The new 2013 Audi RS 5 Promo

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The 2013 Audi RS 5 Coupé is the star athlete of the A5 family. It offers the power and handling of a powerful sports car packaged in the body of an alluringl…


Matty Andrews says:

…hope he has a jerry can in the boot. 

Audi Brooklyn says:

The 2013 Audi RS 5 Coupe is the star athlete of the A5 family! #AudiBrooklyn
#Audi #AudiRS5

Daulph Kline says:

I will own one.

The new 2013 Audi RS 5 Promo

Herman Booysen says:

A Dream car…I love all RS, R and S Audi’s :-) The best..

audispecials says:

@MrYision du hast überhaupt keine ahnung von audi, wenn du so redest…
Audi hat in der Vergangenheit viel bessere Fortschritte gemacht als BMW und
Mercedes, sowohl im Motorsport als auch in der Technik… Während Mercedes
nur von Senioren gefahren wird (design zum kotzen), und BMW immer weniger
Kunden kaufen, überzeugt der Audi mit Design, Qualität, Sportlichkeit….
wenigstens haben sie nicht sone kitschige Werbung wie BMW und Mercedes.

XPattiXxx says:

its called Exhaust by AUDI ;DD

MrYision says:

@Sunthaz Tja, wenn du bist jetzt nur Audi gefahren bist hast du ja auch
keinen Vergleich, wärst du von Anfang an nur Opel Kadett gefahren wärste
auch zufrieden wenn du nix anderes kennst.

Ridvan ongun says:

It has been one year and still waiting for the name :/

Shubhrav Phate says:

It has lost its mean and strong muscular look the previous one had…

Blue83 says:

shut up gay! NO CUSSING!

pancho1101 says:

@jakeeeeTrouble BMW has a very advanced 7 speed transmission on their M5,
still they offered as an option a 6 speed manual gearbox (one less gear,
when racing or speeding you don’t use the 7th gear), that it consumed a
little more, it accelerated with some more milliseconds, but the sensation
is other. Only thing it is stupid to only offer it in the US where everyone
drives automatic.

nikos7doukou says:

i love this car!!! audi>mercedes>bmw true story!!

Debra Kay Levi says:

ok a tad far fetched but it brings out a good point – creepy things to show
guess you all like animal planet!! a Guys commercial

stefanos stavrou says:

I love audis But why don’t they make cars that can over-steer? under-steer
sucks, and the fact that all audis under-steer (except the R8) really
disappoints me :( That’s why i believe that BMW is the best

Dmitry Reus says:

Please donate one to me!

Scott Laviolette says:

Theyre too worried about making massive sized cars with oversized engines
that look like shit too.

jordan010203 says:


Ajay Ray says:

Song Name Please ?

flameonstage says:

@BotchyXdog already exists

Ahren Gowdy says:

beautiful sound!

Tsakalidis Giorgos says:

100.000 euro for sure loooooooooooooooool

sardille says:


bmwmgii says:

nobody knows name of song

Lukas Skywalker says:

haha… in america you can´t drive it to the maximum… here in germany, we
can hit the pedal 2 the metall – 320 km/h on the autobahn – bitches !!! xD

QuattroStig says:

America is ready for the RS6………Avant

Sunthaz says:

@MrYision haha go then drive your ugly bimmer, nobody stops you if you’d
like to drive a second class car!

Mejevoli says:

The sexiest car in the world -_-

Marin Baraliuc says:


89vette1 says:

I had an R8 4.2 and now have a S5 Cab with the 3.0 Stasis tune. Audi, I
love your cars but you need to bring more power to the game. The 3.0 even
with the Stasis tune is lackluster and has a terrible exhaust note. This
car needs a 550+hp supercharged or twin turbo to compete with the likes of
the CTS-V. 450hp is entry level in 2012.

fransizcocuk says:

An American way to advertise a new sports car. Good job Audi ! deutsche
qualität !

gonzalo piacenza says:

carbon ceramic brakes??? omg!!!

Mostafa Refaie says:

2 people riding BMW M3

MrJongolden says:

what is the name of the song?

Ennizen says:

Now this is CARPORN!!!:)

leoncarbon says:

Goodbye BMW M3….

Sunthaz says:

@MrYision In einem Opel Kadett hätte ich aber vermutlich kein derartig
einwandfreies Fahrerlebnis erfahren dürfen wie in meinem A3. Glaub mir, ich
weiß was ich habe und bin froh, dass ich keinen grundlos überteuerten
Proleten-1er, oder eine hmm sagen wir geschmacklich fragwürdige A-Klasse

kolesztar says:

15mph? u shittin me america?

Warimba sebastien francois says:

my sound design for the new a5 visite me here search warimba

Robert Clayton says:

if Audi’s were ladies they would all be porn stars

gurvir44 says:

Very nice! I wish i had :(

MrYision says:

@audispecials Also in Sachen kitschige Werbung is Audi ja wohl mal ganz

Alex Valerio says:

Lmfao where in Europe is there a dessert?

jody024 says:

taped in Australia ?

Ap0caLyPSe972 says:

Beautiful car and very nice sound!

MrYision says:

@CLRKAFKEF Boah, jetzt holste die harten Argumente raus. Hast mich als noob
bezeichnet da kann ich natürlich jetzt nichts mehr gegen sagen und Audi ist
deswegen aufeinmal besser -_-

Franz733 says:

This video makes the RS5 seem like a slow car

lik3OMJ says:

I jazzed when the spoiler came out.

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