The Legendary ///M: BMW E46 M3 Review!

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Anthony Losurdo says:

@Nick Why don’t you have replies enabled haha. And you gotta drive this car
man it’s nuts. 

op popal says:

E46 m3′s are the nicest sounding cars! that engine is just wow..

thompsontime says:

Nice glamour shots in the beginning, liked the video overall. Tell your bud
congratulations on owning a beautiful M3

TheBlackdragon936 says:

Can you ask your friend what sections 1, 2 and 3 are? Also if he has a rasp
eliminator or if it has a cat delete? Sounds great. This car is my daily

Nick Vanderbliek says:

u gonna cum or something fuckboy?

moveaxebx says:

You look like Xavi Hernandez.

BOOGTUBE510 says:

Cool video bro

Miguel Arredondo says:

Lmao @ 4:08 and 4:23 it’s what I call the m3 jizzed in my pants face great
vid man 

Darshan Chandramouli says:

This M3 sounds mean!!! The intro was spot on. (the ones who
featured your Subiefest video) posted your M3 launch video.

1954telecaster says:

where was this filmed?? weird looking terrain…

Rui Lopes says:

As always great vid. and yeah awesome intro!

Adrian Melero says:

“I’m gunna get in trouble” haha

CoryZuber says:

Yeah great intro!

Silby2 says:

Holy Shit!!!!

Anthony Losurdo says:
Silby2 says:

Holy Sh*t

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