The first-ever BMW X4. Official launchfilm.

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Have a look at the official launchfilm of the first-ever BMW X4.


Aman Islam says:

The first ever bmw x4 launched by bmw +Aaisha Islam +Pickle Bob +Helal Boss

Djonkie Bonk says:

I don’t understand the point of this X4. I like the X3, X5 and X6 but I
don’t see where this and the X1 fits. I think BMW needs to shrink their
model lineup. I don’t see this selling but you never know. I said the same
thing about the X6 and it ended up selling well and I even started to love
the design. I would love to have an X6 50i with the TT V8 in white with the
saddle interior. 

crephotos says:

God damn this car looks stupid. Looks like a mazda 3 with a small lift kit
and a grill off of a lincoln or chrysler 300

Robert Tarasov says:

Ugly small brother of X6

Chuck Norris says:

The rear looks sort of disproportioned therefore they didn’t show it too
much in this video lol

TrippinmixR says:

Ugly headlights and fog-lights seem way out of place. Otherwise it’s almost
as cool as the X6. When is BMW going to use the i8 headlights as the family
headlights? It really bothers me.

Filipe Neves says:

I want to know the song title and who sings it???

Catherine Braun says:

WAOOOOOOOOH ! Bravo Gaspard … ! 

6cmh3 says:

Looks Great!

movieandcarfreak says:

What is wrong with BMW designers these days. Audi is doing a much better

Anderson A. says:

They doing bullshit now. X4. M4. What next x7 x1?
And watch it sell. BMW gotta stay exclusive man

BaadBoy's Playhouse says:

One of the annoying things about BMW is that they come out with a new
vehicle that is supposed to be cheaper than a current model. …BUT, after
the first season of selling that vehicle, the price winds up matching or
exceeding the cost of the current model. 

bezor Ta says:

Everybody was saying X6 is ugly and wont sell. It became one of the best
selling SUVs in the market and created the all new coupe looking SUV
segment and forced others to hurry and build similar SUVs so BMW wouldn’t
take all the market.

Now there is a smaller one, X4 and everybody says it’s ugly. I guess we
have to wait and see how it sells.

Tuddec says:

AWESO///ME. 45 Jealous Audi and Merc fans disliked btw

youngprankster94 says:

Looks like any other BMW…shit!!!

Hahaha BMW can’t mess with mercedes and porsche, best German whips!

Alan Harake says:

BMW for the love of god stop with the new models. They jus look like either
mimics of already existing BMWs or horrid pieces of crap.

weirdshibainu says:

Looks like a German version of a Pontiac aztek

wesdsomething says:

bad and useless

Firman Siahaan says:


RickyTomatoes says:

Jesus Christ. What’s next? The X7? Or X8? How about an X3M or X1M? I think
BMW is pushing it with these niche models.

I bet the dudes doing BMW’s market research are secretly working for Audi
and Mercedes.

BaadBoy's Playhouse says:

There’s already an X1, X3, X5, and X6. Why does BMW need an X4?

AlonsoVerro says:

I think this car looks pretty awensome and it maybe rival Porsche Macan

Acura rlx sport hybrid sh awd says:

Nice and cool ! 

Portboy says:

I have no idea what this advert means or what the story is, but the car
looks pretty cool and the advert obviously worked because I want one.

Mohamed Elmosaly says:

I think I’m in love. What do you guys think?
The first-ever BMW X4. Official launchfilm.:

Shady abo assy says:

why you hacked ?!!!? it’s an A M A Z I N G CAR

espperre says:

Hideous and unnecessary. What are you doing BMW?!?!?

Roland Renno says:

Nice but we (BMW fans) needs an exotic car like the Ferrari Italia 458.
Please BMW concentrate more on building a supercar.

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