The Audi A5 review

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Bang in the middle of the range, Audi bring us the face lift A5 Sportback with five doors. This is what Bob thinks of it. Opening music the fantastic Other L…


Muhammad Adel says:

Why the video is not available in my country ?

fizywig says:

at 177 ps and 250nm torque no way can it be an awesome drive. its merely
smooth and quiet.

Josh Street says:

how does the a5 look like the a7 when the a5 came out before the a7 and
anyway the a7 is a more expensive car so if the a5 looks like that then
that isn’t a bad thing!

sarifuchs says:

hi bob, u didnt tell him how was the car in the corners?

ElGoal10 says:

I’ve got the A5 Sportback S-line 2.0 TDI (177hp) Quattro S-tronic and it’s
awesome to drive :-)

Bob Flavin says:

I’d say that line has been used many times before and since Top Gear.
Thanks for watching

Bob Flavin says:

The Audi 2.0tdi is a superb engine, they’ve done a lot of work on the sound
of the engine so it makes a nice noise most of the time. Very economical
and you can have an auto box with it, although I’d prefer manual.

masterpatricZeta3 says:

did you test the S5 ?I heard it comes in a v6 now ,no more v8

george jordan says:

why u filimg the guy, film the car, we want to see the car

Bob Flavin says:

You should check them out again, every car is yawn when you drive them wrong

GTC240 says:

I’ve got mine last week. Its the prefacelift version but its so beautiful.
The sportback is just as beautiful as the coupe but you can really use it
as a “real” car. Great car. I love my multitronic 2.7 tdi. Every car seller
told me the multitronic isnt sporty. But when im sitting in there its
awesome. Its a great cruiser – but when you go “pedal to the metal” – it
brings you up to speed in no time. Great torque ! I would reccomend
everybody to at least check it out. Give it a try! Its great :)

mtksbctk says:


Mike Smith says:

OK, this was a review of the car, however, you only talked without showing
any physical details?

syketer says:

The S5 comes with 2995 cm³ V6 Turbocharger … the RS5 with 4163 cm³ V8 …

Giancarlo Mancini says:


Dour Panos says:

Man, you are simply awesome!!!I ‘ve been watching your videos since the day
you presented that red alfa giulietta multiair(which happens to be my car)
and i have to say that you are one of the best car reviewers on youtube.It
‘s almost like I test the cars myself.You express the ideas and points we
wanna hear.It s almost realistic to say that the quality of your videos
reach the standards of those of highly known magazines like evo or
drive!!!Keep up the good work:)

i7rs says:

you stole the line from Top Gear regarding driving yo France forgetting
your sun glasses

lex33122 says:

S5 sportback yow

Bob Flavin says:

Check out the For 12 song in the comments section, they are an up and
coming band. Cheers for watching!

Bob Flavin says:

The sound in the video doesn’t do the cabin sound any justice, it is only a
2.0ltr so there’s no V6 burble. I still love the affordability it though.
Thanks for watching!

Agustin Valencia-Dongo says:

Hey Bob, i have a choice between an A5 1.8 TFSI (170 bhp) and an A6 2.0
TFSI (180 bhp). Which one would you recomend?

Zuba Twizta says:

My 2012 A5 Coupe is the best thing my money could buy! very happy in the

OneOfOne says:

this a5 is not like the a5 in america which only has 2 doors. this one is

Alexander Torres says:

Practically one take?

masterpatricZeta3 says:

I never understood what is all this eco friendly people (New Agers) We
poison our food, we keep fabricating plastics that are not biodegradable,no
one complains about the planes,Hvac and mesothilioma but It is all about
the V8 engines. Honestly why care about the planet if in the end God will
destroy it with an Asteroid called Wormwood?Humans We are very strange

Irishgamer01 says:

Your a good looking chap but is there any chance of getting a look at the
cars sometime? Like inside and out. (well more than 2 seconds)

Bob Flavin says:

I lost some footage from an SD card hence the lack of some outside and
inside shots. I’ve put something in place so it shouldn’t happen again.

Bob Flavin says:

Thank you!

DubVinC says:

I got my coupe version of this car 3 months ago. Its the 2L TFSI quattro, I
can’t say enough good things about it as a driving experience. I still look
for any excuse to take it out for a spin.

RobInLemont says:

well done

Bob Flavin says:

Thank you very much, as you might know I make all the videos on my own so I
can’t hope to get near what a fully funded web producer does but it’s nice
to know I’m getting close. I’ll keep it coming as long as I can.

targa florio says:

Great review. Honest. Clear. Concise. Nice work. PS. I bought the 2.0 TFSI
Quattro in Black. Not one single regret. Quick. Sporty. Quiet and a great
looker as well. #winning

eskara23 says:

Bob, I’ve got a choice between this (2.0 TDI 177) and the 520d for my next
company car. Seeing as you’ve driven both which would you pick for your
daily driver for the next four years?

Bob Flavin says:

Good man, you’ll love it. Best of luck

Bob Flavin says:

Sorry about that, I lost some of the footage from an SD card. Won’t happen
again :)

jj0511ful says:

How does the 2.0 Tdi engine compare? (serious replies please)

riz1stahh says:

thank you for your advice you confirmed what I was thinking 2ltr it is then
many thanks bob

AttaboyIII says:

Cheeky Top Gear quote in there ;)

SattUndFaul says:

The QP hasn’t 3 doors. It has 2.

opemferre says:

my driving school has this car and it’s amazing :D

Bluesky says:

this is not car review, this is your head and mount review

CavanRail001 . says:

Nice job yet again Bob, also good to hear the “extras packages”
lights,cruise etc , without being rude can you on future reviews (as
another person mentioned) show a bit more of the car outside and boot space
like what you did with the Skoda. Other than that always enjoy your reviews.

Bob Flavin says:

As commented already, some footage was lost; that happens when you make so
many videos. By the way, I’m not Top Gear no one pays for these videos so
if I want to show a picture of an exhaust for 10 minutes I can. Thanks for
watching though

DubVinC says:

Cheers, Keep up the good work.

Bob Flavin says:

Read the other comments, I lost exterior footage from the SD card so I had
to make do with a limited amount. Look at the newer reviews for more
up-to-date footage of other Audi’s

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