The first-ever BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. Product substance.

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Register interest: The latest member of the BMW 4 Series family is the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. The four-door Coupé combines attributes…


Mike Alexander says:

This is very nice, but it just looks like an overpriced 3 Series with a
hatch…which makes things more confusing because there is a 3 Series Gran
Turismo in the lineup as well. The pricing of the three vehicles shouldn’t
be that much different from each other. 

Christopher O'Grady says:

If it’s better and sportier than the 3 series, then just replace it. Just
like the 6 series Gran Coupe should replace the 5 Series if it’s truly
better. If BMW are going to keep with the Even numbers being Coupes and Odd
numbers being Hathcbacks & Saloons they really need to stop calling a
saloon a coupe just because it has frameless windows. My bloody 1 Series 3
door has frameless windows it’s still a hatchback.

Edit as I just finished the video: It is a fucking hatchback! No, just no,
fuck off.

beitie says:

The reason why BMW fans are upset about this is because we were told that
the 4 series was going to replace the coupe (two door) versions of the 3
series. Now this comes out and BMW now has three different mid size series
cars (3,4, and 5). In essence BMW is competing with itself here. It’s like
this new 4 series was meant to compete with the 3 series.

HINTON says:

The first-ever BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé. Product s…:

atb102798 says:

BMW, what the fuck are you thinking? This is a useless car. The interior is
EXACTLY the same as the 3 series and so is most of the exterior styling.

Aaron C says:

This car answers the fills the gap that didn’t need filling

benzfen says:

ahahahahh that is really really hilarious!!! BMW you just kill the chief ;)
If something can bring you down this is your marketing department – First
they took the legendary 3 series cut 2 doors and made it unknown 4 series
Now they add 2 doors to the 4 series and make in about 95% same car as 3
series but call it 4 grand coup – this is full stupidity!!
The guys from your Marketing department are unique but I cant get it why
they try to make my fool ;)
Yes Mercedes and Audi made quite the same but CLA and CLS are completely
different form the A and E class and Audi A7 is not even close to A6! AND
THIS IS HAW IT SHOULD BE! not as what you try to made – sell same car with
different names ;) may be this is how you make money but I strongly
disagree this is how someone make fans!

Ernesto Ortega R says:

why do bmw keep making soooooooo many models? seems like they stretch a
model a few inches n BAM new model or change the roofline and BAM new
model, i kinda dont get it. are sales low? or why do they seem so desperate
to fill every single slot with all these inbetween models?

ReMoSc88 says:

Das wohl schönste Gran Coupé, dass BMW je gebaut hat :)

Yifeng Tong says:

Why are so many people criticizing this car for its apparent ‘uselessness’?
There’s nothing wrong with car companies exploring new and
ever-more-specific niches. A lot of market research goes into the
development of a new product, and BMW wouldn’t have developed the 4 series
Gran Coupe if there was no demand for it. Then again, the people who cry
about it probably aren’t in the market for a new BMW anyway. 

Fernando Rodrigues says:

Hello guys,this my first share here at BMW Enthusiasts…hope you like it.

CarLease UK says:

A great looking car but maybe one too many in the fleet?

senorgato70 says:

I don’t think this car is as redundant as the 3GT and X4. I just wish BMW
had something to make the interior more appealing. The instrument cluster
and center stack just don’t look upscale or performance-oriented, IMO.
Especially in light of the fact that the next C-Class interior just looks
so amazing. 

BDM Almaida says:

Nice ! I like this car a lot , But dose anyone knows if its any bigger or
smaller than a normal 3 series sedan 

josh burnickas says:


kezboy1 says:

It’s a freakin 3 series that costs more and has less headroom in the back.
Nice to scam money off of ppl who have no clue.

Moin Müller says:

Cool another useless BMW series!

BDM Almaida says:

Please thump this video up for frameless doors 

Triangletainment says:

I hate this curves working in opposite direction on the hood of all new
BMW. Please stop this trend! This is so ugly and ruins an otherwhise nice
car. And I`m not sure if I should wait till the day you´re able to build
nice rims.

Robert King says:

Not sure whether this really adds much to the BMW fleet. A nice car but is
it really required?

mikail90 says:

very nice! how mutch?

DUBReviews says:

People the BMW 4 series replaces the 3 series coupe, please get it right!
Just like the new 2 series is a replacement for the 1 series coupe. BMW
tries to fill up their product line from series 1-7 if you haven’t noticed,
just like Audi and Mercedes for instance.

adil el mandour says:

Il Love this care .. how much ?? Please Bmw 

bilbo baggins says:

I like when he says “Bee Am Dablu” (BMW)

joedogg9836 says:

looks like a 3 series gran turismo

Steve Speece says:

looks like a good car but, i think it may cannibalize 3 and 5 series sales.
Also why should i pay an extra 10 grand for a hatchback 3 series? Price may
need to come down or it needs to introduce some other feature 3 series
doesn’t have. 

Jefferson C. Sanchez says:

I would love to see this beautiful car in Brazil.Great presentation.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

That’s so sexy but it should have been called Grand Touring because it’s
not a coupe.. it’s for touring and it’s grand…

Tiago Ruivo says:

first ever? what about 3 series sedan? they only changed the badge!!!!
What idiots… This is just a a scam of BMW to keep up with Audi, as they
have a much more large mumber of models… thats the only justification
possible. BMW just keep making stupid cars like big off roads that can’t go
off road like x5 or x6, and now the stupid x4, or a larger series 1 which
is series 2, advertised as a completly new car, bau being the same… Thats
what I call, to rain in the wet!!! More of the same!!!

jorrit en bas uploads says:

nice car

Lokitbara says:

Justa bunch of marketing BS around 3 series with different name. Modern
line?? Is that a joke….? 

Jörg Lautenschlager says:

Geile Karre

SuperRattatui says:

Whats the difference between the 4 series grancoupe and the 3 series ? :/
Wtf bmw

WolfCentre says:

Geezuz… Just go out of business already. BMW you effectively have killed
your own heritage and motto.
You wanted to have a difference between your 3 series sedan and 3 series
coupe… So you make the coupe a 4 series.. Now you are making a 4 series
sedan. So are you effectively trying to kill off your 3 series fans or just
making the 3 series cheaper and more affordable so you can have more cash
for nothing in return. Thank god I’m an audi owner but I’m also a car
enthusiast and appreciate all cars. VIVA LA E46!

sic22l says:

Coupe really? Please don’t call it Coupe because it’s not. It’s nothing but
5 dood liftback, calling it Coupe is an insult for real coupes or even such
beautiful cars like 6 Gran Coupe. It’s 4 Series GT, not GC.

Rodney Jugwanth says:

Ugly, looks more like it should be called 4 series gt, thought the design
would be more like a smaller 6 series gc, looks like a lowered 3 series gt

ye1338 says:

Nice but I don’t see a whole lot to justify the premium over the 3 series.
Plus they say the same old crap as they always say for every new car.

Chris says:

great car guys

ZekieNYC13 says:

I think they make all these models to pay for r&d of the M cars .


i love bmw , but i think now they should make bmw 4series gran coupe GT.

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