make

elvisg7 says:

Second Car News video of an i8 review that’s not a review.

Martin Nielsen says:

This has nothing to do with a review this is a commercial….

momerathe says:

at no point did I see anything approaching a review during this video

Pengfei Li says:

what is the name of last song?

Ill Daniel says:

I don’t see the purpose for the rear seats…

JULIUS K says:

I can never say their names… DAMN people.

Alan Phua says:

Hybrid engine powered by Toyota technology.

Armando7654 says:

who’s singing that?? 

EarendilTheBlessed says:

yet another speed toy?

richard mark says:


Souji says:

I am in love this car. it make me want to throw away my hybrid car. i mean
smash it to little pieces. lough out loud

Sushi Mashpotato says:

Science thank you!!!

miguel song says:

new hyundai series i3, i8, i30, i40…kkk sorry.

John Salazar says:

While a very good looking car I question the decision to make it a hybrid
vs. an all electric. With Tesla now gearing up to produce 3 models at once
within the next 2 years it seems backwards at best to go hybrid. Secondly
if I were a car manufacturer I would try to create a business partnership
with Tesla either having them make a car for my company or licencing their
technology. Tesla is going crazy building superchargers across the country.
In a few years when they start selling mass produced cars at reasonable
prices people are going to wake up one day to a company that is firmly DUG
into the automotive industry. Tesla will be positioned FIRMLY with a
product that requires NO-ONE else but Tesla to manufacturer, retail,
service AND FUEL ALL BY THEMSELVES. I can’t stress enough if you can, buy
Tesla stock NOW! 

Vladimir Putin says:

I’m a Mercedes fan and so is my family. I only have two words about this
though and they are: Dear fucking santa

Chris Flynn says:

Intel may have the i7……..But BMW has the i8 xD……

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